BLACK BALL – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Going back to the content creator thing And the support thing and this is Important to understand like there's a Variety of people that that are mad Because they never was going to earn Your leisure they feel like they was Blackboard let me explain something to You blackball doesn't mean that we built The platform from the beginning and we Bootstrapped it and we put all our money In and we promoted it and we chopped up The clips and we reached out to the Guests and we got lit and we are where We are now and we never Invited somebody on that's a personal Decision we can do whatever we want with Our platform black ball is actually Calling people like yo don't rock with This person and don't do this and don't Sign him and don't go on somebody's show And don't do a deal with I personally Never in life have ever done that with Anybody because I don't have enough Energy and enough time and that's just Something that I'm not even interested In doing But not putting somebody on your Platform is not blackballing somebody That's saying like we do whatever we Want to do and the credit thing is People will People like won't they won't share a Post they'll never help you build your

Platform yep they'll never help you Build your plot they won't they won't Have any positive comment they'll Actually be negative and try to actually Hurt your platform right they won't do Anything to ever help build your Platform they won't share a post they Won't Um try to get you a guess they won't do Anything in life to ever have a platform And then they feel like they're entitled To be at a show or they're entitled to Be on on your platform like I'm not sure What world you're living in but this Ain't never going to be the fact that Like I'm just not sure what what goes Into people's brains these days where It's like you think that you're entitled To be on somebody's show and then if You're not on this show you're being Blackballed like what what galaxy does That work in Public Service Announcement 2023 respect And love to everybody but we don't got To do anything And we're not getting bullied into doing Anything we do whatever we want to do And we that's the beauty of being Independent that's the beauty of being Self-funded that's the beauty of facts Putting your own money up and I Encourage everybody else to do the same So it's like if we felt like oh we're Not getting on this television show you

Know what we would do create our own Create our own lane like this is we'll Work harder Not stopping you like if you feel like Somebody not rocking with you rock with Do your own thing like I just don't Understand people mad because like Somebody not rocking with them What world is that or the world if you Can't get an early Leisure drop off 400 000 cash to me would I be in Midtown I'ma go right up to where they at and Bust it down with them you can come on Talk your [ __ ] but be better Now I'm with the black baller what are Your whole empire to fail I mean All right Stillness is the key it's Going to be extremely hard to get on Your leisure it's already hard it's Already hard but it's 400 harder 400 Though 400 shout out to him 500 I'm him 400. come bring me 400 Grand have a Ticket CEO with a half a ticket they Like they're like What's the Qualifications to get on your leisure It's just whatever being solid being I'ma tell you be solid and be great at Your craft But let me explain something to you also It's what there's no qualification if we If we want to put you on we'll put you On if we don't want to put you on we Don't we don't got to put you on yeah Ain't no price for like we gotta stop

Doing that yo we do this at our Leisure Right if we feel like the the value ad Is important and our community needs it The community needs it as an old overall Then we gonna do it yeah You can't be a hater and then like put Me on and then we get along no all right Bro to be a good look I'm good looking Already I don't need a good look 400. Listen everybody gonna come around y'all Gonna learn what you're saying is right Man be solid just be solid like this Dudes if y'all know what we did to build This you wouldn't understand it like Literally from from phones to where we At right now like on our team built this Man like there's no pay wall you can't Like it has to be a value add and it has To make sense rap you know hit on Prozac Hit him with the Prozac shout out shout Out to my bro and ability yo I got a Solid yo there you go it's gonna be even Worse it ain't gonna be no explanation Can we get to talking about the thing It's going to be it's going to be earn Your leisure with nobody that you know As a guest and ain't no actually Market Mondays with no other guest It ain't no explanation why that's That's that's we don't got to get along Oh nobody no explanation for now you Understand what happened in four years We built this from the bottom you think We owe you an explanation on who we put

In the show and who we don't have on the Show you out of your mind that's crazy That's like saying like yo why are you Not why are you not cooking lamb chop Somebody imagine somebody coming over Your house and say you know why you Don't cook lamb chop for me I'm hungry Like you ain't built this kitchen you Ain't built this house you ain't put no Food in the groceries I don't even eat Lamb out of your mind you talking you You like looking at me crazy like yo I'm Hungry for lamb chops why you don't cook This lamb chop for me Social media man is different just make Y'all entitled and then when I get to Putting y'all out then y'all want to cry Not even coming in yo it's not invited To nothing not invited to nothing out to The sturdy how about nobody everybody's Invitation is revoked except for 10 People 10 people If if you're not on the list you're Revoked you've been revoked permanently Because you've done something you've Done something and it's not just one Person it's a variety of different People that have done some level of Nonsense and it has not gone unnoticed It's been noticed Talk to him now really talk to him if You can't that's what I said we don't Have a genuine relationship you can't

Pull up on us when it's not an episode Or it's not for your benefit and just Support and you guys see me do all the Time with 85 see me do it alone like I'll be posting people content and just Don't and don't ask for nothing flagrant Brilliant idiots Ransom gems I like dog Just be a solid person that happens a Lot though like I said it's not just for One person that's for all a lot of People like when y'all gonna have me on Y'all like yo y'all if you can't get to Trey Rashad 400 that's not the best way To go about it man I promise you that's Not 600 it's not the best way to go About it but the man that you should be On because I got this i got this many Followers like I don't care how many Followers you got I don't care what your Influence is go on The Breakfast Club do A bunch of different things we're not The only show here you act like we the Only show in the world and I'm gonna be Real quick going to them acting like Y'all gonna replace me Foreign I didn't see a lot of y'all making this Kind of content before wait till I go Started filming this draft content in Africa Okay we're gonna go right to Animal Planet I'm tired of playing with y'all Man Um if this this is the hardest genre to

