5 Side Hustles for Passive Income Using Phone in 2023 ($100K+)

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Most micro businesses cost three Thousand dollars to start on average While that's not bad I'm gonna be Showing you five side hustles that you Can start with a simple phone and in Most cases zero dollars So we all know that home affordability Is at a record low based on record high Prices and aggressive interest rate Hikes but let me show you just how bad This problem truly is it was found that Less than one in five households could Afford houses that were listed for sale In 2022 so instead everyone is renting And this creates massive demand for the Side hustle I'm about to show you Property managers get paid monthly for Handling the ins and outs of medium to Large scale rental operations this Includes rent collection handling Turnover managing repairs to name a few Things and just to be clear I'm not Talking about doing the maintenance or Repairs or anything like that yourself Instead your goal here is to create a Property management company that hires Out all of these services to a network Of trusted professionals now I'm going To show you exactly how to start this Business and price your service but First we do need to talk about licenses And local laws so each date has Different requirements but there are a Small handful of states that do not

Require any Licensing in order to become A property manager now Most states Require you to have either a real estate Broker license or a property manager License in order to start this business Most people pay an 8 to 12 percent fee Ongoing for Property Management Services So think about that for a second you Could potentially earn 10 cents on every Dollar earned from somebody else's Rental income portfolio so let's say you Offered this service in Baltimore Maryland the average price for rent There is 15.42 monthly and most of these Are going to be multi-family properties Not single-family homes well if each Building you manage has five units That's going to be an average of seven Thousand seven hundred ten dollars per Building but here's the thing your Typical real estate investor doesn't own Just one property so you could easily Land one client who owns a portfolio of 10 buildings and out of nowhere be Looking at a monthly recurring revenue Of over seven thousand seven hundred Dollars and at first you may be Answering calls here and there and Meeting with contractors but your goal Should be to leverage technology and Automation as much as possible with your Property management business I'm gonna Be mailing a signed copy of my book to One person watching this video who

Completes these steps one click Subscribe two hit the Bell three turn on All notifications in four comment below With your favorite way to earn passive Income I'll also announce the winner in The next video what I've seen happen Over and over in the last decade with Social media is a small group of people Catching on early to a trend after that They ride that wave to fame and then You're going to see new groups of people Following that exact same path however Every new group is going to see less Engagement so with that being said here Is the specific social media Trend I Would recommend jumping on right now This microphone setup that costs 250 Dollars is how almost everyone out there Is conducting interviews with the public Today and that's actually what you heard Me using in the intro of this video and The only other thing you're going to Need is a camera which is going to be Supplied from your phone in order to Compete on YouTube these days you Honestly need to spend about ten Thousand dollars on software equipment And other odds and ends so being able to Compete in this given space for 250 Dollars is truthfully unheard of I have A secret trick that I've stumbled upon Earlier this year for getting engagement On vertical video and just to prove it I Took my new tick tock page from 100

Followers to almost 10 000 in the last Few months and the discovery that I made Is that there's at least a dozen Different places where it's worthwhile To share your vertical videos but how Could you turn this into a passive Recurring income stream once you Establish a fan base I'd recommend Recording full length horizontal video Interviews of the same people that You're doing the short interviews of You're still going to post all of your Vertical videos for free but you're Gonna charge five dollars a month to Access the full-length interviews and This is pretty easy to accomplish using Sites like patreon or you could honestly Build your own membership site pretty Easily too and at that point it's simply A game of conversions figuring out how Many views you need to get on your Vertical content to get one subscriber For your membership site let's say for Example for every 2500 views on your Vertical video one person signs up for Your five dollar monthly patreon and That means it would take about 2.5 Million views to get 1 000 paid Subscribers if it scaled in that same Manner and at five dollars a month you'd Be looking at five thousand dollars in Monthly recurring Revenue before any Fees were paid to patreon of course so Get the gear and get started with this

