How entrepreneurs survive a crash – Robert Kiyosaki, Vic Keller

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Hello hello Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad Radio show the good news and bad news About money and today we have a very Important show for people who are Entrepreneurs or small business people You know how do you prepare for what's Hitting us right now we just had George Gammon on earlier And was talking about the inversion the Yield curves and what that means but Also for many people In a bad economy is sometimes the best Time to start So it's almost counter-intuitive so Today our special guest is Vic Keller He's the CEO and founder of klv capital And experience Ventures he's a Serial Entrepreneur can't help himself and he's Going to be he's also founded a private Equity company that goes out and Acquires other small businesses takes Them bigger so he's going to be talking About how you prepare for this crash We're in but also what does Private Equity look for in a startup or a small Business but more importantly how do you Survive what we're going into right now And you know I hate to be a pessimist But Being a pessimist is good if you're a Pessimist at the right time you know you Don't want to be an optimist when you Should be a pessimist So I've made more money in bad bad times

And good times because that's when you Get started so vet Keller welcome to the Show Thank you sir grateful to be here with You oh thank you and you're in Texas I Am I'm in Dallas Texas oh great one of The one of the greatest greatest places In the world to do business yeah I'll be Out there two days from now so anyway uh Vic you're uh tell us a little bit about Your background and how you become a Serial entrepreneur and as a private Equity guy also they acquire small Businesses how did you get started in This business Yeah so um out of school I went to work For JP Morgan and uh decided I was on The wrong side of the table had a great Had a great great career being a banker For three years but I really knew that I Wanted to be an entrepreneur than study In business uh probably since I was 14 Years old and just doing anything I Could so uh at the young age of 24 25 With no Capital no resources and just a Lot of Blind Faith I decided I was going To be an entrepreneur and went online And formed an LLC and went and got a Website and uh and built my first Company and it worked out well I hired a Couple of good people to work along my Side paid them very little because I Didn't have much and really learned an Industry in a space and went on to start

Nine more companies Um and then a total of 10 and very Fortunately to have those acquired by Berkshire Hathaway and um that was just A ton of fun thank you for those men I Know who burst your Hathaway that's Warren Buffett and he is one of the the Best Private Equity guys or you know Private Bank guy Anyway Um what was your first business that's My question My first business was recognizing a kind Of global opportunity that people wanted To keep their tires properly inflated on Their automobiles to keep Vehicles safe It was long before uh the national uh Safety boards across the the world Really uh mandated that tire pressure Sensors needed to happen and I found an Extraordinary uh engineer in Taipei Taiwan and uh and I I took this product To Market and it acted as uh what Ultimately ended up being really my Venture Capital funding by selling my Own product that allowed me to start a Lot of other businesses but I launched That business in 2002 it was called Tire Exam Wow and what did it do in the tire well So you you screwed it on the valve stem Of uh of each of the tires and if it was Green your tires were properly inflated

And as you lost inflation it turned to Yellow and then red but it was a really Important thing for uh the world to keep Their tires properly inflated and we Sold these products all over the world And and did quite well with them Congratulations congratulations Congratulations well thank you so much Thank you thank you so the questions I Have you know like me like I said this Is right to be a pessimist at the right Time Yeah and a lot of times the best time to Be an optimist is when everybody's Pessimistic that makes does that make Sense to you absolutely the best defense Is really good offense and during this Challenging economy like we're in and I Think about to get more in uh it's an Extraordinary time to make some big Moves but you got to make the Right Moves it's a game of chess so let's say Somebody is an entrepreneur right now And you know like I was you know I live In a pretty Affluent area and I go through go Cruising through the Biltmore shopping Center shops are closing left and right And their customers are the right Customers they have money But they're not spending for some reason And my friends men's store closed and All this and he had great great product Great staff he knew his stuff

Uh it was good for me because everything Went 70 on sale so I bought my I bought Everything I could I like your jacket Well yeah this came from the store Across the street from him or the cross Aisle from him but you know the best Time to go shopping was everything's on Sale yeah unfortunately it's not good For the retailer no right you know what I mean but if you're The Optimist you're Going there oh everything's bad this is Good because I'm gonna anyways my friend He had the best Italian clothes best Italian suits seventy percent off man my Teeth went soft you know I racked up my Credit card going You know because you know what hap what Happens after this the next product Because that's too much inventory you Know after covid they just printed to me That printed they built too much Inventory And then the economy got worse and they Couldn't sell it but for the for the Customer it was great so it was big Being a pessimist and Optimist at the Same time So but if you're a small business person And you're feeling it right now you know Something is wrong it must be Interesting too people can't find staff It's the biggest challenge I mean the Biggest challenge supply chain is uh is Something everyone's been talking about

