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[Music] I'm thinking about six to eight months Down the road what does inflation look Like yeah are we having conflicts Throughout the world Ukraine Russia is It still happening in six to eight Months maybe it is maybe it's not right Supply and demand we just saw today that The president met with the president yes That was important that was needed and We spoke about it in depth when we Talked about the importance of that Relationship and that was a it's a baby Step but it's a step yeah right Taiwan Is still a major player yes now from Everything that they saw when they read In the reports it was there's no Imminent danger just yet as far as the The invasion of Taiwan so that's a Problem So you you start to see some of these Signs and do they add up to something That could be positive in my opinion I Say yeah yeah but we shall monitor what Are your thoughts No no I mean I think um It's interesting because the economy is Still kind of a little turbulent yeah But the stock market usually turns Before the absolutely yeah I was going To say that yeah so um I think we have a shot what just leads To the next Topic unemployment I was just going to

Say that's another number that we got Yeah 21 000 tech jobs have been lost so far this Month in November and the month just Started Um Amazon announced that they're gonna Be laying off 10 000 people so the tech Is laying off a bunch of people Twitter Facebook Twitter meta Amazon Um I got some you want the numbers Amazon 10 000 meta 11 000. Twitter the Number was at 3700 but that changed Um Disney had a hiring freeze yeah Salesforce another obviously in Tech a Thousand stripe a thousand coinbase over A thousand shots is interesting over a Thousand Microsoft over a thousand snap Over at that has Google announced yet Google hasn't yet Apple has found some Hiring freeze yeah which obviously we're Not laying off people but we're not Hiring anyone yeah outside of r d so the Tech companies are interesting because They're laying off the most people and Overall the job market is still Relatively decent uh we haven't seen Mass layoffs in other sectors but Tech Is ahead of the curve when it comes to That and one of the reasons is because Of inflation and interest rates and also You know they've had very um lavish Spending habits when you look at Tech Offices no matter where the office is I Agree they have you know daycare centers

In there and well they're called Amenities yeah yeah I remember I went to Linkedin's office years ago before we Started earning a Leisure and it was Amazing in the city and they told me Like the reason why it's so amazing is Because they don't want people to leave Like yeah they come at eight o'clock and Leave at eight o'clock yeah so they keep Everything they have everything that you Need there but of course with that is um You know an expense they've paid uh Pretty handsome salaries to their Employees they spent a lot of money on Marketing and now a lot of those tech Companies are you know selling the Crunch so they're the first ones to Start to lay lay people off yeah so the The fear is that they are the the Precursor to the larger economy and now You're going to start to see other Sectors perhaps in the next coming Months start to follow suit and lay People off as well if inflation and Interest rates stay high so what should What's your thoughts on the unemployment Situation Um I agree a thousand percent always Tell anyone that is working whether you Have a job or you're in a business or Partnership you have to know the return That you get so if you're you know You're getting paid a dollar and you Make someone five or make them 11x you

Always are going to be able to keep Yourself employed um I do want to ask Someone people said that the job market Is strong what sections are strong Because I don't think that job market Has been strong in the last maybe three Or four years Overall well strong well not strong but As far as layoffs got you I haven't seen Mass layoffs like like how we have Recently seen in Tech like they haven't Been like I think they're coming Yeah I think they're coming five sector So technology leads you what do you Think is the next sector or the next Couple sectors where it's like all right We see Mass layoffs coming definitely Retail okay and any uh industries that Are low priced that are cost space That's one reason I never like doing Things based on price the margins are Too thin so a lot of manufacturing could Be in trouble a lot of retailers would Be in trouble I mean my dad was telling Me the other day even uh I think Macy's And other retail stores are now letting People they're closing on Thanksgiving Going back to it because like people Don't want to work and it's like well That's one part of the other part is They weren't treated well and the pay Wasn't comparable to what they should be Receiving so I think we're going to go Through like a Renaissance era of what

People have to be a lot more efficient Um earlier this year and late last year I was talking about automation how by 2030 they want to have most of the Automated we're seeing that come to Light and once again I'm going to stress We're going to see major corporations Trying to figure out a way how to run a Multi-billion Dollar business with a Thousand employees Like if Apple's running a two trillion Dollar Cash pile with seven people Why does the average business need 50 People in it well most of our liability I feel like isn't that like like what Elon is doing at Twitter trying to right Like let's cut let's let's trim it down Yeah I think you trim too fast I mean he Cut from the pelvis down I mean I mean First day out type yeah but you figure You scaled down figure out who is the Most talented and let's go to war with That yeah Like that like that's the model oh yeah Well talking about Elon he uh announced That he is overworked he said that he's Um you've seen this you know I didn't See us tell me more oh yeah well I got To play breaking news Yeah I'll play the video Um it's actually very interesting and um I want to know is this like a plate look I have too much work on my plate that is

