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Demographic Trends Pushing Land, Housing Values Up

Land and housing values are affected by certain demographic trends. Housing values are affected by many factors: the economy, the availability of financing, building, population growth and variables of age and ethnicity. For those considering making an alternative investment in strategic land, it is worth understanding the housing shortage in the UK.

Can the UK Housing Crisis Be Eased With “Hard Money” Loans?

The housing crisis in England and Wales is one where too few homes are being built because would-be buyers can’t get loans. “Hard money” loans as a solution considered.

Natural Gas In Eagle Ford Promises To Provide Massive Returns For Investors

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has proven to be one of the most successful ways of retrieving natural gas reserves within shale. Nine of every ten natural gas wells in the United States use fracking to access the deposits. Several shale plays in the Unites States are currently producing natural gas at an unprecedented rate. Of these, the Eagle Ford shale play is considered one of the most promising.

Be a Land Investor, Not a Real Estate Speculator

The data analytics company Hometrack showed an interesting and perhaps alarming trend (depending on how you look at it) in home sales in May 2013. While the sales agreements for the month were up 8.2 per cent, new homes being built were only up 2.8 per cent. Does this outsized demand level not only push prices upward, but up into a real estate bubble once again?

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