But high quality high capacity capable Talent is uh what I find in all of my Businesses to be the number one Opportunity and the number one problem It's it's a big problem and uh you know It's it's uh I think it's only going to Get worse it doesn't seem that we have a Society that is as motivated to work as We have seen quite candidly globally in The past right so you know I went to Military school and I'm trained to be a Merchant Seaman I drove tankers for Standard oil And when a storm is coming up it's Called batten down the hatches you know Get ready for the ride that's coming So what does a small entrepreneur do Today to batten down the hatches and get Ready for the ride well it's all about Efficiency I mean I think you have to Figure out how you can protect margins As a story you just told about uh the Cloth or and and the challenges that They had they ultimately had to give up Margin uh in order to move their Products so I think the the greatest Thing you can do in a time like this is Make sure you have the right people on Your team but make sure that you are Absolutely over delivering Um and if you're building a business Engineer a business that you're going to Outperform when it comes to the value Proposition you bring to the marketplace

Uh greater than anyone else Robert as You said Um you know now is going to be a tough Time but it's also going to be an Opportunistic time and uh you hear the Wealthy people talk a lot about you know I want to keep my powder dry for when The market goes south Um and that's because they understand That business operators and consumers Are not going to act uh uh sanely in a Lot of cases so you know I would say First and foremost uh just delivering an Efficiently operating business uh you Want to have the best people but you Want to have a lean team you don't have The best products and you want to do Your very best to protect your margin so Let me explain that this guy is at the Best shopping center You've got the best customers cruising Through there he had the best products And he still went down he had four Stories he's now back to one So I do know what I mean and the guy was Good his staff was knowledgeable Fantastic great location everything you Think is like this is the from Ralph Lauren and they were right next door to Each other so you got that so I kept Looking at us going this doesn't make Any sense So I think the customer dried up on them And that's the only way I can look at it

Well I think the customer dried up on Him and I think you'd be the the first To you know agree that that the economy The global economy yes Um has changed greatly in the past 24 Months I mean it's it's been an insane Cycle and people haven't known what to Do do you buy a lot of inventory because You feel like there's a lot of pin-up Demand that hasn't been served or do you You know Drive efficiency uh do you Operate leanly it's hard to predict what A retail customer is going to do and one Of my favorite men's clothing stores in Is in Scottsdale there it's called the Clothery and uh if it starts right next To the clothing yeah and I I bought it Yeah I bought a ton of stuff there yeah Yeah I bought it I bought a ton of stuff But I can tell you I know I know some Billionaires personally that shop at That store and uh you know I can tell You there's a few things going on and One of them may be that they're not Wearing as many suits as they had in the Past but Um you know there's a lot of Dynamics I Mean you have to have your antenna on Consumer Behavior right now if you're in The consumer product goods business Um has got to be high and you've got to Really know your Marketplace okay this Is this is what I say to small business Guys

When the economy starts to Crunch in People panic and I said at that point You better step up your promotion and You spend you spend on promotion and the Guys have stopped spending on promotion But not a business of what we can't Afford to I said you also cannot not Afford to but they don't promote so rich Dad I mean we stepped up promotion huge And our sales are through the roof I was On Neil Cavuto four times in the last Four weeks you know we're stepping Promotion up heavy heavy heavy heavy Heavy every time I Neil Cavuto our sales Go through the roof yeah when I told When I told this one Claudia the he had The best product for men I've ever seen But he wouldn't spend on promotion Someone Silly you know yeah I've seen that in a Lot of businesses I can tell you some of The product but I'm in an outdoor Sporting good industry and one of the Companies I own and uh we're promoting Now in marketing now more than we've Ever before [Music] And we're we're spending the money we're Doing it smart we're leveraging Technology we're using digital mediums Digital platforms and uh you know I tell You AI has been been building up for a Long time but it is becoming more Practical and usable and you know I

