BINANCE & FTX – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] I think there's another part of it is That the responses that they've been Getting during this time right so the Executives from Finance I want to ask Questions obviously without two guys Being the headline for the crypto space Right now the the answers are really That confident And so most people know that that Binance was an investor in FTX they had Over 2 billion investors and they sold Their stake and then that's what Problems say maybe we'll build a Mountain obviously again we saw what Happened to FTX yeah starting to happen Is people aren't believing in the space As much and now you're seeing Withdrawals and so it was like oh it's Only it's 1.2 billion okay that's not Even a top five day for us at binance That's the same day it was last Wednesday it's 4 billion and then six Billion the next day and it's like it Started adding up and it's like Can we withstand this type of Momentum on the downside and the answer Has been we're financially okay well Companies that lose that type of money In the day Usually you know there's something in The underlying Document documentation or under my Report said

To what's happening to that and that's What we sold it after you actually was Like we don't we don't get to see it Right we don't know what the financials Look like we just see that there's a lot Of withdrawals happening can they Continue that I don't know we'll see it Was down 15 percent in a day Let me do exercise with you guys Is earn your leisure profitable Yes Notice Rashad or Troy didn't shake in Their chair And when they answered your gut feeling Told you yeah they're straight They're good it's red panda profitable Yes my profitable yes my dear friend yes Certain times like we want to believe The hype of something Like we ever dated somebody and like we Know that there was not too sure because You you married an amazing great family Me and Rashad trying to learn Um snow returned true shots called don't Miss out on the king or who's next on The list I don't know whomever right Um But a lot of times like we all want to Believe the lie Because we want to be sold to drink I would and honestly if financing these Coins worked as well as they said I Would be all into them I know people

Like yo stick to stocks and not no Actually I trade one of the hardest Markets in the world Um I just don't see what the value Proposition is and then also when you Don't have any protection from the banks The hedge funds lobbyists the global Elite if you will Um What's the real value and I think he Could have done a better job After this FTX blow up of coming out and Saying here's what our Revenue looks Like Here's what our weaknesses are here's What the threats are Here's what we're gonna do if there is a Run on our bank here's what we're going To do to make sure that the value of the Coin stays up here's what the five year Or four-year projection of our company Looks like a lot of it is good the one The number one thing I want to tell all Black investors who watch the show even If you don't know every fundamental Thing that me or Troy Rashad or trap Will talk about one thing that you do Know growing up in our environments in The hood your gut instinct my favorite Quote from Bootsy about Kanye he like yo I'm a street dude you can tell them that You can't get that over on me so even When I was talking to Loon this past Week I'm like bro why are you rocking me

He like Even though you ain't from the streets You're a real one and every time I talk To you everything that you say I feel That you be honest about Sometimes though we end up finessing Ourselves and wanting to believe a lie That is not true Um the crypto space right now is like Dating Korean back in the day Sound like a good idea and you may get Some pleasure out of it for the first Three weeks but you're gonna go through Without laughter Shout out Eddie Winslow And I don't know if it was that super Like I don't want to find out but oh no No they got the video I'm talking about That number that's happened I never saw That yeah [Music] It was Ned I would say I would say this about about Finance though Finance you can't be compared to FTS Because Finance is a way bigger Operation Is apples and that oranges really it's Comparing a tugboat to a cruise ship so I don't think that binance is going to Collapse and if by then starts collapse In the whole entire crypto spaces Pretty much done at that point So I don't I don't think that is a fair

Comparison to compare the two okay and I'll give Finance the benefit of the Doubt because we haven't seen anything As of yet that would Raise red flags We did in the FTX either though we did Which is the scary part yeah It's like it's like it's like a Relationship right yeah yeah I can't Project it on them you can't say Somebody's cheating until you start to See like you know like Yo you gotta you gotta see some red Flags first you see some red flags first Gotcha now now now you just if you're Just coming up back to the gut though The intuition But your intuition comes from some level Of red flags right if I'm just saying Like no no not always yeah yeah show me Something you could just something's not Right you don't you may not have to feel The difference but you can feel it Ladies Can Can you feel it right so when Our schedules change up and the level of Affection changes I saw this happening Something's happening or you could just Feel like you're coming home late you're Not answering your phone calls you now That's right these are red flags in the Presence of it right you could just feel Like there's something that's all There's something and then you start to Like start really trying to think like

