The Budgeting Tools You Need To Be Using With Emily Guy Birken & Joe Saul-Sehy – Retire Sooner

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Is there a particular Tech or budgeting Or do you just say Joe go go on on the Web and find a good budgeting tool or do You are there any any places in Particular that you like or you point People to oh I love playing with this Stuff and I play with it all the time if You're somebody that uh that likes to Know that your dollar has a job and you Really need a lock down budget I'm a big Fan of this app Cube money by the way a Lot of these May cost you a few dollars To use but uh but Cube money is really Neat because it's the envelope system From the 50s made for today uh you have The cube app on your phone you've got This cool debit card and then when you Get ready to go into the grocery store You have to open that Cube or your Transaction is denied what I love about That what I love about it there's this Little there's this little you know Circuit breaker you pump the brakes a Couple times before you open that Cube And I just let's think about this it is Really important to me before I open That envelope and spend it so I like That I like the planning that like a y NAB or An every dollar Has and these are budgets where before The money comes in you allocate every Dollar which is how the Ramsey group got The name but I but I really like YNAB

You know uh Jesse mecum's product was The first one in that space and I think Of the two it's probably a little Stronger for people that are spreadsheet Geeks like Emily you know Emily likes The tactile uh uh putting everything in By herself but I really like tiller Money tiller money is is uh spreadsheets And this great Community people have Created such nerdy spread awesomely Nerdy spreadsheets that uh that populate Themselves so they use Best in Class Um uh uh technology to make sure all of Your data is safe and in fact they've Partnered now with Microsoft Microsoft Has gotten rid of their old Microsoft Money which so many people loved and now They've partnered with killer they tell People Microsoft tells people through Excel hey if you're doing this for your Budget use tiller and um great great way To do spreadsheets and ways to make your Spreadsheets even better and have them Automatically updated without you having To do anything so those are a few I Really like

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