Jan Cullinane’s Secrets To A Successful Retirement – Retire Sooner Highlight

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What are those things I'm intrigued what Are the what are your secrets yeah okay Well I say one certainly is to have Strong social support you know we have To have that wherever we are and um and Talking about single women particularly For single women to create their own if You're not part of a couple you're going To need to to certainly have that so Strong social support is one Um I'd say the ability to renegotiate Roles let's say you're part of a if You're part of a couple you may have Laid down things I mean I've been Married a lot of years and we've kind of Figured out who's doing what as we were Married and we had children and then as We got older but then after we both left Our primary careers there were some There was some renegotiating to do in Terms of who was going to be doing what Like I I didn't I do not like the cook I Hate to admit and I don't like doing the Dishes I'd much rather cut the grass or Do that kind of thing so we have done Some big role reversals with that so That would be another one so renegotiate The rules I've never heard anybody not Rules roles like we didn't really have Rules laid down all right so renegotiate Your roles within within the family Within the within the yeah so if you Have a spouse Um if you're if you still have adult

Children living there I'd say it's Important to sit down um one woman I had Spoken to at a talk afterwards she came Up and said that's funny you said that Because she she was in a very high Position and she said my husband told me Now that I'm home all the time I talked To him like I'm one of his employees Ordering them around and it wasn't Working so well so that one sort of Resonated with her about that so that Really negotiate Your Role look you're No longer a high-powered executive it's Just Well it's nothing like I I get I can see Having to renegotiate that but if it's You're married the kids around out of The house but when you have kids in the Home you your your age is a low powered Executive no matter no matter how high Powered you are even if you're the CEO Somewhere your kids don't treat you like The CEO right they don't care All right so start so social support Renegotiate what's what's another one Have something to wake up for every day And that that kind of gets to that idea Of purpose you know what is your thing To get up for every day they can be it Can be very lofty you're trying to save The world and you're trying to save the Turtle the turtles yeah And I went to the University of Maryland So I'm a terp so that's kind of a

Natural fit that I went there but it's Not your fault little guy that you were The first egg laid in this very deep Sand Cavern it's not your fault that you Came out first you get the longest way To climb you got all your brothers and Sisters on top That's right so Um I think that one's very important to Have some structure to your day but to Have also obviously some free time built In but what is your reason for getting Up for every morning I think that's a Big one and have something to do that And those things can be quite different From things you've ever done so I for Example for me Um tennis I like tennis and that goes Into the next one which is really have Strong social support a lot of these Things sort of overlap but we need to Have that social support and for me Tennis checks a lot of the boxes because It's also of course the exercise point Of view and the living healthy point of View and it has the social support and It structures your time for you so that That's an important one to have Something every day

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