Yo something has now changed we can you Start looking for those red flags yeah Let's do this we'll get the CEO of Finance if anybody can connect talk About it let's make that happen yeah no I'm I'm serious let me just put this on That yeah yeah you know we have a big Audience that actually watches yeah so He actually had a couple of Forbes a few Years ago Um billionaire I believe he's from I don't want to misquote this situation But he's from China I believe or Hong Kong I think John yeah all right if Definitely would love to have a Conversation with him because it's Important and it's a pivotal time in Crypto so it's important to get in front Of because like you said if people might Have suspicions and they might not even Be warranted but if you're not speaking If you're not speaking up publicly then You know a snowball becomes an avalanche So If you're listening uh we would love to Have you on a program Um and and hear your thoughts about your Company and the future of cryptocurrency As a whole 107.71 is what I have the coin going to I was just going to say to your point in Like in the light of what's happened With FTX and obviously the you know the

Role that they played and this would Have been the opportune time so if there Was red flags let me show you why we're Different let me tell you how we're Different let me put everything out here Why this is a a real situation what that Was was obviously You know from everybody's perspective at This point let me show you why we're the Number one exchange let me show you why This point is legit it would have been An opportune time rather than the same Your financially fine worker chapings Out Um National but he was born in China he's From Chinese at The Descent yeah uh a Canadian national Hope I'm not mispronouncing her name his Name too bad Um but yeah let's talk let's figure it Out let's figure that out Immediately Um all right yes I'm learning so so Let's go to this next one uh what are The three big mistakes investors can Avoid from being scammed in 2023 during This recession Uh number one you have to listen to People That are financially free from investing After I got that message yesterday Um shout out to the queen Santa she lost 300 Grand

I was like what made you Um listen to them and not me or somebody That just like you know they were Marketing so well and they were so Aggressive and approached and ladies Always say this like anybody that's too Aggressive with you and approach usually Is not a best for you Um number two when I say do your own Research I want to Define that so I want You to watch at least 20 episodes Of Market Mondays I want you to go look At the earnings of the company for the Last five years and then after that I Want you to go talk to 10 family members Of friends and ask if this is a good Investment Um during 2020 and part of 2021 Everything was going up in value and I Said it they are going to let people get Money for this after the PPP thing They're going to let people make money To offset The losses that are going to come for The next few years Um we have to do a better job at also Calling out those who don't know what They're talking about Because I feel like all of a sudden they Saw this show get hot and they know it's Like well my version of podcasting isn't Working so now I'm going to come Here and try and do this and replicate You know I know we even have

Conversation with people and then the Next week is like they got a financial Literacy part I'm like you don't know How to even open up your checking Account like how the hell you got an Investing show what stranger things have Happened You know so Um And thirdly I want us to stop being so hungry to Flip for the short term And focus on the longest and I know man That five-year 10-year issue is not sexy But any money that I made from red panda Or investing year one any money that They made from earning a Leisure here One Is not the same bag as your five Look listen I keep saying that they're glowing Troy getting happier he filled with joy Rashad happier I'm getting happier Learning Grace things are good man Um I think we're too short-sighted and Often because we have deep debt We want to get a big bag of money but The same tool set that you have right Now that caused you to get into debt or Make Financial mistakes you're gonna I Don't care if you get three hundred Thousand four hundred thousand you can Blow through 400 000 in three or four Months and everyone's like yo not me but

Will you study now Two three four hours and that's the bare Minimum even with the Floyd clip like People are talking about dedication People in their comments like I don't Take that much Um I can do this in four hours a day and I'm like I love Tim Ferriss I bought Every book He's put out even Tim with All the va's and creating the industry He works way more than four hours per Day or four hours a week Um focus on the long term I want you Guys to get rich and this is the last Thing I want to say Sometimes you are committing fraud and Finessing yourself by listening to some Of these people Foreign There will be no reason that a person Can tell you that they can make you a Thousand percent in one year and you Believe it when you can see that they Don't have a thousand percent return Lifestyle for themselves Imposible So do your research only listen and you Don't have to solely listen to me But man if you were to listen about the Facebook drop to rise of tick tock Apple Going into Healthcare Amazon going into Healthcare Um Bitcoin going to 20 grand what else

Was I screaming about in Vegas At the nft market falling apart Do it and on these and and doing better When I say this for those of you know How to short shorties if I say hey Something is going to drop Short it I remember even a coinbase when We was in Miami uh with Terrence and I Was like hey coinbase could be in some Trouble People's like man he ain't gonna know Rashad why the hell you keep doing the Show again even though I brought the Idea and said hey let's do a show Foreign Coinbase went down as a result and if You were in exchange And crypto is going to save the world Why the hell can it save the brokerages That hold it Be careful Do your own research if I made you money Please put yes in chat and I'm gonna ask You this if listening to me would have Made you four acts of 5x more please put Yes in chat You get to keep all the money this year 2023 we're gonna change some rules so go To and join our group Trading track chat while the price is Still low because it will be going up in 2023. Hey what's up [Music]

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