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[Music] What are your thoughts on the interview With Floyd Mayweather You want my honest opinion Yes I think and I said it on stage Um But some people are like oh he's camping Or he's not answering I'm like there Were some answers that he chose not to Give and this has happened before with Dave Rubinstein when I asked about daily Routine and work ethic this happened With Josh Brown I think Cuban kind of Skated one question right I think um There were some things he didn't want to Answer because he didn't want publicly Known And also as an investor this is the Truth for everyone listening it is no One's job on Earth to give you their Secrets to make you rich if it took them 10 to 15 years to make them Rich I'm the Only idiot that does it And as soon as Morgan Stanley signs this Deal would that be over with too or Matter whoever comes first So Um I've never known a public a person to Give so much and then we get hated for It I'm like what they're like yo the Rand spotty I give you ideas to make Millions what okay Um so I think He showed the road some questions but I

Think from as big as his brand is and We're seeing it happen in real time Which I told everyone it would but Tom Brady Giselle everyone who endorsed FTX is getting shoot now a lot of Creators and celebrities that are the Back nfts last year when I told everyone They will crash are now getting sued Because if you don't know who the Executives are of these projects or Tokens or coins you're going to go to The biggest and highest name profile so Let's say he was invested in a company That was like 40 to 80 a share he can Move the market because we would have Seen academics act please tag us next Time I love you I know it's probably Your team but when it gets reposted it's Going to be like well Floyd invested in This company and you should and if it Doesn't work out he's going to be the One to get sued so I understood it Around those questions Um but I want to ask you guys what did You think of the interview I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna go with you on the shoulder Roll but I think context is key like Some things make headlines or some Things are context and so to an Uneducated audience when somebody says Like I'm gonna make 300 million dollars A month on my next investment it feels Like he's saying yeah that he's Personally going to do it

To a you know more educated audience Which is what we have here that's our Job is to educate people is to say all Right well he's part of an investment Group right which is invested into a Project that could generate 300 million A month well that sounds like so how can We even fathom that well the next week When you hear that MGM is trying to put A casino in the middle of Times Square And he's part of the group that's Investing in that 300 million doesn't Seem like that something that's Far-fetched well if he's part of the Group then yeah that's his investment That he's making is he making all the 300 no but no context is that he's an Owner in that it's the same type of Contest when we talk about the nine Skyscrapers like people like well how Does he own nine shots well if you do The research on CGI who he made a 250 Million dollar investment with he's part Of the Investment Group that owns these Buildings and so if he's part of the Investment Group is that his investment Yeah so the the context around the Answers is important it's key Um I'm sure you know Floyd likes to make A scene so when he says these things It's like all right well it's me I'm the Money guy right but when you you look at It's like all right well yeah that That's true but let's put that into

Context yes he's in part of an Investment group and there's no no shame In that he's an owner yeah and he feels He should speak in those terms I mean if Revoke throw 900 million at y'all Tomorrow you get a right to say man we Came up on 900 million Exactly even from Texas and he said it On stage he's like hey I use the Negative energy which is a trauma Response is why I asked him like how do You steer away from that because that Can't be a driving force notice he Didn't turn he was very vulnerable in That interview he didn't turn that Energy on until he got the feedback from The audience I was very mindful of like how his Energy shifted to like okay if y'all Want to go there because let's be real And I know people like well they're Murderers who have more money and it Shouldn't matter but like when a person Has more money than me I shut up and ask Questions He doesn't have to tell you what [ __ ] Stock he was investing in that he's Making a hundred grand a month off of Doesn't have to But you have to be mindful when talking To people and I'll say this too and it's Not the kiss answer Brown knows anybody But you don't know If his team will go back and watch the

Footage and find out who that is and Block you all the deals I said All the Time Michael Bachman came on didn't like The commentary Uh turned his hand to act like he wasn't Bothered and acting like he would watch The game then a lot of you who want to Go apply for jobs and other Industries In the finance space found out that you Were blacklisted from getting a job Anywhere Charlemagne always says it you cannot be Mad at anyone's response to your attack Be mindful And Rashad tell y'all every week speak With Grace be humble and right some of Y'all listen to me y'all don't me and Keith made an adjustment right but you Don't know how people are looking at you And I tell people a red panda all the Time like even before I start going to The Exchange then it was looking through Everybody who had red panda and Everybody on IG for months before I got There So be careful and be mindful I think he Did show the role a couple things but I Do understand why some of the Information he probably steered away From but kudos to the chat for doing it Like that's still a legend I think we've Gotten so accustomed to having people on That we don't understand how hard it is And to make this work

Um so whether people love the interview Or not I think you should but when a Person has amassed that kind of Fortune And the fact is he's still working on His craft every day if I can be honest Man a lot of the questions people ask Those will go away if you just did the [ __ ] work You're still in shape So I told you told the story hey outside Fountain Blue Miami I mean when he Texted me that night like oh I just saw Floyd run it was two o'clock in the Morning Do the work I know y'all think the Traveling part is fun and carrying the Pelican bags and having it's not fun This is what it takes people like damn You're on the road again in New York the Money's in New York London and Australia And La I got to go to water money I Can't get all the money out of Idaho or Omaha Buffett has not called me yet you Have to trip to where the money is even What you're saying and I know Charlotte's gonna go in a sec but like People are like looking at these Exhibition fights that he's taking and They're like oh why is he doing them for And it's like well do you know how to Get 15 million dollars in nine minutes You're the greatest Trader but on top of It right there's a there's a tax Incentive there's a tax plate that's

