Read These 5 Books To Become A MILLIONAIRE

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So there's a lot of books out there About how to get rich or how to become a Millionaire looking for some Financial Outcome but what I'm going to be sharing With you in this video are the actual Five books that led to me becoming a Millionaire by 26 following my side Hustle and I'm also going to be sharing With you the top lessons from each of These books that way even if you don't End up buying them you can still gain Useful insights from them and these Books start off very basic for a Complete beginner to finance who may not Even have any extra money so if you're Literally a paycheck to paycheck right Now and in a few years you're saying I Want to become a millionaire well I was Able to do this myself over the course Of about six years and a lot of it came From these books so the very first one Is called the richest man in Babylon by George Clayson and this is a very old Book but oftentimes these books that are Extremely old typically have better Information than some of the stuff you Have coming out today and I actually Wrote a book so I've kind kind of Throwing shade at myself right now but I'm going to be completely honest with You some of these old books are gems the Biggest concept here is paying yourself First what a lot of people do is they Get their paycheck and they start paying

The bills they pay their mortgage they Pay for their groceries and then if There was any money left over at the end Of the week maybe before their next Payday that is when they might set aside A little bit for retirement or these Various things this tells you to do the Opposite of that it says on payday you Pay yourself first a percentage of your Total income whatever it is that week And if you're saying I can't do this What my response would be is to start With one percent because if you can't Save one percent of your paycheck I have nothing to say to you honestly Because everybody can do it one percent Of a hundred dollars is a dollar so if You're making seven hundred dollars a Week we're talking about putting seven Dollars into a separate bank account or Separate place every single week and Then once you get used to that you Increase that percentage over time and I Do want to modernize this lesson here a Bit because again this book is very old But if you were to automate things today With many of these automation tools for Finance you could automatically be Setting aside a percentage of your Paycheck every single week without even Doing anything manually and that is Truthfully the very first pillar or step Here uh in this journey now there's a Ton more lessons in that book I would

Still recommend picking it up but the Main one is paying yourself first but in Order to really get somewhere and expand My Visions on how to make money I needed More than just you know setting aside Money here and there so this led me to Another popular book Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki and it's pretty much What I call like entrepreneurship Bible At this point in time I mean you really Need to read it if you haven't if you Have you know great and if you haven't In a long time maybe reread it it's one That I will often pick back up but let Me tell you my core takeaways now and my Number one takeaway from this book is That as a nine to Fiverr you're not Gonna make money when you're not working That's just going to be a problem if It's not a problem now it's going to Become a problem later because life is Expensive it's getting more expensive And things are just more uncertain every Single day things are getting more Uncertain in terms of job stability and All of that so if you're only making Money when you're sitting at a desk or Doing something with your hands whatever It may be that is going to be Potentially a problem I mean look Depending on where you're trying to go In life maybe you can get by but you Need to figure out systems that allow You to make money without directly

Involving your time and it might involve Your time at first but can you build Things that make you money 24 7 or can And you buy things that make you money 24 7 because you know what to look for Well this is the money mindset that Rich Dad Poor Dad begins to show you now There's tons of lessons in Rich Dad Poor Dad it also got me into real estate and I have since done three real estate Transactions so it's something where You're going to gain a lot of wisdom From it but my number one takeaway from This is just needing to earn money 24 7 365. so for me this led me into the Content business of creating these Online content resources starting with YouTube building into multiple blogs and Other content mediums and this enables Me to monetize them and make money Potentially 24 7 because that is the Time period when these resources can be Accessed and look guys I'm not saying You should follow the same opportunity As me because truth be told if you're Trying to become a millionaire and you Follow what somebody did five six years Ago it's very unlikely for you to follow That same path and become a millionaire Because tons of other people have Followed it and then there's just going To be less meet on the bone there for Everybody in distilling information from Multiple different books is important

Because there's nothing you're ever Going to find from just one book out There that's going to be the ticket to Bringing you where you need to get Because if it was everyone would buy it Everyone would exploit it and it Wouldn't work anymore the next book is An interesting one because it's the book I needed back in 2017. the only problem Was it hadn't been written yet or maybe It was in the process of being written And this book is atomic Habits by James Clear so in 2017 when I was figuring out What I wanted to do with Entrepreneurship I had just gone full Time into my YouTube channel and I was Running into a lot of bad habits of mine I was lazy I was procrastinating and Running into all sorts of issues and What I found is that when I was working A job with supervision and with a Manager it was easy for me to be in line And stay in line and do what I had to do Because I had literal repercussions I Had people you know watching me and Making sure I was working well as soon As I had the freedom I found myself to Be a bit more relaxed with things and Maybe saying I'm going to take a walk Before I start work today and that Became a slippery slope pretty quick not Necessarily taking a walk but just all Of these little things and just getting Too sucked into that freedom so this

Book Atomic habits is what could help You with getting rid of those old habits But not just getting rid of them Replacing them with different ones Because if you want to become a Millionaire you you have to become a Whole ass different person than you are Right now if you're broke or even if You're worth a hundred thousand and that Starts with habits habits are what lead To repetition and repetition over time Leads to change so you need to really Get to the root of these habits and for Me it was procrastination and a few Others here where it would routinely Disrupt my path that I was on and what Allowed me to become a millionaire was No big break it wasn't like on a given Day I had some major breakthrough it was Consistent action taken over long Periods of time and for me that was one Of the biggest takeaways of this book is The compounded value of these small Actions that you're taking every single Day and where that can ultimately lead You so at this point you understand the Concept of needing to set aside money For a freedom fund or even just to have Actual assets you understand the need to Be making money 24 7 if you want to Build serious wealth and we also Now Understand how our habits can really Hold us back at times and we need to Replace those with the right habits that