Crack the code in investing and I got This [ __ ] down to a science you don't Think I can go Bear gryllis in the woods for eight days And and run a bag up okay and I waited For all y'all to put out your best Content and that's all y'all had great Great I love this 2023 let's go and if I Made you money please put yourself in Chat imma get mad on here one day And I'm gonna go through every [ __ ] Stock on Australia London Indian stock Why don't y'all call no plays from India Stock market Hello come on style yep Hello can't hear you Teacup in all right let's put the Teacups in last glass and this is just For entertainment I'm really not that Upset what are the final pieces of Trading advice that you want to share For 2023 the Teacups are in chat um Number one Number one listen to Ian number two your Riska reward is going to be the greatest Multiplier and going to be the greatest Reason why you end up end up in profit Only take 20 trades this year and find Your Edge the confidence that I have in The market does not come from hubris it Comes from time in the market so you Have to master how to get the best entry On the planet how to have the best stop Loss

Can be too tight it needs to be in an Area that cannot be touched and then Your system is going to be any Prediction I know Bitcoin dropping Sounding crazy coinbase sounded crazy But when you have a system in place that You do not deviate from you don't need To listen to anybody else I love for Those of you who like man I ain't Watching show in like eight weeks Because I got my thing down to a science Now and I'm printing money for myself Great send that check too Um But we have to realize too like We have cornered this Market based on my Intellect in the market You don't have to deviate all the Answers that you have here like and go Watch the past episodes if you want to Be go watch them watch the Josh Brown Watch the ones the bottom in a bunch Trap Einstein all the answers are there I love it shout out to Scott Wapner and Bob assani and everybody at CNBC they'll Tell you this show is better than a lot Of shows over there Peter I'll be coming back I'm getting your text I'll be back Citadel what are we doing though Caffeine what are we doing the clock is Ticking cause I'm gonna get real mad and I'm gonna blow up your business model I'm going to do this business right

Lord I feel like you I should have been Number one on everybody Kill you And most of the what podcast is not Making money so I'm gonna get mad and Come and tell the truth one day and Maybe next week Maybe next week all y'all who want to do Content go ask them how much money are They making outside of us 85 South Breakfast Club Joe Budden Million dollars worth of game and a Black did not make the lesson make less Than a hundred thousand a year drink Champs drink Champs Being real It's a lot of smoky mirrors I always Tell you for for the women if you want To know if a dude doing good go ask his Wife or his baby mama did I tell you all The real You see me you see me take some on Vacation seven eight times on accident I Just feel like going to Mexico today by The taco yo no say what we doing okay My name is I'm going to show y'all this year how Many trades how many trades should um Should they focus on this year okay wow Um 20. Um so handsome uh 20. 20 for the year 20 Is the number yep don't deviate for what The last thing real quick before you Before 20 is a number are we

Diversifying sectors are we sticking Into two or three Two to three I would do three max Because you can't really unless you put In like six seven hours a day you can't Know everything about every industry but I would look at materials and I will Look at Defense As well yeah but Master these damn Markets yeah that's what I was and I'm Actually not very intentionally so People don't have to just try to look at All 11 sectors and try to figure out the Top three in each one pick two or three Find the top two and do the math on it Right so like energy was a great Performance sector last year okay well It won't be this year That's what I'm saying we made right It's got so when they talk about Cyclical right this is when we talk About cyclical movements that means like It goes from one sector to the next so If Angie was this year maybe it's a Different sector next year defense might Be one right so you got to look at Perspective is key look at everything And then say all right well Let's see the history of how these Cyclical movements go right is it energy And defense or is it Information Technology right is real estate set to Pull back and I told everybody that a

Year and a half ago they're like oh you Crazy the the real estate the home Buying levels are at the levels of 2007. Hey Hola como estas You Wanna Say Oh okay and I'm gonna be real anybody Who say about predictions are wrong man You should like you know how you got the Kramer index like if you say something You gotta short it whatever I'll say Gotta go I know y'all don't like when I say it Like that so I'm gonna clean it up Whatever advice that I give you it has a Precipitous advantage to the upside I Want you guys to make the most money Possible so if I give a prediction Therefore you should probably look to go And a bull Mac because I'm El Matador Right I can help navigate you in this Bull market man just let me help you all Make money Shout out to math Hoffman Yes and Styles P uh episode our episodes Coming out this week with Jay Alexander I'm a football founder yeah Last last question is what is the Biggest lesson on 2022 that will have The biggest impact on your life man Um I can't say the brother's name but When I went to The Exchange I was like um because he looked happy Like as business owners we all see Somebody like

Working and building the business and They're really tense and then we'll see Him again in like eight months and then Relax right and he's as calm as can be I'm like man what's going on you like Businesses booming I'm like I'm like what you do he said I Found one Alpha that changed the business And this person 15x the business For me in one year I said what he said I know you kept Saying 10x he said but you can get any Check written for you if you find a way To come in and provide a multiple of 15. I'm like you're gonna make her partner He said she can write the check for Whatever she wants she wants 60 of the Company I give it to her right now The biggest lesson I had For sure is that every Product service person business entity Idea has to operate like an edge hedge Fund and it's all about what kind of Returns can you get but if you can find A way to 15x something That had a profound impact on my life And even when I wanted to met her I told Metal like yo At least have a hundred woman help I Need 700 cash The number that they needed me to hit to Give me 700 was 15 after that

So if I just stopped doing Market Mondays all of a sudden that we just put Up old replays hey matter back and I Found some other bags for us to get Provide the highest return for whoever You're working with And then you'll be able to have your Freedom And what's up [Music] I know they can't stand it

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