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When is it the right time to get out of Silver when is it best to actually sell Your physical silver that's what I want To talk about in this video because I've Been talking about buying silver for Many years now why you should buy silver Why I'm buying silver I've acquired Thousands of ounces of physical silver Over the years and I'm really happy with The progress I've made but there will Come a day where I want to sell my Silver and it sounds weird even saying That but it's true I've been planning on Getting out of silver from the start and When I get out of silver I don't want to Simply sell my silver for dollars and Put the money in the bank because that's The exact opposite of what I'm trying to Accomplish I don't want to be holding Fiat dollars that are getting weaker Every day they're losing value that Sounds like a terrible idea I want to do Something else so I want to talk about My plan in this video Let's Do It [Music] Did you know SD bullion is giving away a Monster box of 2023 Silver Eagles sign Up today at sdbullion.com sweepstakes Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it right off The bat I want to say I do not believe Now is a great time to be selling your Silver when I say now I'm talking about Early 2023 we've seen the price of

Silver bounce around from around 20 to 25 dollars an ounce give or take a Little bit here or there but the bottom Line is at these prices I feel like you Should be acquiring more physical silver It's great to be buying silver right now And in the future I think there will be An opportunity to sell it for extreme Benefit now when I'm talking about Selling silver I'm not talking about Selling all of your silver I certainly Will not be selling all of my silver Just a portion of my stuff stack some of My silver I hope to never get rid of and Just keep it as insurance for example my Constitutional silver or junk silver I Want to have this stuff on hand if I Ever need to barter with it in the Future so there's no way I'm getting rid Of that but things like generic silver Or some of my silver coins I would be Happy to get rid of if the right Opportunity were to present itself so Let's talk about that opportunity and What I would actually be doing with the Profits here we are looking at the gold Silver ratio and I have made videos Talking about the GSR before but I want To point out there's only been a few Times over the last 30 years where it's Been really beneficial to sell your Silver and what would you do with your Profits well you would immediately buy Physical gold this is called playing the

Gold silver rate ratio this is how you Can acquire more Metals in your stack For free all you're doing is Transferring between silver and gold at The extremes of the ratio whenever it's The most beneficial for example if we See the gold silver ratio go below 50 This is a great time to be selling your Silver and using that money to buy gold Currently the gold silver ratio is in The 80s however if we look back to the Late 90s we can see it actually dipped Down to about 42 and this would have Been a amazing time to get out of silver And get into gold and then if we look in 2011 it actually dipped into the 30s This would have been extremely Beneficial to sell your silver and use That money to buy gold and I feel like We're probably coming up on another Point in history where we're going to be Able to trade our silver for gold I want To go over a hype hypothetical scenario With you and believe me this is Hypothetical But the point of this is to help show You the benefit of playing the gold Silver ratio so we have two guys here uh The guy on the left is gold guy he loves Physical precious metals all he wants to Do is just buy gold and there's nothing Wrong with that that's his strategy and That's what he does ratio guy on the Right he understands that if he plays

The ratio he can actually use it to his Advantage so if we look at the numbers On the top we've got gold at two Thousand dollars silver at 25 and the Gold silver ratio is 80 to 1. obviously 25 times 80 equals 2 000 so 80 ounces of Silver are worth the same as one ounce Of gold in this hypothetical scenario We're gonna give each of the guys ten Thousand dollars to spend now gold guy He just buys five ounces of gold this is A really smart move he's gotten out of The dollar and now he's holding precious Metals that are going to retain their Value I love this move but ratio guy he Looks at the ratio he understands he can Use it to his benefit so instead of Buying gold he decides to buy 400 ounces Of silver now I know what some of you Are thinking this is not going to be Possible with premiums and I will go Over that at the end of the scenario First I want to run through it without Looking at premiums after a period of Time we can see gold and silver have Both gone up considerably both are at All time highs gold is now at 2500 an Ounce and silver is at 62.50 the gold Silver ratio has now dropped to 40 to 1. So ratio guy looks at the ratio and says Wow now is the time for me to sell my Silver and use that money to buy gold so That's exactly what he does he sells all Of his silver he has twenty five

Thousand dollars for a very brief point In time and he buys 10 ounces of gold With that money so he spent the same Amount as gold guy they both started With 10 grand but at the end of this Scenario ratio guy has twice as much Gold so obviously if you're able to play The ratio at the extremes you can end up With more metal in your stack and this Is obviously a great thing now if we do Factor in premiums ratio guy would have Only been able to buy about 333 ounces Of silver he would have sold that for Just over twenty thousand dollars and Been able to buy over eight ounces of Gold so it still is a massive benefit Even when you factor in premiums Obviously the lower the ratio goes the More of a benefit you're gonna get when You trade your silver for gold the best Time over the last 30 years was in 2 2011 when silver went up to almost 50 Dollars an ounce if this happens again If we see the ratio drop this low I can Imagine there'll be lots of people Trying to trade their silver for gold at That point in time so I'm not going to Wait for the ratio to get down into the 30s I'm gonna start trading my silver For gold when the ratio gets down into The 50s obviously right now at 80 it's Not a real good time to make any trades Whatsoever whenever you trade one metal For the other there's going to be some

Slight loss of value in premiums if you Buy something you pay a premium when you Sell it usually you don't get all of That premium back so you only really Want to trade one metal for the other When the ratio is at an extreme if it's Very high or very low the slight loss in Premiums is made up for the fact that You're trading at such an advantageous Time you're getting way more value at The end of the day if we do see the Ratio climb up over a hundred this would Be a great time to actually sell some of Your gold and buy silver but I don't Expect that to happen I'm expecting this Ratio to continue to drop as we see the Price of gold and silver go higher over The next few years so that's my whole Strategy that's my whole plan for Selling my silver again I'm not going to Sell all of it I'm just gonna sell some Of it to trade for gold when the time is Right I'm curious what you think about My strategy feel free to put a comment Down Below in the comment section I want To say a massive thank you so much for Watching and I will see you all in my Next one silver dragons out

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