Dan Sheeks Discusses Details From His Book – Retire Sooner Highlight

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I'm going to raise this book up and I Guess if you're listening you're not Seeing it but we're seeing it here Dan's Book is first to a million who who is The is this to a million and how many Kids in their teens are really thinking About this it's it's not a lot right Um and and so I'm trying to change that I think uh my main goal would be to say I I think every young person I think Everybody but my my Niche is what I call You know like gen Z 15 to 25. I I think They all should know that there are Other options than the typical American Dream pathway of nine to five to 65 that That grind Um and so I'm just presenting them with More information and options and then Letting them decide what they want to do So Um yeah my book first two million uh the Subtitle is a teenager's guide to Achieving early Financial Independence So it is for a very motivated Um yeah young young person who is Interested in their financial future Enough to read a book which is a which Is a small percentage but you know in Other ways I try to incentivize and Motivate young people to to at least Learn the information and then if they They put it into action now great if They put into action 10 or 15 20 years Down the road that's fine too that seed

Will Blossom when it's meant to Um but at least now they have the Information

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