Couldn't think of a better time for that Level of efficiency from a technological Perspective to be introduced into our Marketplace so Um we are ferociously marketing right Now and we're becoming even more of a Marketing and sales organization than We've ever had before we need the Customer to see us first and last right You need to make the the off the offer Out there what's what's available People are cutting back because the Customer is cutting back that's suicide Of that when it cuts your throat at that Point you know So you know I think there's been a level Of arrogance I don't understand it but I've seen a lot of companies that They've had some level of entitlement That's happened uh through the whole Coronavirus and and through this whole Process that they think the customers Are they're going to stack them high and Watch customers buy and that's just not How the economy is today Um you got to show value and you got to Get in front of your customer and and That's the most important thing you Could do yeah the sad thing was this guy Was in the middle of all these Men's Stores like I said got this jacket from Polo clothing is right next door to them So he was surrounded by men's doors but He stopped promoting

Is interesting you know and he had some Of the I mean made my teeth soft looking At some of the fine Italian clothes he Had 70 off I mean I would have Advertised that But you know the the Auto industry the Auto industry is a good model to follow When it comes to marketing and promotion I mean they they have a supply and Demand issue there's much more demand Than there is Supply but even during That they've continued to advertise and Market and they do not stop because they Do not want to get their brand away from Your mind and so Um marketing and sales are a brilliant Thing and it's a it's a global Discipline right no matter if you're Doing business uh no matter where you're Doing business it's a global discipline You just got to be committed to it and You can't give up on it but you have to Spend your dollars wisely and that's uh That's most important and what what uh Vic is selling most small business People cut back They stop spending when they should be Spending on marketing and advertising Because sales equals income They get scared so what's let's let's Leave that as tip number one and if You're not an entrepreneur Just know that bad times are the best Times sometimes to start a business I've

Only started in bad times because Everything else is going to shut down And lots of opportunity when things are Slow but what happens is like many small Business people they cut back on the Spending on marketing and advertising Or they they market and advertise to the Wrong customer well they don't even know Who their customer is I mean it's Basically who's your customer right Vic Yeah Robert you hit on a great Point Um customer retention is is the most you Know I mean it is so important right now Uh not no I mean knowing your customer Is the price of admission right if You're in business knowing your customer Knowing what your customer likes loves What they care about where they see Value that's the price of admission and Being business but in our current times You cannot be too Relentless about Retaining your customer and customer and Then that's the game we're in right now Is if you can retain your customer and You can show them the maximum amount of Value you're not just going to have them Right now but as this Market turns and It gets healthier they are going to be In line to optimize their spending with You whether you're in a B2B industry or A b2c industry it's all the same and You've got to have a Relentless focus on Your customer amen amen amen simply come Back quick we'll go into more what would

You say to a startup right now you know Let's let's say You know I can't believe his Unemployment is as low as it can Thousands of people being laid off by Amazon Apple Um Microsoft And people I can't find an employee I Mean I I I know that's legitimate but They can't find employees so I want to Find out what you think but if you're Going to be a startup I can't think of a Better time to start so we come back a Little bit the Vic killer he's the CEO And founder of klv capital and Experienced Ventures we'll be right back If you're concerned about high inflation Looming recession a stock market Correction or out of control spending in Washington this is an important message To hear because the fact is during every Major crisis in U.S history many of Those who fail to prepare watch their Savings Investments or retirement funds Go down while many with the foresight to Own gold helped preserve their Purchasing power gold even made some Folks richer now we're facing several Major crises at once and experts say we May soon face even more economic trouble So please don't wait learn the simple Way you can diversify with gold and put Yourself on the road to financial peace Of mind even in uncertain times the new

Free 2023 gold guide from our friends in Gold Alliance can show you how just Visit Robert or call 1-800-473-4585 Republican governor and Conservative commentator Mike Huckabee Says gold Alliance is the only gold Provider he recommends to his friends And family find out why and visit Robert or call now Feeling powerless over current events And your financial future Financial Freedom is your freedom Robert Kiyosaki Is the best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad over 40 million people have Taken Robert's advice now it's your turn Attend Roberts free virtual wealth Building event claim your free access Now at don't wait access Is limited go to that's Welcome back Robert kiyosaka Adventure Radio show on good news and bad news About money the economy about startups About staying in business survival you Know we're Our Guest today is is on is Vic Keller CEO and founder of klv Capital experience he also runs a Private Equity Firm so he's always on The hunt for small businesses that have A chance to grow and so he's a very Important resource So Vic when we're just talking during The break about how you still it starts

