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[Music] The first day we get there at night We we run into Robert Smith And the last day that we're there at Night we run into Robert Smith That tells you what kind of vibe it was Ran into him twice the first day and the Last day spoke to him for about 40 Minutes each time Very insightful conversation All right Um one of the things that was very Insightful for me when I was actually Listening because it's different like Different things that that go on Different um pop-up events and different You know symposiums different nature so I went to one and they were talking About Um He the guy was talking about nature Being a board member Um on on his board and he was like this They they start they set it up they set A precedent where Um a company already did it and they They put a they put nature as as a board Member and so he was saying for his Company he's going to put the I believe It was the Atlantic Ocean the Atlantic Ocean is going to be a board member But so when you put nature as a board Member you got to have somebody that Represents the interest of the nature so

It's like I could put Mount Kilimanjaro As a board member but then I got to have A actual somebody to actually speak for That perk for that entity so like I Troy You represent Mount Kilimanjaro but what He's going through is and this is going To be the first time this has ever Happened he's going to have Um He's going to have uh AI he's going to Have artificial intelligence Represent the ocean so the ocean as a Board member and then he's going to have Ai it's going to be the first AI board Member in in America I believe or he's Not even based in America it's gonna be The first AI board member he's his goal Is to have the first AI board member So This web three talk Heavy in Davos heavy in Davos chat gbt AI Web3 not really so much crypto but Heavy Africa I'm gonna talk about Africa Okay heavy heavy heavy heavy web 3.0 was Probably 70 of the conversations that Were that outside yeah like I said from Every aspect of it but everyone have you On artificial intelligence heavier Artificial intelligence heavy on a chat Gbt heavy on all of that stuff like the Stuff that we've been talking about but Just next level like next level having An AI imagine having AI as a board

Member like We having a board conversation with five People and then there's an actual AI Computer that's having a conversation With us about The direction that Apple should go in as A company And then they was talking about how AI Was getting programmed in Saudi Arabia And they was programming it with their Religion and they were teaching AI you Know the religion Um and kind of looking at the future That way and they was just saying how Different different governments Throughout the world were already Already using AI to program for the next Hundred years the AI conversations is Crazy That was that was mind-blowing The Africa house definitely went to the Africa house that was dope as well Um Very insightful conversation over there As well and they were saying um you know Their goals and their plans as far as Um Africa that was extremely insightful Because they were saying that it's 55 Countries in Africa 55 yep and only I Think three countries Um currently have Um unrestricted passport so it's like With so they were saying like for Americans Americans can go to Africa and

Travel more freely in Africa than Africans from Africa because it's like You know so many different Politics with different countries and Like if so they're like you know they Have to open up their borders for Africans so that was like a major push Where they want to try to get to a point Where like how in Europe where you can Just travel all throughout Europe if You're if you're part of the EU so they Was like you know they were working on On trying to have a more united African Front for trade travel And um they were saying that you know When they when they was talking about That one of the uh Wanted ever one of the reporters had Asked them like you know do you think That this is a good idea like to have Like you know Unity like to have and They were like well Um the EU was one of the most successful You know Things that's ever happened and did you Ask them did you ask them if it was a Good idea when they decided to do it so Um I thought it was interesting to kind Of hear that play but you know from an African perspective and they were saying That um another thing that he said I Forgot the gentleman's name what they Were saying like Um

I think it was he's talking about Coco And he was like you know the the Europeans don't like the Coco they gotta Um they gotta change the way his taste And he was like well We have enough people in Africa where we Don't we don't have to worry about the Europeans Like we could like they're on Pace to Have two billion people so he was like You know That's a misconception as well like Where it's like we don't have to try to Cater to outside people there's enough Resources and enough people because I think one-fifth of the world's Population over the next 20 years is Going to be in Africa they have the Youngest population In the world and they have the fastest Growing population in the world Um so they was really talking about Really controlling their resources Really opening up their borders Um but this is what I'm saying like we Just we having these coming y'all trying To debate me about Illuminati and y'all Talking about you know whether Shannon Sharp is starting with LeBron James and And if Ian you know didn't give the the Access for Madison Square Garden like That's how I moved to Mexico I'm I'm Listen you know what I'm saying I can't Hear you listen we want a plane

We on the plane to get to Davos On the plane to get to Davos from Newark New Jersey On the plane sitting next to each other Is Oliver Stone and Andrew Ross Sorkin Crazy Oliver I don't know Oliver Stone Is Oliver Stone he created the movie Wall Street Andrew raw circuit Um works for CNBC and he created Billions so the guy that created Billions and the guy that created Wall Street sitting next to each other Andrew Wore sarket spoke to him he said yo I've Been watching your content for three Years He said he said he said I wrote I wrote A letter to NBC three years ago and said I don't know who these guys are or what They're doing but you need to you need To you need to you need to sign them you Need to work you need to find them Inside you need to find them and sign Them hi Mary This is the content but this is the Conversation that I'm having then I'm Coming back and I gotta argue with People on Twitter Don't argue with the people on Twitter This is the kind of nonsense that's what I'm saying so it's like all right at What point is the risk award ratio at What point do you stop arguing with Twitter and and and now you don't and Now you don't know where I live now now

It's all not a show I vote right now no There is no more Dubai Ghana hey we can Wrap this [ __ ] up today what are we Doing I'm going to New York right now Edgewater what's happening Edgewater New Jersey You already know we talking something You know What you doing I'll go to Chicago Tuesday Wednesday Thursday what's Happening Pre-record all the episodes Man shout out to everybody Love man we go we just leave it alone We're just going to keep leading with Love that's all we're gonna do let's Keep leaving though Gotta be mindful man And you don't think if industry is Making traction as the hottest new Investor show Andrew Ross work at Oliver Stone I was sitting and thinking maybe We can make a movie or something better Than that yeah you never know never know What can you do no no but we can go on And on about the world economic Forum That's a couple of highlights that I Personally took like I said it was It was a life-changing situation Um so much so many people there Networking meeting people Talking oh they just bought the the Commanders I didn't cut you off but we Can't forget that you just bought it

It's official To to buy the Commanders And Robert Smith is up to something big Too So shout out to shout out to Robert Smith he was actually talking about his Um His initiative to get Broadband spoke About that on the show actually Broadband access to hbcus that's one of The things that he spoke about at Davos And he told us about Something else that he's working on Something he's up to something no yes Big he's up to something big Speaking of it can we announce not yet [Laughter] [Music] I know they can't stand it

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