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All right so what is the streaming trade That you like for the fourth quarter and Who is uh a quiet Victor in a space that No one is talking about Perfect so I want you guys to write this Down there are a couple companies that You can trade Uh the streaming Wars are intensifying There'll be a couple of winners so Number one Roku you want to look for a Roku short before I get into the entire Trade though trading has considerable Risks please consult your advisor do not Over trade if you have that practice Trade-in this is not an easy play for You just to make money and then go blow It on some girl you met on Instagram So please be careful Um Roku short Netflix Number two we're looking to go long Paramount Okay okay The rise on Netflix yep Paramount short Disney short Microsoft long So Roku short Netflix long Microsoft Long Paramount short Disney short and You only get one trade in this quarter For this trade so I know some people are Probably saying why Microsoft Microsoft Doesn't have streaming they built the ad Platform for the ad supported part for Netflix so when I keep going back to who Has the biggest bag they're going to get

In every industry Um they helped facilitate that six Dollar per month or seven dollars a Month advertising stream for Netflix so Long Microsoft long Netflix which I Haven't been in a while short Roku short Paramount short Disney do short targets And also for my Traders if you are Shorting in the market intraday when There's a lot of volume Put your stop loss at the top of the Market of the previous day and if you're Going along put your stop at the bottom Of the market for the previous day you Have to give your trades enough room to Breed so if you have like a really tight Stop in this volatile Market you're Going to get clapped you don't want that Um so give your trades some room to Breathe you want to do one Each and only one per quarter so one Trade for Roku one for Microsoft one for Netflix one for Paramount one for Disney After that stop if you do more than that You may get destroyed how some meta Employees will this week I will be there Wednesday Zuckerberg cut my check please Look so I can save this company I was listening to it and that was for The fourth quarter correct we're talking About just the fourth quarter yep yeah So I know people are like wait Disney I I'm so yes I agree and it's funny when I

Looked at the the notes and it was like What's the quiet Victor in the space I Think the King of the Hill is the quiet Victor in the space and that's Netflix Which is interesting because for the Past you know eight to twelve months We've just been saying like how they Gonna do it how they're going to do it What are they going to get revenue from We saw subscriber growth go down for two Quarters and then in the third quarter We saw growth which was interesting Because nobody was expecting it and so They gained like 2.4 million subscribers In the third quarter and they're Projecting to have about 4.8 now those Numbers obviously are down from the Peaks when they were getting like 8 Million subscribers seven million Subscribers a quarter but it's Encouraging right because they've Reversed the course of how they were Gaining subscribers plus they have new Way to get Revenue right like nobody's Talking about it but yeah like they they Unleashed their ad Revenue model where They're gonna you're gonna pay 6.99 and you're going to get ads in it And if you don't you got to pay more so That's the first thing where they're Going to gain revenue which is all right This is great because they're already Leading the space although Disney has Caught up to them as far as subscribers

I think the other part is the International growth And that's what uh it's gonna it's They're so far ahead in that space right And I'm not even talking about North America where they you know they have Over I think they had over 70 million Subscribers last quarter but if you look At what they're doing in the Asian Pacific Market It's uh crushing it it's it's it's Pretty impressive in fact out of all the Regions that they are offered in this The growth is exceeding in that market I Don't even more so Than North America I think North America Has probably been about 70 to 80 million Consistently throughout the past 12 Months if you look at what is done in Asian Pacific I mean that's it looks Like a chart in itself where it's like All right this is something we need to Be involved in so it's interesting that When we were thinking about the the Quiet killer in this space it's it's Probably the king of Castle and that Would be Netflix I think another one to Keep an eye on though is um this uh HBO Uh merger with uh discovery Just from the standpoint yeah just on The standpoint of two companies that Actually are facilitating needs that They don't have right so HBO before I even they had HBO Max