For sure I'm really working at the Absolute most amount that I can work From morning till night seven days a Week Um so this is not something I'd Recommend frankly Um Twitter for sure I think needs to do a Lot more on on video Um and uh it's kind of a no-brainer to Enable a longer video on Twitter and Also enable content creators to make a Living with content that they submit to Twitter So wow said he's overworked he's been Working day and night seven days a week Is not something that he would recommend All right we would agree I think that's A little bit better yeah and then he Says that twin definitely needs to have More videos or long form videos so long Story short I feel like he might have Bit off when he chew yeah and now he's Trying to kind of get some sympathy Level of sympathy on the situation That verified badge at work oh very well Well it's a bad idea It didn't work very well why do you Think it's a bad idea because it's like The idea of being verified means that You are a public figure right because People Um need to know this is the real person Yeah this is the real Ian Dunlap this is

Real on your leisure yeah and it's Dangerous if there is no level of Knowing this is real earning Leisure This is fake earning Allegiance yeah Because then it's like these people that Scam people right and it's like right Now why do you represent first day out I Don't know uh the person what upset you Yeah like three times yeah no the first Day that they let it happen they bought Political figures names I mean grace It's one of my it's one of the greatest What other thing is Gucci That's that's bad yeah but I mean that's What they did like if I could buy your Identity why wouldn't I for eight Dollars Yeah well yeah and so it's and How much revenue can eight dollars a Month not a lot he's playing these games Games yeah keep playing Scoopy games you Get dumb surprise you get dumb Awards Like and now he's looking tired he's Like yo it's not really working out I Think he got a bunch of debt and he's Laying off employees and he's on the Backlash about the censorship and he Tried to relax the band and now people Was calling him racist because people Like so it's like I think he might have He didn't fully think this one instead Of the go bedroom at eight dollars or Twenty two and a half million people is 180 million how much you pay for Twitter

40 44. so even if that was 15 months Yeah like yeah he's gonna have to you're Gonna have to I mean I I think the Ideation the pricing was wrong I don't Think you should have they should have Sold the verified part I think it should Have they should have did how Facebook Did back in the day where you have to Have like a legit email tied to a work Account um and then that will take away Some of the noise I think he bit off Like he said more than they can chew I He may not even meant to really buy Twitter but the letter of intent that he Sent had some Financial backup behind it And for those who don't know when you Put in a bid for a business With those kind of terms you kind of Have to buy it you can't just back away Because you don't want to so and he's Running it like a startup which I kind Of like he's doing the opposite of what Zuckerberg is doing but he's running Like a startup that no one knows about So you're throwing ideas at the wall And you have no vetting system no board I know they're building a creative Council now but I think some of these Things could have been planned through a Little bit better but entrepreneurship Is not easy though it's a back Like I feel like I won't say bad it's a middle level Couple it's a middle of the road social

Media Outdoors right I don't see it huh Horizon I don't see it becoming bigger than you Know to Instagram or the world like it's Not as hot and as trendy as Tick Tock It's not it's never going to have as Many people on it as Facebook Um so where and like he said videos a No-brainer but now you're trying to make It a video platform when it has never Been a video platform there's always Been uh a writing space so now you're Saying that it's like it's a no-brainer To turn it into a video but all of the Other platforms are already video yeah So now you're trying to kind of you know Copy what other platforms are doing so Yeah I think that he might have not Fully uh thought that part of it yeah And thought that his name alone was just You know that's a hell of a lot of money To spend for a company on the consumer Side like that's why I would say that I Know when people get on me about it but Like that is not good especially during The economic downturn to pay that kind Of money now if he took it as like a B2B Marketing platform ad platform maybe Like an internal Network for Tesla there Are some things that he could do but we We pay 44 billion for it and that's what You have to generate to break even That's tough man yeah that's tough That's a whole it's hard to dig yourself

Out of it's not a beat so but but for All entrepreneurs for everyone watching Uh even some of my guys see me today Like man you back in New York I'm like This is what it takes I wish I could Just sit in the house and Not Shake Hands and kiss but like even like we're Supposed to do something last week it Got canceled last minute so even when I Cancel stock up call you know they get On me how you cancel I'm like I flew out Here and it got canceled the day before And they have to come right back out Here and make it canceled the day before And I'm praying like dear Lord please Forgive me I've been cursed I've been Praying I've been having no pineapple Juice is a rock Lord please let this Interview go through but this is a part Of business like the that tired look That he has that is a entrepreneur that Is executing at a high level everyone Who's selling you and working two to Three hours a day and going to the beach And you know you know everybody Polygamous now that is a Instagram Lifestyle yo it takes this love Dave Super Rich super wealthy doesn't have to Work you can see he's in his office Grinding yep you know y'all had a Meeting earlier today I got some stuff To bring I said what right but I never Hit you about what you doing you like Nothing

I'm seeing more cameras I like the way You put this light out you know so we Got the little triangle effect every Time we go somewhere Hand Master a human all right this is What it takes and if you want to be rich You want to be wealthy you want to be Free you are going to have to sacrifice Some seven day weeks Freedom that's a Fact [Music] I know they can't stand it

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