Involved in that and he's obviously Doing a lot of development deals out There so there's a reason why he's out There he's not just out there obviously Yeah to practice his crap and make a Quick 20 to 15 to 20 million that's Incredible but he's also out there Making business deals too so that's a Part of it like people have to realize Like and when we were out in Abu Dhabi And in Dubai we saw the level of develop Development and Where they're going with the development They're not done right there's places That are still on tap we saw what's Happening in Saudi Arabia over the past Couple of weeks obviously when Khaled And switched out to Swiss because Swiss Has been going to Saudi Arabia for the Past two to three years and people were Just like what is he doing he's buying Camels he's camo racing no he's building Infrastructure out there and he's making It a place where people want to come and Need to need to come so they can see Themselves as an investment opportunity But people should be looking at Floyd in The same way rather than saying like uh You're taking an exhibition fights with YouTubers I mean and all part of this And if he's still a draw internationally And going back to taking credit for what You've done he was very clear on not

Being labeled as the king of Vegas I'm an international draw because who Knows how that may affect this deal so If he can draw let's say 20 000 people For a fight it gives you a little bit More leverage in the land deals that I'm Sure he's trying to do order commercial Deals I went to that One Tower I mean uh amazing beautiful Now if he can create one of those out There and then maybe another one in London another one in China now you have A massive portfolio and he's using Celebrity to draw More money into commercial deals like And even in those instances I'm sure He had to do a deal with the tourism Board to do something over there you Guys are going to come up here and buy All these buildings and then bring your Nine women over here like they're Everyone there's levels to this you on Every level you have to earn your key Like there isn't a person that I have Not met on the street that I don't feel That I can't out trade guess what though Even learning how to make it in that Seat to trade that's a different skill Set it's not just one going back to Being super efficient can you do the job Of 10 people and once I get this Niceness down and I listen to Rashad About being politically correct and not Upset nobody baby all in trouble y'all

Got about two more months You're doing my limited training Game over Game set match I think it's important to understand Especially like I feel like when you Come to an event we just did an event at Howard we'll talk about that at the end But like when you come to an event Um Whether it's marking Mondays whether It's art Boswell whether it's invest Fest any event that we've been able to Curate or been a part of there's three Parts to it there's an educational part To it there's an inspirational part to It and there's a motivational part to it And what I realized is that you need all Three because if you just provide just Information People they say only retain and probably Five percent of the information that They receive at Live Events so it's like You could just talk for four hours it's Just straight information And you probably won't remember 95 of it absolutely um and this is why I Even like I've been to church one time My life I had a client that was a pastor Uh arrested Pizza Hut Um Me yeah Yeah well I'm not a Christian I didn't Grow up Christian so okay okay I don't

Know okay all right but um but when I Did go to church it was uh it was it was Uh um interesting experience because it Was a lot of singing dancing it was like You know Baptist Church and it was only Preaching for probably 15 of the of the Time and the rest of it was more of a Show but I understand it because it's Like you get people's attention and you Have to keep them energized and you have To keep them you know it's it's a Production So for them to actually be able to Understand what you what you're Preaching so I say that to say Everything at the show is not just for Just educational purposes like Dawn Peoples came on and I was 25 30 minutes So it's just straight information Actionable items where you can actually Go outside today and break that down and We'll probably put that out too at some Point but it was like he gave five Cities of where you as an investor right Now can go to those five cities and in His opinion those are five cities that Are beneficial then he went so far to Actually say why they're beneficial from A tax standpoint from an investment Standpoint to the he actually broke down Okay this is how we're developing this Is the this is the financing so this is Real actionable steps where he's Extremely transparent giving his his

Blueprint providing information in real Time uh Peter tuckman providing Information in real time when we when When Ian speaks when choice we provide Information in real time I think Floyd Provided information in real time as Well but what you you have to understand Is that Everybody has different levels of Understanding and having a level of Explanation some of the best things that You can actually do is align yourself With people that's smarter than you and For him to work with somebody like Al Haymon right yeah that's it like that's What some of the best gyms that he gave Was Al Hayman the goddess I forgot his Name but the gentleman that he said Would Schooled him on New York City Um skyscrapers and actually got him in The investment deals as far as the Skyscrapers like if you're listening Everything that he says is aligned with Somebody else absolutely in Abu Dhabi And in Dubai Al Haymon Um the real estate everything that he Does he's aligning himself with other People that are experts in the field He's an expert in boxing right but it Doesn't mean that he can't get money in Other areas yeah but it doesn't Necessarily mean that he has to be an Expert in other areas as well like you

Know align yourself with good people be Able to benefit from their information From their knowledge and then you Leverage What you bring and he he's Changed the game in so many different Aspects like I said from 24 7 to you Know the money Um the Floyd Pretty Boy Floyd to money May weather to the to the HBO Um deal to the showtime deal so I just feel like you know it's you're Not going to get the same thing from Every single person every single person Is not going to provide the same level Of actually Insight but sometimes it's The inspiration and even the social Media Clips like those clips With viral Because it's like it's inspirational It's inspirational that's why the clips Are going viral because it's like okay Floyd owns nine skyscrapers there's not A real there's not really a lot of Context behind that but it's it's the Achievement alone is enough though No exactly so and and and physically Sometimes you just got to be in an Environment sometimes you just got to be In an environment where you're motivated Now you mix that motivation with Information now it's like a fire And what's up [Music]

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