BETWEEN RECESSION & DEPRESSION – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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Buying an Exclusive Luxury Designer Bag

How can buying an exclusive designer bag help you? Let us look at why you should spend a few thousand dollars on buying an exquisite handbag.

Exempt Market Products, Real Estate, or Subway Franchise? A Case Study

Educational article focusing on the choices faced by investors today, including real estate, franchising, and buying exempt market products. Franchise, Condos, Apartment Buildings, or Exempt Market Products: Which Would you Choose? Recently I had an extremely interesting conversation with an accredited investor living in Toronto. This gentleman owns a technology consulting business, is extremely intelligent and astute, and has achieved a level of success that affords freedom and choices. I love conversations with individuals who have carved their own path and taken the risk of starting a business. We can always learn something from true entrepreneurs.

Turns: To Everything There Is a Season

It’s not unusual for disconnects between fundamentals and asset values to occur, but it is unusual for them to persist as long as they have. Insights from the “Fourth Turning” by William Strauss and Neil Howe go a long way in explaining the reasons for the disconnect and also illuminate the path by which they will ultimately be resolved.

What Is The Binary Option?

It can best be summarized as a business that offers only two unique results, either your business completes in the cash (winner) or out of the cash (loser). This is in marked comparison to traditional vanilla flavor options where ideas such as time corrosion (theta), motions, attack cost, a chance to expiration and the like all go into the costs.

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