With number one who's your customer and If you're surprised how many times I ask People that question And they don't really know where they Come from what they code for you know They just have they're happy but they Don't ask them who are you where you Come from as simple as that but anyway Um as a private Equity guy and you see a Small business What makes you teeth water you go well This is this business has potential no Matter what's going to happen or another Way of saying what's what mistakes does A small entrepreneur make that you're Not interested in letting them you know Working with them Well no matter what business they're in Number one is the people and so the the The founder Um it could be the CEO it could be the Leader but his leadership team her Leadership team no matter what type of Business it is Um number one we're looking at Management and uh you know I've been Studying I've been studying The role of thumb is Money Follows Management yeah it totally and you've You teach that often and I can tell you I've been studying business since I was A young man and Um you know rather it be the most Sophisticated uh successful investors in

The world like Warren Buffett or it'd be Um you know someone that has a small Business it always comes back to the People and I had a a business partner uh It wasn't Mr Buffett but a business Partner that was a multi-multi Billionaire and all he ever said is Vic Don't ever forget the three most Important things you're ever going to Have in business and it's people people And so I would say you know whether You're in startup mode whether you're Dealing with this economy right now There is nothing more important than Making sure you have the very very best People Um in the marketplace and as you Mentioned before we went on break uh There's a lot of big companies right now Uh specifically technology companies That are releasing Um just hundreds of thousands of Extraordinarily EXP experience capable Young energetic passionate people into The workforce and I can tell you I hope They they all find my name and phone Number and email address because I have Never never in my life had a greater Need and greater opportunities for Extraordinary People so if you're Building a business today just rule Number one job number one is is surround Yourself with people that are tenacious Um that are ferocious Learners that

Understand what's going on in the Economy that is what's going to build Your business you may have invented the The greatest thing Um ever known but there's nothing that's Going to allow your business to scale And survive greater than have an Extraordinary Talent around you and uh It's hard to get that right all the time Right I mean it's a it's a tough tough It's the hardest job in business as People but it's also the biggest Opportunity I can hear people say well I Don't have the money to hire them let's Call a partner exactly you want to find The right partner I have I've always Acknowledged my wife Kim and without her I'd never make it But we're in the same boat paddling just As hard you know two Wars are better Than one And uh always starts with a partner if You're small and no capital and we Started with nothing and we just kept Building it day by day by day And you know I don't know how you feel About it but many times I'll meet an Entrepreneur And let's say it's a male entrepreneur And his wife is not into the business They suffer I've noticed I'm going that You suffer because your wife would Rather you know whatever the thing is She sits at home and they fight about

This I'm going But you know I mean that's where it Starts in my opinion if your husband or Wife is not on the same boat with you Man Robert I've been I've been married For 27 years and I've been an Entrepreneur for 25 of those and my wife And I talk about my business literally Every night at dinner right I mean we She and she's got and by the way she's Gotten pretty dang uh opinionated and Educated over the past few years and so I guess uh I'm guilty of that but she is Absolutely valuable resource I agree Partnership and and you hit on such an Important Point Um the partnership mindset the Entrepreneurial mindset I find so many People that want to be in business and They say oh I'm not an entrepreneur and Uh and that's fine if they want to say They are they aren't but the reality of It is if you have a partnership mindset Um I had I had a business partner for Years based right there where you are in Phoenix Arizona and he hired the most Capable leaders across the country to Run his retail organization and every Single one of them was a partner every One of them had a piece of equity every One of them felt ownership and by the Way he did didn't have to pay them more Because of that the businesses earned More and they were more successful and

They got to share in the profitability Of the business so he was never giving Anything up he was getting their heart He was getting their family he was Getting their mind and and that allowed Everybody to win so if you could have a Partnership mindset I could tell you I Mean my base salary you know early on in My career was very very low but I had a Someone that had a partnership mindset And it allowed me to become you know Ultimately wealthy so it's super Important if you want to get 110 percent Of someone treat them as a partner treat Them as an entrepreneur don't treat them As an employee Yeah you know I went to military school And I had six years U.S Marine Corps and The first the first words were taught in Both the military academy this is run Knocker Academy graduate first thing We're taught is the word Mission I Joined the Marine Corps it's the word This Mission and so when I find somebody Who cannot sell their mission Then you have an employee if you know What I mean they're just there for the Money And then so like at the Rich Dad company I mean they're they're immersed they're Dunked and Boiled in the mission because the Mission our mission is to elevate the Financial well-being of humanity and

