Aaron Thomas On The Underrated Benefit Of Prenups – Retire Sooner

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Let me go to a tabloid scenario here I Think back over the last 30 years I Think of the tabloids it's the it's the Playboy Bunny marries the the super old Guy right and everyone says oh she's Just obviously married for the money uh Either uh and and let's say that he Lives and they get divorced Is what happens typically to that Tabloid scenario does the Playboy bunny Get a whole bunch of money or not Necessarily in a typical State even if There's let's say no prenup and you what You're telling me is probably they don't Necessarily get a whole lot Well Um you know I'm going to give you the Typical lawyer answer which is it Depends sure sure it depends it depends Um you know in those situations They're probably going to get something Something they're probably going to get Something and why though what's that What is the Equitable part of that Because they were married and assets Accumulated how how does that happen a Big part of it is going to be the Accumulation of assets during the Marriage and so a lot of people say well He had the business before they got Married but he's still earning money From that business during the marriage Itself and the default of that money is Going to be that it's marital right I

Mean he could try to argue that it's Just Market forces but you know the kind Of default position is that a paycheck a Dividend you know the money that is Coming in if you want to prove that it's Something as your separate property It's your burden to prove that it's your Separate property the presumption is That it's marital so all of the money That you know that that old rich guy got You know during during the marriage is Going to be considered marital and you Know if nothing else Uh you know the litigation dragging on Is worth some kind of payment to him Right in reality that could be that Could be a million dollar that can be a Million dollar bill right there Litigation the litigation bill can be a Million I've worked on a Case myself Here in the state of Georgia where our Client paid over a million dollars in Fees just on his own just for Lee just For legal just for legal fees and and I Think that's like one of the underrated Benefits of a prenup most people think About a prenup as protecting the assets That you're bringing into the Relationship but it is also insurance Against the divorce case itself Very real money that can be very real Money the average divorce case uh takes On average over 12 months in in coveted Days it's more like 18 months and the

Average cost of a divorce is fifteen Thousand dollars per spouse in a Contested divorce and that's just the Average so as I would tell my clients That means about half of the people are Paying more than that yeah right and it Can get you know astronomical and the More money That you have when you are going through A divorce the tendency is the more Expensive that divorce case is going to Be because the more there is to fight Over and so the cost of a divorce and You know hence the need for a prenup is Not so much a function of what you have Coming into the marriage it's what you Have going out

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