Steve Lopez On Nathaniel Ayers And Purpose – Retire Sooner

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So let's Circle back to Nathaniel Ayers who who our listeners would know From the movie uh played by Jamie Foxx The Soloist which is a really cool movie I remember what year did it come out It's been a long time it was uh was it Like 2008 or 10 something like that yeah It's been a while it's uh but it it Really is it is a it's a it's a Wonderful interesting wonderfully Interesting story Um what about the purpose and and I I Guess people probably ask you where Nathaniel is to this day it was maybe Tell me about What you learned around Purpose with That and it is was was the viola was it The viola of the violin in real life in Real life um he was trained on the base The upright base but in real life he was Hauling a cello and a violin around Downtown L.A both okay cello okay What was that his purpose and did what Did that teach you about purpose oh boy Good question uh Wes because So many people I mean you and I are Talking here today about how do you find What you're about how do you find Purpose and passion The Secret of a Happy life and um you can look at Nathaniel who was homeless and you know Um sleeping out there on the streets and Fending off rats with sticks while he Slept at night and all of that was

Horrible and it's a horrible disease and It doesn't go away and it hit him when His career was ascended you know he Might have been in you know one of the Great orchestras of the world in Atlanta Or LA or Cleveland or who knows where Um but and for our listeners he was it Has schizophrenia yeah and Um the thing that kept him alive I think Was that his best medicine all these Years has been music so he's always Found a way to hold on to an instrument Even if it's got only two strings like He did like he had when I first met him He was making music out of it he's told Me music is just you take one note you Put another one together with that and You you keep working until you find your Way so I envied him and I still do Because he wakes up and you know the Norman Lear thing about what gets you Out of bed or what tugs you out of that Hammock for him it's music he gets up And he plays for hours or he listens for Hours and here's a nice little Um full circle story when I began Thinking about retirement and what would I do in retirement one of the things I've always had on my list is to learn Music to get my to dust off the guitar That I never learned how to play sit in The garage and see if I could make some Headway on it and I played the guitar Virtually every day

For uh 14 months and I'm now playing With Nathaniel now I'm not telling you That I'm at his level Well when I go to see him I'll just do My you know like uh amateur stick on the Guild You'll Play a couple chords Exactly you got it figured out there and He'll just find a way in on the violin Or the cello and I'm playing with this Guy and he's happy and I'm happy and That's not a bad way to you know to Spend some of your some of your hours in Semi retirement that that's a that is Full circle and it is cool and

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