That's spiritual so I don't know it's Not religious but we but it's important To have these Mission side of the Business sold and make sure people buy Into the mission and every time I've had Problems is when I had CEOs or Presidents who were just there for the Money There's a difference between money and Mission very very big difference any Comments on that Well I think the biggest problem Um where that all starts is people don't Have a clearly defined common Mission so I could I couldn't agree with you more I Mean it's if you're not missionally Focused and you're just tactically Focused and you're trying to just get Something done but there's not a greater Mission Um we do you know I believe in you know Journey descriptions not job Descriptions right what's the journey Going to be what's the journey what are You trying to accomplish so yeah I Couldn't agree with you more but but Companies miss that they confuse a Mission statement for an actual Mission And let me tell you when you were in the Military going on a mission it's sure to Heck wasn't about a mission statement it Was about the mission you were going on Which has got a lot of elements to it And most companies they're saying hey

We're going to try to come up with a Mission statement well throw it out the Door I mean it's just that's not what It's about it's about what is the common Mission yep exactly exactly exactly you Know the matter that George Patton move And all that one guy is in the hospital Bed and he's dying and oil he's he says He was he wasn't dying he was just he Was shot cell shocked and he says I Don't want to die I don't want to die And George Patton walks up to him and Says your job is not to Die For Your Country you just make sure the best who Dies for his country I've been so true you You say that on television today anymore You know you're so mean and cruel but It's real and then um other thing is Legal ethical moral you know if Somebody's unethical immoral or illegal They're gone You know and that's that comes from our Code of honor and things like this which Is also spiritual the Marine Corps had a Very tight code You know it starts with two words Semper Fi you know don't leave anybody and be You know you're always faithful forever But those are all spiritual words and When I went in into the MBA program I Left It was all about tactical mental Strategy you know it wasn't really about

The like the Marine Corps where we're Clearing our mission first we sell the Mission all the way through but when I Hired these CEOs and presidents they Ultimately had to be fired And because it if you're not Mission Driven you're also then not legal Ethical moral it's really surprising how Many people lie cheat and steal Have you found that yourself yeah I mean People are desperate and uh you know I I I I hope it's not everyone sometimes it Feels like people operate from a state Of just uh fear and anxiety and they're Desperate and you know I can tell you in Business I try to position things where We can operate from a mindset of Adrenaline uh we want to be excited we Want to be motivated we want to be Encouraging and uh you know when people Get desperate they do really dumb things And uh we're seeing that more Quite candidly all over the world and And certainly in the country I live in Uh we're seeing it more than we've ever Seen it before and it's just it's just Sad Robert well it's trust with Leadership too you know I mean we find a Top down And then you know it starts at home yeah What Jordan Peterson says you think Tough men are mean or something Look at the damage a week later will do Yeah and in my opinion I don't know I'm

Not not political but I've never seen a Week or later than Biden I've never seen A weaker leader I couldn't agree with You more It's sad So anyway you know really when we're Talking about entrepreneurship we're Talking about leadership aren't we the Hundred percent it's I mean that's the The the mission of uh building anything Starts with leadership and it's got to Be clearly defined you know it's uh Collaboration's great uh having a great Team in place is great but I've never in My life found anyone that wanted to win That didn't want to win uh for and with A great leader and uh even as an Entrepreneur you know I always think About you know who who am I winning for And uh unfortunately I kind of flipped The rolls and I let my people have that In my mind they are they're the leaders Right I want to win for them and they Expect me to do my part so leadership is Uh something that Um it seems is is going away people are Scared to lead and we need leadership Right now uh globally more than we ever Have before and there's going to be a Fantastic opportunity for for young up And coming professionals to really focus On what what the identity and the Meaning and the definition of leadership Is and live and act it out so Vic you

Know I got into a lot of trouble because I talk to a lot of people And a lot of times women come up and say I I can't find a man so well what's Happening he says well they're all Tick-Tock dancers I just I just I I just crack up man I'm Watching these shows these guys are like Doing all this stuff I'm going It's not what a U.S marine does you know What I mean yeah yeah The whole world is changing so fast is When when young men want to be Tick-Tock Dancers I'm going holy Miracle so the Women are complaining and our leadership And my opinion is goneless you're a tech Talk business But it's such a changing world but the Principles stay the same don't they Yeah I mean it's um it's the same yeah Unfortunately with technology you can uh You can think you're rich and good Looking when you're really uh you know Poor and Um and not good looking and uh you know So it's uh it's it's a fallacy that a Lot of people fall into and uh you know I don't I know some have done a great Job monetizing it but as you could tell And we all know most of them there's Just it's a uh it's a pretty empty Promise yeah yeah so in the world in This world today legal ethical moral Spiritual not necessarily religious but

