How To Cut Your Food Bill By 50% Right Now

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People are under this misconception that Simply preparing your meals at home is Going to automatically save you a ton of Money while this is mostly true where You're buying your groceries has a huge Impact on the amount of money you're Spending so I put together a list of the 10 most popular grocery items and I Checked prices at Walmart Aldi and Whole Foods in my area and what I found is Honestly shocking let's start off with One of the most popular grocery store Items which is soda Whole Foods clocked In at 6.49 for a store brand 12 pack of Cola Walmart came in at 398 and ALDI was Cheapest at 389 so if you drink soda Here's the price you're paying per can Based on my data you might think that's Just one case here of huge price Differences but the very next example is Just as drastic so the average American Consumes 25 gallons of this every single Year and I went ahead and got the price For one gallon of two percent milk at The three stores 311 at Aldi 314 at Walmart and a whopping 5 49 at Whole Foods So based on those prices and the Average annual consumption here's how Much you'd be spending every single year If you bought your milk at these stores So bags of chips are another very Popular grocery item but this time Around we're gonna have a different Winner but 1.98 at Walmart 209 at Aldi

And 3.49 at Whole Foods now this has Also been an interesting thought Experiment into the average American Diet because I had no idea that on Average Americans eat 64 bags of potato Chips every single year the next grocery Item has seen some of the most wild Price fluctuations of any food item over The last few years the average price for A dozen eggs peaked in January at 482 a Dozen and to tell you the truth I did Not expect the results that I got after Checking the egg prices I honestly Thought Aldi and Walmart would be like Within a couple of cents but there was a Huge difference in the egg prices at These stores a dozen eggs at Whole Foods Was 3.79 284 at Walmart and then just 2 Two dollars and 27 cents at Aldi so even Though all of these stores are well Below the national average for egg Prices here's what you'd be paying per Egg at these three stores so next up we Have bread Walmart and ALDI were neck And neck for this category but once Again Aldi came out ahead a loaf of Bread is 2.99 at Whole Foods 1.32 at Walmart and then a dollar twenty nine at Aldi each year 2.7 billion boxes of this Are sold annually and it's enough to Wrap around the planet 13 times Aldi Cereal was 1.43 a box while the Walmart Cereal was about 15 percent more Expensive coming in at a dollar 64. as

Far as Whole Foods the only comparable Product I could find was this high Protein low sugar version of The Fruit Loops probably healthier but wow 6.99 For a box of cereal the next item on our List is candy and this was the closest In terms of the pricing at our different Stores a chocolate bar at Walmart is 1.98 249 at Aldi in the then 279 at Whole Foods next up we have one of my Personal favorite categories which is Cheese I looked for an eight ounce block Of cheese at the three stores and Honestly guys this one shocked me more Than anything Whole Foods came in at 4.49 for an eight ounce block of cheese And I even double checked to make sure I Wasn't looking at a 16 ounce block Because it seemed so outrageously Expensive the Walmart blocks of cheese Were just two dollars and ALDI was 1.99 I honestly have no idea why the cheese Is so expensive at Whole Foods so if Anybody knows why that is please leave Me a comment down below second to last We have beer so all these cells a number Of these off-brand beers and this six Pack here is comparable to Corona and It's 6.49 at Walmart a six pack of Corona is 8.98 and then as for Whole Foods I found this local six pack of Beer which was on the lighter side for 11.99 now before I show you the final Price breakdown of the total cost of the

10 items at all of these stores we have To look at our last grocery item which Is chicken the average person eats 23 Chickens every single year but we're Gonna solely focus on chicken breast Whole Foods came in at 5.49 a pound Walmart was 297 a pound and ALDI came in At 249 a pound so the question becomes How much money would you spend at each Of these three stores purchasing the top 10 most popular grocery items Whole Foods would have cost you fifty four Dollars pre-tax and all of these are Going to be pre-tax figures going Forward at Walmart these items would Have cost you thirty dollars and 82 Cents total finally at Aldi your total Would be 27.54 so based on my price collection at Walmart Whole Foods and Aldi's located In Miami Beach Florida Aldi was 49 less Expensive than Whole Foods Walmart was 43 less expensive than Whole Foods and Finally Aldi was just about 10 percent Cheaper than Walmart the point I'm Trying to make here is that don't assume Just because you're buying groceries That you're saving a ton of money sure Whole Foods is cheap when you compare it To going out for a steak dinner but when You compare it to the prices of Walmart Or Aldi or maybe other stores for Example it's quite expensive the average Household spends 438 dollars every

Single month on groceries so if you Could cut that in half you'd be saving 219 dollars per month and over the Course of a year that's two thousand six Hundred twenty eight dollars saved and With that you could go on vacation or Maybe even tuck it away for retirement So guys I hope this was an eye-opening Video for you I personally spent most of 2021 shopping exclusively at Whole Foods And that's where I got the idea for this Video if you want to see another price Comparison like this for example maybe Dunkin Donuts versus Starbucks leave me A comment down below because this was Super interesting to put together lastly If you're looking to make some extra Money I wrote a book about side hustles That's available at Barnes Noble or you Can also grab a copy on Amazon this is a Step-by-step guide on how to get started With a side hustle with actionable steps On how to make your first 100 and Beyond Be sure to subscribe to hit the bell and Turn on all notifications so you don't Miss the next video click below to check Out this video and I'll see you next Time

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