Side hustle before it's too late to jump On this trend now if you are looking for Some extra cash M1 Finance is offering a 10 bonus to those who sign up for a Brokerage account this platform allows You to invest save borrow and spend all In one place so be sure to visit M1finance dot download which is my Affiliate link to take advantage of this 10 bonus offer now if you don't have any Money whatsoever this next side hustle Is for you maybe it's a car that's Bought for five thousand dollars and Then sold for seven thousand dollars and While flipping itself does require Capital sourcing deals does not so this Side hustle involves getting connected With local flippers in your area and Then sourcing deals for them if you're Simply sharing links with your flippers Maybe you're going to earn a five Percent commission but if you're Actually handling the back and forth Communications and maybe even doing Negotiations you can be looking at a 10 Or more commission to get started with This you're gonna have to get connected With flippers in your local area so Here's a list of some of the most common Flips from small to large so I would Work your way from top to bottom while You might start off with a fifty dollar Commission on a couch flip for example Keep in mind that your learning the same

Necessary skills required for flipping The big stuff ten percent of a one Million dollar business flip profit You're looking at a hundred thousand Dollars and once you find your Niche you Can start marketing in your local area With signs just like this and the beauty Of this is this is going to allow you to Source off Market deals here's two solid Options for earning passive income with This option one would be to leverage Technology likely artificial Intelligence to analyze deals on your Behalf let's say for example you could Get to just the top one percent of deals And then you yourself cherry pick Through those and then option number two Is to Simply hire an assistant for Running Communications and potentially Even sourcing deals on your behalf Here's the easiest way to capitalize on The vertical video Trend all without Putting yourself out there so we've all Heard of affiliate marketing by now but Let me show you how to put a creative Spin on this business model you see with Affiliate marketing most people either Do a YouTube channel or a Blog and That's because vertical video platforms Are not very link friendly well let me Show you a little trick for that you can Create your own vanity URL and then Simply redirect that to your affiliate Link so this could turn a complicated

Tracking link like this into a simple Link like this and you might think That's pretty creative it is but I Actually have one more trick to show you These days content is a commodity there Is so much of it out there already that Already exists that's extremely high Quality well with this side hustle Strategy you're able to leverage that Massive pool of content out there all Without worrying about copyright strikes Or plagiarism pexels.com is a free Website for getting royalty-free stock Images but what a lot of people don't Realize is that they also have royalty Free stock videos so you could simply Repost this vertical video content That's royalty free onto your own Vertical video platforms garnering a Following and getting clicks on your Affiliate link all without worrying About copyright and while simply Reposting these will get you some views A better strategy would be to take these Videos and then create compilations so How do you turn this into a passive Income operation well once you have a Defined process down you could easily Outsource that to a virtual assistant And if you simply plan ahead and find a Recurring income affiliate program that You create these pages around that's a Pretty simple way to set yourself up for Recurring passive income for the final

Side hustle we're going to be covering a Business that you can buy and manage Right from your phone Shopify is the Most well-known e-commerce platform out There and they have a really Sleek app That allows you to fully manage your Business from your phone but building a Store from scratch is rather risky if You have some funds to invest you can Actually purchase a fully operational Cash flowing Shopify store from somebody Else who's looking to exit the business Flippa is a website that offers various Digital Business website listings Including Shopify stores so here's a few Listings that jumped out to me first we Have the rugged beard company listed at 13 500 and it also comes with five Thousand dollars worth of inventory next Up we have this custom novelty poker Chip business listed at sixteen thousand Five hundred dollars in their reported Average monthly profit is 767. while you Absolutely need to perform your own Thorough due diligence on any business That you purchase I think you'd be Amazed to see just how cheap many of These digital businesses sell for at the End of the day when building a passive Income stream you need to focus on the Long-term potential of what it is that You're building today because these are Some very important building blocks a Fifty dollar commission earned on a

Phone flip may seem insignificant but if It's teaching you the same skills Required to have eventually Source Multi-million dollar deals you should Not underestimate the potential of this Once again be sure to subscribe hit the Bell turn on all notifications and Comment below with your favorite passive Income stream for a chance to win a Signed copy of my book you can also grab A copy in person at Barnes Noble or it's On Amazon this is a step-by-step guide Showing you how to get started with your Side hustle journey in my exact Footprint I just did a full 30 minute Tutorial on how to start a business that I've been getting some fantastic Reception on so click below to start Watching now and I'll see you there

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