Are going to propel us to where we're Trying to get but there's two more books On my list that are really going to you Know make things a bit easier at least It helped me on my path so let's jump Into that next one now the next book is Called start with Why by Simon sinek and I am lucky enough to have seen him speak Before and if you ever have the Opportunity to I would highly recommend It so let me ask you if you've ever felt Like this before a lot of people are Wanting to do something different they Want to get out of their nine to five They want to pursue entrepreneurship Only they don't know what opportunity to Pursue and if that is where you are at Let me tell you my friend you are not Alone because that is how so many people Feel and if you're in that situation What I recommend doing is finding your Why and this is something that my mentor Actually helped me with when I was going Through this process myself I was Exposing myself to new ideas reading Rich Dad Poor Dad a few pages at a time Realizing I was on the wrong path if I Was trying to get to millionaire Hood it Would have taken me my entire life I Would have been an old man by the time I Was a millionaire and I said I want to Do it sooner But then at that point I was talking to My mentor and I said what do I do with

My life what opportunity do I pursue and That is when he said you need to find Your why and that becomes your reason For being or why you are taking actions In the first place so you don't want to Just focus on becoming a millionaire I Want this outcome focusing on outcomes Is not going to lead to happiness Focusing on what your why is and solving Problems on a larger scale and helping People and then having that outcome in Exchange of the value that you have Created now that leads to fulfillment so How do you find your why well that book Really dials in on how you find this and It is a book that is mostly about Leadership but the thing is you're Probably going to have to become a Leader at some point if you want to Scale your businesses and that's going To be what we talk about next is the Scaling but just keep that in the back Of your mind for now you might be a solo Operator for now I was for a long time And then there were points in time when I found myself leading a large team of On the blog or over here at different Groups so just think about that you may Need to go and learn these completely Different skills that you don't even Have now to get through these levels so In order to become a millionaire you Need to a have a really good solution to A problem but you also need to be have

Very strong conviction behind your Solution because people have a nose for today people can pick up on it And if you put something out there in The market doesn't matter what it is and You're not in it if your heart's not in It people can tell absolutely so that is Why it is so important to understand why Is this a problem that you're looking to Solve so important to you or maybe Somebody in your family or somebody that You know and I honestly do recommend Finding something that might be close to Home for you in terms of this problem Because this is going to be your driving Force potentially for for the next five Ten years or even beyond that that is Ultimately what should put you on the Path of okay this is the direction I Want to go in this is the problem I want To solve you then take these ideas that You've learned in terms of automating Your finances setting money aside okay I Can set aside a freedom fund I can Accrue money to actually make that Happen you look at something like Rich Dad Poor Dad and you say okay I need to Make sure that this opportunity can pay Me 24 7. if I'm only able to make money While I'm at a store or on the phone or Whatever it may be unless you're really Really passionate about whatever that Problem is that's probably not the right Opportunity and then if you find that

Needing to pursue whatever this is Requires a lot of change in yourself Well that is where a book like Atomic Habits comes in where you can literally Reprogram your brain you can change Yourself into a completely different Person than who you are today but here's The thing you could find a problem out There that is something you're Passionate about you can find your why And have strong conviction you can start Solving that problem even after getting Rid of your bad habits even after Learning about businesses and all of That Rich Dad Poor Dad stuff and even After learning about automating your Finances and despite all of that you Could still not become a millionaire why What could that be holding you back it's The very last book on my list and it's Called the e-myth by Michael Gerber in This book essentially breaks up a Business into three different Departments and the interesting thing is If you're a sole operator at the Beginning which most people are with a Side hustle you're doing all of these Different operations on your own so That's typically not a problem for most People especially if you like Entrepreneurship because you're Typically a jack of all trades and You're interested in all sorts of Different things however when it comes

To the point where you're actually Trying to solve this problem on a larger Level help more people with it whatever It may be you're not going to be able to Do all of those different things at Scale so this is where things get Confusing for some people because some People think okay I just need to find a Skill of my own that I can go bring out To the world and bring to the market and I can become a millionaire it happens Sure but it's not that common what Normally happens is you come up with a Solution to a problem and then you need To provide that Solution on a bigger Scale so for us it was the content we Were producing on the blogs you know if It was just me writing every single Article there would be a ceiling there And we wouldn't have been able to grow It the way we did so instead we had to Figure out how to build systems how to Build departments okay we need a team of Freelancers over here and then we need The editors that sit over the top of That so it goes from applying your brain To fixing the problem to okay let me now Change over here and apply my brain Towards creating systems that solve that Problem and in doing that in May making That shift that is typically where You're going to see that 5x or that 10x On your income if you do this correctly And look there's going to be hurdles

There's going to be challenges Throughout that and you probably are Going to make mistakes however you need To scale you need to solve the problem On a bigger scale in order to generate Serious wealth and provide a larger Amount of value to people anyways guys This was a super casual video nothing Flashy I have a book myself if you're Interested it's called from side hustle To main hustle to millionaire I do think It is a valuable book but again take um You know time and look into it yourself And you know see if it would be a good Fit for you of course the books Mentioned on this list are some of the Most important books to me and you can Find most of them at your local library You can also find my book at a lot of Libraries so feel free to check that out As well because it has been popping up In libraries which is very cool but I Thank you guys for tuning in here if you Have any book recommendations yourself Leave me a comment down below or if you Have any thoughts about the these books Let me know as well subscribe hit the Bell if you want or don't and I hope to See you next time

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