STOCK REVIEWS – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Let's get into these stock reviews You want to go over them Yeah absolutely um I know we haven't Done this in a while of course we'll do Charts in a couple weeks but I wanted to Run through a few Um so let's start with meta I know Somebody like hey I'll see you at Metamora does that mean [ __ ] I should Invest no plan has been put in place no Check has been cut and even after they Cut the check if it's still not the Right time to invest I'm gonna be real And be like not yet meta um I wouldn't Touch until 33. uh Tesla I like it 109. Um next ticker ship s-h-i-p I would not Touch that is dead I wouldn't even do That for a song Trade next one is ZEM Z-i-m write this down don't touch Next ticker GSL Um GSL hit a high it came up to like 28.51 it's probably gonna slide back Down to like three bucks I would not Touch Next ticker paas Not bad Not top 20. I will wait until like seven bucks For a swing trade Um vfc is the next ticker write this Down BFE is the BFC is dead I'll wait to 14. Because not only is important to know

What to invest in but most importantly Um you should know what you stay away From next one Cisco I like Cisco I probably won't touch it To 30.44 Um to be safe Costco love it's too high to buy right Now you can write that I do like Costco A lot good investment I will wait for Like 354 before I get into it let's go To T Rowe Price tickers t r o w I've been sliding down all year but if You look historically they've done Pretty well I would like them at 45 Bucks if it drops there let's go to ogn You guys can also put in chat Which ones you want me to review at and If it's the one that catches my eye I'll Look at it ogn I would not touch and Took 15 and three cents Spotify If you need uh A bolstered user base that is fanatical You can cut Market money as a check and We can cut our audience in on a deal and Maybe we can broker something Apple you Are on the line as well as uh caffeine Paramount what are we doing for 2023 Please thank you thank you to my CAA Family Spotify will not touch until Um 32 bucks That's QQQ because let's be honest if Google is really an advertising business And they're getting attacked with better

Margin and better leadership Spotify Wait till they tell y'all about the Stream of farms they have going for These listens I know everybody had their Year review but It was it goes back to one of those Points you made what's going to be the Return on your investment and so you see A lot of these Spotify deals that are Going out They are not getting the return on that Investment and also if all if all these Big artists are now selling 15 000 and 24 000 first week that are stars Either the streams Reliant or the music Industry would lie in the last 15 years How do you go from 80 on a bad week to Now you're doing four like fourteen Thousand is a local level number No I thought sweetie do two thousand Right two thousand and Flash said if it Wasn't if she would have been on this Platform he would have Joe this when I was on Joe's patreon if The only place you can go to is Vlad Maybe say cheese 85 and y'all How is he a vulture if he's given a Platform to more people than most Media's people in our space I can go into this in detail later in The show but To get back on track next one Brian Armstrong love him coinbase I'm worried

About it's at 46 bucks I would wait till And I'm not being Sensational I'm not Anti-crypto but I am against those stuff Like the same Fleet Um I will wait till 6 49 for coinbase Gbtc Um if someone is connected to the Winkle By twins can you have them Reach Out To come on the show because I think They'll be the greatest Guest on The origins of a few companies and how Um crypto's gonna do over the next year Um coin I mean gbtc I will wait until Four bucks flat before I would look to Touch it Um the trade desk ticker TTD I like a lot I will wait till Like 38 bucks and 49 cents and let's go To eBay and then Target Round out on some good news eBay Not bad honestly Um Not top 20. EBay are like 28 bucks and 86 I like all These are long-term holes and target for The long term I like At 91.53 and I know somebody said Walmart I'll look at that Walmart I'll Below to build a Walmart if it got to 118 but in the interim if you need a Shorter term price 107.94 for Walmart

Walmart normally does great during a Recession as well and if I look at the Chart Walmart technically has not had a Bad year since 2009 and 10. they've done Incredibly well post recession great Leadership Great cost basis amazing in the retail Space And that is it What happened with Peter tuckman and Josh Brown Peter tuckman and uh Didn't see eye to eye oh but it was it Was a little mix up They said something to each other It wasn't Talk on air because you know I'm I lie I Ain't even died I'm reading YouTube comments and I I Wasn't I think what happened to Josh on His show Compound of friends he addressed Him not being on Market Monday's live so I thought it would be a good parent Um Josh felt somewhat well it wasn't like Return on time I don't want to say what Josh is in New York but it is a trip to Go down to Madison Square he didn't Think 15 minutes was enough Um which is something I do want to talk About like in terms of winter format We'll talk about that privately but I Think there were some signals crossed

And Josh wanted to make sure he didn't Come off as a bad guy for not doing it Because he was feeling like yo was that A bad guy to not show up Um and I know everyone was saying you Know and I appreciate everyone who came To Market Monday's live and was like Y'all want to get more information from You You're going to get all that and more When we get the email list from Ticketmaster if you ever seen what's Going on with Taylor Swift Ticket Masters not the swiftest no pun intended On getting certain information out to You on the business side but when you Have a guest like Don Peebles who was Given a real blueprint in real time you Have to give them more time like Don was Going crazy Um but that was just a little mix up on Format who's gonna do what who's going To talk Um but definitely for the next time I Come Monday live I want to do like 90 Minute segments for people like Peter And Josh and Don if I Are there I said your name they said They said Rashad didn't call that's Interesting I actually spoke to Josh Brown four times oh were you saying well Yeah he did say you didn't call him back For three days I have no idea what he's talking about

Um I don't know but this time Josh Brown I'm just saying but um I don't know I Just feel like you know if you don't Want to come then that's cool but 15 Minutes I mean I don't know Uh don peoples he's a billionaire he Came on WE extended this time but he Came over 15 minutes It was worth his time Conflict resolution Everyone to focus on but 2023 Um I'm I'm doing it myself Um yeah maybe I've been a Misunderstanding yeah misunderstanding I'm sure Yeah Sure no come on talk listen I'm sure it Was the crazy part is and I'll talk to Josh Friday I think Josh is here I may Meet with Josh tomorrow so so like I'll Put us on FaceTime but um If you want to go crazy you know I'm sure it's a misunderstanding and I'm Sure it can be stranded that's all I Didn't know he said his name though no I Love jobs It wasn't in a malicious because that's All I would have told you it wasn't that They was just asking what happened with The Madison Square now when I see Troy Get defensive that's when I get uh Upset yo no we don't I can't we it said

His name so when I see shoddy's name Obviously I got my ears get a little More high like that's it you know what I Mean so it's a little different but it's All I'm sure it's nothing it's all good No I would tell you if it was bad it Wasn't nothing malicious they like you Know how pre-pot well we don't do it but You know like pre-pod you're like you're Gonna start rolling and then you'll put The pre-part Pod part part out Um I'm sure y'all pre-pod takes in Jersey was fire can't wait for that Y'all to tell about anyway shout out to The whole team over there yeah anyway Um but that was just wrong like hey what Happened with the Madison Square what Malicious though So yeah all right Yeah shout out to Josh brown man shout Out to Peter tuckman yeah and shout out To everybody that was at MSG legendary Night I tell you that much sold out yes Show Floyd Mayweather Peter tuckman Don Peoples Don peoples DJ suss one oh man And I was drunk Rashad Minx was out Drinks was out Jadakiss little C's Little C's out the building yo that was A nice shot nice set nice one crazy nice Set false shout out to Jadakiss man one Of the greatest one of the greatest yes [Music]

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