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[Music] Well staying within the uh artificial Intelligence will AI Engineers or prompt Engineers uh be the next big career path I believe so even for the entrepreneurs Watching tonight Um and keys talked about this before Like what really matters in chat GPT and Similar software Um it's what you program into it so of Course the low level ideas like Automated emails and articles and things Of that nature but I think some of you Should start looking to learn how to Code or have the software code for you And learn how to implement that into Your business going back to the idea I Talked about In 2022 I truly believe we're going to move to See a lot of companies that have 10 to 15 employees Do 100 million dollars a year Um software like this allows it but you Have to learn how to set the right Prompts And what to program into chat gbt in Order to get like the best effect out of It Um so I think this is going to be an up And coming Asset if you're looking to work with Other companies if you're building all These data sets and if you can't code

Now people can't code can't code at Scale and I think all these like Pre-programmed ideas about how to get The prices of everything I have a random Model through them through chat GPS like You have to build what you want the World to be and start there is it buggy Yes this is really the 1.0 version but As they continue to make the the Software better and I think they're Going to charge maybe nine dollars a Week for the pro version once that pro Version comes out I would be spending Three to four hours a day on chat Figuring out how to best use it we Should we should be spending a lot of Time doing that and this is one of the Conversations we have and we can combine It with the conversation we have with Robert Smith we had with uh Mike Roberts Um the same premises the education piece Is going to be vital to the Future right We don't want to this is a tech Revolution obviously we know this is a Financial Revolution but we don't want To be 20 years behind when this is Happening now we have to stay on Pace And so the process of what uh Robert Smith is trying to do we're getting Broadband to all the hbcus and having Them at colleges and youth universities Is important because we need the Infrastructure to make sure that number One we're learning about it number two

We can train people about it but number Three we can actually implement it and Add to this process right this is not One of those times in history where we Want to get left behind so the education We have to look at it I know when I was You know even now like kids are still Learning how to code how to code and That's a valuable valuable skill set But this is new technology and so in Addition to learning how to code we need To learn this because the early on be Early on it and so we can get further Ahead with it If you missed out on Facebook when it First came out if you missed out on Instagram when it first came out if you Missed out on musically it turned into Tick tock Um don't miss out on this way or do I'm Not gonna miss out on that even when I Was talking to the virtual assistants One of the first things I had them do Was to figure out and chat gbt How to make a replica for each VA to Make 10 of them And find a way to still add value to Still get paid on top of that so you can Build like an AI Army to work in your Business Pretty damn fascinating now do they need To sort the sizes uh uh cite the sources That they're using yes I think that Improvement will come

Um but I'm incredibly excited about This software and others like it as a Result on a consumer side the government Has had this stuff forever though but For us to be able to finally access it Incredible incredible I went in there And put um Write me a rap album with Tupac Biggie And Busta Rhymes it took like two hours It was some fire though You don't think uh Kevin Lyles and and Uh music executives are not using this Software to write like if Babyface got In chat GPT and had 700 songs pushed out And then he went in and remixed them Foreign Okay we're going to see automation at Scale and you're going to see some Companies come out of the woodwork And put out two 300 videos in a month Using the software at least quick quick Update at least quick update quick Update Arista is owned by Sony music Group through the knowledge Sony music Group top player yeah that was uh I was Still Clive Davis and Tony used to be Tommy matola so iris is owned by Sony Yep yep yep top player of the music Business yeah one one of the majors one Of the major top four the same thing Investing like shout out to Rockets Records when y'all were alive but like Stop trying to find Rocket's records to Turn into Sony like invest in Sony

Umg it's man there's an ecosystem the Top players in any space are the ones That you want to invest in Game set match Yeah All right Um so let's get let's keep this ball Rolling thoughts on President Biden Being caught with confidential documents At his house I'm not the political expert so I will Turn it back to you Rashad and say what Are your thoughts first Trump not Biden What are your thoughts Mr Palau coming To you Um it's it's never good to have Confidential documents at your house Um I haven't fully Dived into this situation so I don't Want to you know go too far into it But uh yeah I think it's never good Um you know we saw what happened we saw How it played out with Trump So uh we have to keep everybody Accountable whether you are voted Democrat whether you vote Republicans You know you just got to keep everybody Accountable but ultimately you Understand that politics it's just Politics at the end of the day it's just Politics Politics as Usual well yeah Should we should we view this as a Breach of National Security I don't know

We have no comments on this attack Yeah we ain't signed our papers yet No no comments blessings to all pending Pending pending investigations Yes we are not well informed to speak on This topic yet okay we need to see what The documents are Pending yes I'm learning We will be in Puerto Rico yes a great Island of Puerto Rico we will be there Uh next week for a conference actually Uh so get your tickets that's going to Be one of those vibes man you can go to Roi dot hello seven dot Co Um it's called the ROI millionaire Summit and it's in Puerto Rico and um Yes San Juan All week actually and it's a bunch of Different events happening it's uh you Know panel discussions we're gonna be Doing a live interview yep um Fireside Chats now so it's gonna be one of the Ones man yeah first time in Puerto Rico Um so you know San Juana Vibe yo yeah Shout out to our good sis uh Rachel Rogers uh she's uh intricate in putting This together so shout out to I think we Sent we sitting down that's what we're Talking to yeah it's gonna be dope yeah One of the ones Prada equal You never thought we made it oh we gotta Be pumping that when we come off the Plane yeah sir shout out to Joey crack

Rest in peace the big part I want to Survive Puerto Rican Day Parade maybe we Should go to Port again Legendary Puerto Rican Day Parade changed Everything no that was it that changed Everything that was we I was there with The video camera situation but yeah Puerto Rican Day Parade used to be like It was a thing used to be out there from Like morning it was on Sunday yeah big Vibes ain't it big Vibes you see I mean It was dope because you would see like Dudes walking through the park like Central Park I remember seeing kids and Seeing pun and seeing Joe just walking Through the park they obviously became Part of the parade latest years later But in Hot 97 used to have a float Coming down we had the floats Angie Would be on there you never knew he was Going to see did he was on there let me Just explain before we go to Don people Puerto Rico Day Parade was a Vibe yeah They used to be the floats floating I Think they still do it but I'm just not I haven't been tapped in like that but It's not as big yeah they had the floats They had them it was a million people Used to come out there oh huge beautiful Women Um five It was everything man you know a bunch Of Latin Kings out there heavy yeah

Black and gold was Heavy all these Communities all these coaches get their Parades on Fifth Ave I'm still wondering Why my Western people have this we only Can stay in Brooklyn shout out to the West Indian massive like come here we Need that we got to clean up with the West India come on why we can't have That somebody gets killed every year not Last year God bless God bless Yo put your yo whatever Allen you from In the Caribbean put your flag in the Chat man it's in Brooklyn though because That's really culture like that's where They live that's what you know what I'm Saying so it's like why go to Fifth Avenue why not with Puerto Ricans live All over honestly Italian's good Columbus Day Parade on Fifth I feel like you don't necessarily Always have to be accepted by a white Establishment no we don't but I'm just Saying Puerto Ricans uh all over New York City in the Bronx We all over yeah but Brooklyn is Like in Brooklyn wow that's what it's at Huh shout out to Flatbush shout out to Eastern Parkway no disrespect I'm not Saying we can't have it there I just Want to know why we separated into Another boat that's culture that's where You know yeah You should put it on White Plains Road


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