The Most Profitable Side Hustle NOBODY Will Do

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I've been searching for something over The last six years that I can't find but It's not necessarily something that I Lost you see competition is the killer Of any good side hustle out there so the Trick is finding a profitable side Hustle that nobody wants to do well now You know what I've been searching for This search has taken me long and far I'm talking great physical distances oh I stepped in that's when it hit me Now look I don't want you to Simply Believe me when I tell you that there is Massive demand out there for this side Hustle so instead let's jump into Google Trends so we can validate this if we Take a look at the data surrounding dogs Going all the way back to 2004 we can See an irrefutable growth Trend that Started out around 2010 for the search Term dogs out of a scale of 0 to 100 Dogs have gone from a popularity score Of 31 in 2010 to a score of 72 today and We hit an all-time high of 100 out of 100 in July of 20 2022 and if you ask me Why this is my best guess is because in 2008 the majority of people had a huge Chunk of their wealth just completely Destroyed and I think this took the Prospect of children off the table for Many instead cats and dogs have become The new children so what exactly makes The dog poop scoop business one of the Most profitable side hustles out there

The recurring Revenue model maybe you've Noticed how everything has become a Subscription over the last decade well That's because the subscription business Is the Holy Grail of business models out There predictable Revenue month in and Month out okay so how can you achieve This well I did some snooping this Company offers a weekly dog poop scoop Service filled monthly here's what the Pricing looks like as well as the Monthly rate customers would be paying For a weekly cleanup now on average in The US we own about two dogs and that Means that you'd be making a hundred Twenty dollars per month for each client You have okay time for the fun part now I am going to show you how to get a free Flyer generated from chat GPT later on But right now I want to show you how Much money you'd make as you grow the Business at 10 households you're inside Hustle territory making a recurring Twelve hundred dollars in monthly Revenue but once you reach your 39th Client you'll be earning the equivalent Of the average U.S salary in annual Revenue now your initial goal here is 100 clients which is going to bring you Twelve thousand dollars in monthly Recurring revenue and I have a Grassroots referral marketing strategy I'm going to show you later on that's Going to take care of all of that also

There will be costs to your business Like equipment insurance and eventually Employees well let's dive in now to the Full tutorial on wait wait hold on just A minute there Ryan this is sounding Like an awful lot of work to me and I Don't want to work very hard uh that's Because it is well I want a side hustle That doesn't require any work you see I Want to be able to do it from a laptop Under my bridge okay okay listen I'll Make a deal with you Bridge Troll don't You call me that well what's your name Then Okay I'm not saying that on air how About I tell you about a completely Digital side hustle that's equally as Profitable that nobody wants to do Either Um okay that sounds pretty good I guess Well you're in luck because while I was On that walk I ended up finding this Flyer to wipe my shoe with and I took a Photo of it before I wiped my shoe of Course and this one costs nothing is Fully digital and only requires a laptop And an internet connection this digital Side hustle entails getting your free Google career certificate and then using That to get a high-paying side hustle Gig you have digital marketing and E-commerce it support data analytics Project management and ux design so There's about a hundred or so side

Hustles that you could think of just From that list right there I mean just Look at how much these ux designers are Charging hourly Max D from Washington Has made over nine hundred thousand Dollars selling ux design service Services on upwork so if you yourself Want to be like the Bridge Troll it Really doesn't get much simpler than These Google career certificates it's 100 free and you're pretty much Guaranteed to either get a very high Paying job or to learn a high paying Skill if you complete the program so With that out of the way let's get back To the dog poop scoop business tutorial Alrighty so how do you actually get Started with the dog poop scooping Business well we're gonna break it down Into four steps number one is going to Be the equipment and the startup costs Number two is going to be business Insurance and the all-important legal Formation third we're going to cover how To accept payments especially those on a Monthly subscription and then lastly We'll cover how to Market your business And grow your client base for starters What equipment is needed for the dog Poop scooping business well since you're Simply going to bag it up and then toss It in the customer's trash can you're Not going to need a truck so any vehicle Will do beyond that you need a heavy

Duty poop scooper a five gallon bucket Small trash bags and a pair of boots so What's the total startup cost then well Assuming you already have an old pair of Boots and a vehicle everything else is Going to run you about 100 but we're Forgetting about one very important Detail and that leads us to our next Step business insurance so since you're Going to be on other people's property And potentially around animals you are Going to need some type of insurance in Place I did some digging and believe it Or not Cooper scooper insurance is a Real thing and it's also extremely Inexpensive you can get a policy Including general liability insurance Starting at just 139 dollars per year And the only other thing you're gonna Need to go legit is an LLC and I Personally use and recommend ink file For any legal formations at that point You simply get your EIN from the IRS and Then you open up a business bank account And for that I personally recommend Bank Of America the next thing we have to Talk about is how to accept payments and It's not terribly difficult because all You're going to need for this is a Payment processor for example square is One of the most popular payment Processors out there and they offer Something called Square recurring Invoices and this lets you set up a

Recurring monthly subscription now you Will end up paying a fee to square and That's going to be 3.5 percent per Transaction plus 15 cents every time the Card is built so on 120 dollars build Monthly you'd be looking at 115.65 Coming your way after the square fees so Finally this leaves us with marketing The business let's dive into chat GPT We're going to Simply ask the bot to Generate a flyer about a dog poop Scooping business in a particular City And then we're going to click enter and Just like that it gave us a business Name if we wanted to actually use it and It's generating our business flyer now We're going to generate an AI logo for This particular business simply enter a Name for the business after after that You're going to pick your industry pick A color scheme that you like finally Pick your font and then click on Generate and just like that the AI has Generated a never-ending list of options Of this particular logo and slogan so You can scroll through and see if any Jump out to you now if you like one of These logos you can actually purchase it Starting at 29 now what you're going to Do is take your logo and combine that With the flyer generated from chat GPT Into a one-page PDF using Google Docs so You can get the word out super cheap About your business getting a thousand

Flyers on Vistaprint for 45 dollars and 40 cents so I would recommend doing Exactly that hit the pavement and start Out in upper middle class neighborhoods Now one thing to look out for is any Homeowners associations because they Typically have no soliciting signs and So if you're seeing any of those do not Put flyers in those neighborhoods don't Touch anybody's Vehicles never touch Anyone's mailbox and if it's a weekend For example maybe you knock and Introduce yourself give them a flyer and Tell them about your service as far as The Grassroots referral marketing Strategy to really grow your business What I recommend doing is offering every Single one of your existing clients one Free month of service for every client That they refer to you and while you may Be losing a hundred twenty dollars of Revenue you're gaining it elsewhere While also growing your customer base so It's definitely worth it in the long run Rinse and repeat this strategy and watch Word of Mouth take over and here's the Thing generating a business flyer is Just one of the amazing things that chat GPT can do to accelerate your business Or side hustle and I just did a full Video about how you can supercharge your Side hustle earnings potential using Chat GPT so be sure to check that out in The corner if you enjoy side hustle

Content be sure to subscribe and hit That Bell lastly I wrote a book about Side hustles you can buy it at Barnes And Noble or it's all also on Amazon you Should read it

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