You're serving a higher calling than Just the money So Mr Keller you know thank you very Much again this is Vic Keller can can People call you if they really want are You open to that or Yeah I am I would say uh it would be Best if they sent me a direct message And uh and I'd be happy to communicate With them and we could set up a time to Talk and give them my phone number I Would just hate to to miss a call and Not know who I'm calling back but uh if They want to DM me uh they could go to Instagram and it's open for everyone and It's at Vic Keller just V-i-c-k-e-l-l-e-r and uh I would I would Be absolutely happy to set up time to Get on the phone with uh people that Have you know serious thoughtful things To talk about and I've I've tried to Call some of the most influential Impactful amazing people throughout my Life to learn from them and Robert I Have to tell you most of the time they Answer the phone and they take the call And have the meeting so I've learned From that and I want to give back in That way thank you and thank you because We met uh I met Vic at Prager University's donor I mean Prager is a We're we're joint venturing with them Into you know education via their medium Which is cartoons and things like this

Thank you for supporting Dennis Prager And Prager University well they're doing Amazing work there I was just on the uh On a meeting the other day with David Prager listening to some of the new Stuff that he and his dad are doing and What's going on that organization is Absolutely fantastic and uh and talk About being missionally focused Robert They they are on a mission to make this World a better place and I really Support what they're doing yep So Vic color thank you very much and Anybody who has the opportunity to talk To this great person to find out you Know if you're tired of being a Tick-Tock dancer call Vic color Thank you thank you thank you for having Me great to be with you so when we come Back we're going to final Awards on Being an entrepreneur in troubled times We'll be right back [Music] Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show I'm going to thank vit Keller CEO and founder of klv capital Experience And once again you can listen to the Rich Dad radio program anytime anywhere On iTunes and Android and also all of Our programs are archived at we archive them for one Reason so you can listen to it again if You want to listen to it again but most

Importantly you have a friend or a Possible business partner or a wife or a Brother-in-law or children Get together listen to this program Because I I hope I'm wrong But I think we're heading some rough Rough rough times financially globally So this is a you know it's the best time To get rich when it's bad but most People want it to be good before they Get rich and the other thing Thousands of people being let go right Now it's a great time to be an Entrepreneur any words there sir what'd You pick up no I completely agree if Anything that we learned during the Pandemic the whole world was shut down And people had become creative and Innovative some of the biggest brands That we know just now were started During the pandemic is that right yeah And so I'm thinking so I totally Absolutely agree with that message that These these Hard Times create Opportunities and you just have to Um we talked a little bit about fear and You know getting past that if you have That entrepreneur of spirit and mindset You not opportunities like this or the Time for you right but also you know he Talked about using technology and Sarah Knows I'm his backward technology I wise But we have smart technology people Right and that right and that's the

Point is rely on your team you have a we Have a team of people I can't do what Rob does Rob doesn't do what I do but Because we surround you Um we're all better for it and he he Touched a little bit about the change in Digital you know ad advertising how Advertisers are really traditional Advertisers are really struggling right Now right and that's just being adaptive With the times where go where your Customers are I was watching YouTube Even Fox television has a YouTube Correct the system you know Channel yep Yep so it's just adapt adapt and change And then if you you don't know something Then find somebody who knows what you Need to know absolutely absolutely and Um there's no shortage of that you know There's no shortage of finding people Who may know something and be able to Help you out but most importantly be Legal ethical and moral Have no idea how much you know like Never cheated on Kim and all that stuff I just don't do that but I have friends Who do and I just I don't know how they get you know my Conscience would bother me but I'm not Here to be the pope to tell them what to Do yeah Yeah Um before we close out this show it's an Entrepreneur Show starting businesses

You've started several businesses what It what are What would be the number one thing That you would tell an entrepreneur or Startup to focus on right now well it's What's your mission you know what does I Always I always ask myself this I'm not Really religious I'm not preaching I Asked myself what does God want done What problem needs to be solved and if That problem you know touches your heart And your mind and your spirit then that Might be where you focus on and there's No scarcity of problems today there's no Scarcity of problems today so folk focus On serving more people Thank you fantastic thank you so much so Thank you for listening to the Rich Dad Radio show [Music]

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