Wasn't the greatest like streaming Service like if you ever had it it was Like you try to pause it it cuts off and You try to rewind it it cuts off so they Had customer issues with that Discovery Is probably the number one rated if you Look at the statistics the number one Rated streamer they just don't have the Content so if you match two together it Makes for a good partnership because HBO Has the content and they have a loyal Base and they have shows that people Actually watch whether it's House of Dragons or Euphoria which is huge I know There's some hits on their platform now Good session is big for them Um so they when you combine those two Things I think it's a it's an Interesting one to keep your eye on in History in the world And also if you look at any sector I Want you guys to write this down if you Take the top five players usually three Of them are going to do really well the Other two are going to fall during the Bullish market doing a bearish market Two are going to do really well if we're Going to fall so this is like a Trade that you can run in almost every Sector so you can even look in like the Cannabis market oil and gas market Tech So I'll probably short Matt a long Apples long Microsoft short snap I don't need any more Tech enemies uh

But you can find five players in any Space and and do this like diversion Trade where you're along two and short Three so for those of you to do options Um I wouldn't load the boat because like We've kind of Hit the bottoms on a lot Of these but it is a good trade if you Are into trading stocks to trading Options to do this kind of diversion Split in a sector All right we'll monitor the situation Let's talk about this that's Rashad's New quote from when he doesn't agree You know Oh boy good boy good all right well We shall keep a close eye on this yeah A U.S senator has been shorting the U.S Economy by buying the bear ETF is this Wrong and how can we take advantage of It call him out say his name that I Don't want to do I've learned to start a Politics I'm good I learned from Power The ticker is h d g e so it's hedge Um is it wrong I mean I think eventually at some point They will stop politicians from being Able to invest in trade in the capacity That they are now I'm glad Pelosi's Husband and uh I mean it is okay he got Attacked a lot of people said that was Because of the Proposed inside the trade and stuff that Was going on But there is a quote I've mentioned it

Before we talked about it earlier with Like uh politics in the upcoming Election the purpose of Ascertaining or gaining money is to get Power and then using that power to Protect the capital that you've Ascertained Um I don't think that it's wrong but I Think when you are not alerting the Public if I were running for congress or Senator or anything I would let my Constituency in on the moves that I'm Being a part of so Um hdg I don't absolutely love but if You got it at 24 bucks a couple months Ago I wrote it up to 32 was a good trade Um it's an inverse ETF I like uvxy a Little bit better These I would only hold for maybe two to Three days maximum Um but I want everyone to be aware that Even when the market is falling apart There are ways that you can make money Whether by buying a company one at a Great price that is like at a five or Ten year low number two invest in an Inverse ETF or number three like trading Your way to having more games do I think It is wrong no Um I think the process should be a lot More open and I really think in the next Two or three years if senators or Politicians are going to invest in these Kind of companies or get the information

Flow and take advantage of it through a Significant other they should do it on An open platform where everybody in the World is able to see so that they're Able to take advantage of it in real Time yeah uh I don't know something I Just I just didn't I wasn't feeling it I'll be honest with you when you realize Who the gentleman is and you realize That the chair that he sits in he's on The Senate finance committee Oh that's interesting right like yeah Something about that just doesn't sit Well right like you obviously have Information that the general public Doesn't and so I'm with you on the fact That yeah if you're going to do it let's Put it on the open platform where it you Know people are aware of it but the fact That you sit on the finance committee And you're Trading I don't know uh Yeah I mean it's been happening for Decades I think that people are just Becoming aware Of it as of recent so yeah the Pelosi Thing brought a lot of attention to it And then to see those trades become so Successful and it was like wait hold on She has the real crystal ball Pelosi is undefeated Well she lost I think she might have did It intentionally with somebody or was That text loss tax office harvesting as

Well like when I went back and looked at Around the time when she was doing it Some of it was the same face but I was Wondering if some of those losses were To offset For another reason but Yeah that track record is is insane but Yeah you can take advantage of it and Without given a couple sites before Homework time what are the sites that Would allow you to track what the Senators are trading please put them in Chat that will be our first cash app Winner of tonight I know they can't stand it

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