Why is demand for silver and gold EXPLODING?

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I want to talk about The real reason people are buying Physical precious metals right now we Are seeing unprecedented demand for gold And silver online bullion dealers Wholesalers coin shops are having Trouble fulfilling orders because there Are so many people flooding into the Precious metal space so I want to talk About why that's happening but also will We see this demand continue so let's do It Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel before we get started I Want to let you know I have partnered With calinx Minds to bring you this Video we will talk about them later in The awesome opportunity that they have But first why are so many people buying Gold and silver right now I believe it All starts with inflation even the Twisted fed numbers are saying inflation Is still at five percent which is much Higher than their two percent goal but If we look at Shadow stats we can see Inflation was literally off the chart And now it is still over eight percent Think about an eight percent tax on top

Of all of the taxes you're already Paying this inflation tax is terrible People are realizing that they're losing Buying power year after year and so They're moving their wealth out of the Dollar but beyond that they're also Worried about the fed's response to Inflation the FED continues to jack up Interest rates this is having a trickle Effect and causing Banks to fail Literally the second and third largest Bank failures in the history of the United States have just happened in the Last month so people are not only Worried about the dollar losing Purchasing power but also worried about Keeping money in the bank the banking System is starting to crumble as well Next up we have the Russian war with Ukraine not only is this concerning on a Global scale and obviously it could lead To other Wars but the US government has Given over a hundred billion dollars to Ukraine to support them people are also Worried about China and the fact that Saudi Arabia is considering accepting The Yuan as payment for oil this would Essentially be the end of the Petro Dollar which would lead to the end of The US dollar as the world's Reserve Currency obviously this is extremely Concerning if we do see the dollar lose World Reserve currency status this could Lead to massive inflation or even hyper

Inflation down the road China's Central Bank continues to buy more and more gold As they are positioning themselves as a Dominant world power but perhaps none of This is as concerning as the rollout of A central bank digital currency right Here in America with the FED now service Launching in July and they already have Over a hundred Banks signed up for this Service this is the start of the end of Our freedoms the FED now service will be The the infrastructure for a central Bank digital currency and once that is Launched say goodbye to your freedom so People are worried about all of these Things and they're moving into gold and Silver but really the two underlying Reasons are fear and Prudence The Mainstream media has started talking About gold and silver as an alternative Place to store your wealth as a safe Haven and people certainly are fearful So I believe fear is one of the reasons People are moving into gold and silver But also Prudence I believe it is smart To put some of your wealth into a safe Haven asset so that no matter what Happens your wealth will be protected so Those are the two underlying reasons why People are moving into gold and silver Right now if you are looking to preserve Your wealth over a long period of time Physical precious metals are the best Option however if you're looking to grow

Your wealth historically people have Looked at mining companies to get Leverage over the price of gold and Silver and one of the most important Things when it comes to investing in a Mining company is timing which is why I Want to talk about kalinex mines right Now before we get into this I want to Say I'm not a financial advisor I'm just Showing you this for informational Purposes you should always do your own Research before investing in any company But here we are looking at kalinex mines Share price over the last three years The reason I'm showing you this is Because I want to show you how important Timing is when it comes to these Junior Mining companies so back in May of 2020 Their share price was around 35 cents Per share and they were drilling getting Ready to release the results of their Drill program and if we fast forward to July we can see their share price is at 92 cents and in just one week after the Drill results were shared we can see Their price goes up to over two dollars A share this is a massive move up in one Week on the back of the news about their Drilling program so when you invest in These mining companies you want to get In before this news is released fast Forward to February of 2021 we can see Their share price is over three dollars And fifty cents a share so that's

Greater than a 10x gain in just one year If we zoom into the one month chart we Can see their share price is down from a Recent high so this is great for timing You can get in cheaper now than you Could have just a few weeks ago but also There right now in the middle of another Drilling program and they could be Leasing news any day so I'm trying to Put this video out ahead of that news Which might lead to potentially Incredible results if they're able to Hit successful drill holes once again Another thing I like about kalanx mines Is that they have no debt whatsoever and They have plenty of cash on the books to Fund their current projects this is Exactly what you want to see in a junior Mining company and as far as the Ownership breakdown 23 percent ownership By management and Associates but about 10 percent of that is the founder Max Porterfield and his immediate family so These Shares are very tightly held not To mention the 45 percent of shares that Are held by institutional investors so These people are betting on this company To succeed so this is an excellent Breakdown and exactly what you want to See with a junior mining company as well Plus if we look at the location nation Of their projects they're not located in Some hard to reach place but rather up In Canada in the safest and friendliest

Mining jurisdictions in the whole world Also their team is Top Notch the Geologists have Decades of experience And one of them is even an inductee into The Canadian mining Hall of Fame so with Kalanx they have the whole package the Timing is right they also have the Funding the location and the team if you Want to check them out for yourself and See if they're right for you and your Portfolio I will put a link Down Below In the description the last thing I want To bring up in this video is demand for Precious metals are we going to see Demand continue or will we see it die Off I honestly think that with Everything going on in the world we're Going to see more and more people waking Up to the fact that they need gold and Silver to protect themselves and Honestly it if the mainstream media Continues to bring up precious metals This is going to drive even more demand But I am curious your thoughts feel free To put them down below in the comments Section I want to say massive thank you To calinx Minds for partnering with me To help make this video possible and I Want to say a big thank you to all of You so much for watching I'll see you All in my next one silver dragons out

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