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[Music] Let's run out some stocks all right Let's do it let's do it let's do it and You ready you wanna run out some stocks Yes uh let's start with the big boys Let's start with with the whole uh index Let's start with the NASDAQ All right NASDAQ is doing good uh I have NASDAQ going up maybe in two months Getting to like 12 826. Yes NASDAQ has been taking the beaten But we should push up to the upside and NASDAQ will be good yeah tough day today Pulled back two percent But for the year we're looking pretty Positive thus far all right that's good Uh let's go to lucid lcid I'm gonna say dead yet but we do need to Get our Affairs in order Um Tesla is a dominant place there Everyone put in chat a spiritual Santo It's almost over with kudos to the Management there if you're watching I Don't I don't mean that I hate you the Stock is just not a great one to invest In in 21 it was at 64 bucks it's now at 11.75 No if you're going to do something in The AV space you have to lean towards Tesla or I can argue For the GM but I really don't love Either Tesla is a predominant player There and what we talked about it the Other day like Lucid hasn't sold that

Many vehicles Yeah it it there's a there's a vast Difference in the amount of vehicles That have been delivered when we talk About Tesla when you see the reports of Having over 2 million Vehicles put out To the public and when we look at uh you Know Lucid you know for 2022 they put Out nearly 7 500. there's just it's just Not it's not incredible point so good to Know uh this is one we talked about too Uh BuzzFeed uh they had a incredible day On Friday they were up 85 on news that They are going to be using again chat Gbt Um to be producing some of their content Uh so the ticker is Bzfd Buzzfeed [Music] Um basura I'm catering to the Aladdin Audience tonight so yeah I got a 4.30 it Should have slide back down to like 1.77 If it breaks the previous low of 64 Cents you can get into it for a swing Trade but I don't no it was at 14.77 In December that's too hard of a decline And let's be honest like I get the speculative news but it feels Like they paid for that PR Um bus fee has no Advantage Um so no maybe metal will acquire them Maybe if that's a reach as well but no There are some thoughts uh how about uh Edbl Edible Garden AG Incorporated

Um yeah a few people ask me about this This one I absolutely hate Absolutely hey it was that ninety Dollars in April said eight dollars and Four Cent Um and let me hold on give me one second Your last month it was at five dollars And seventy four cents so it bounced up A little bit from there but usually if It's under 10 bucks that's in Penny Stock territory I wouldn't touch it that's that's Dead On Arrival maybe for a swing trade if You just have money you want to gamble With you know maybe if you want to get It at three bucks or something like that But I wouldn't touch it this is like Penny stock pumping up uh garbage Uh can we throw a wild card How about Live Nation they've been in The news obviously with Ticketmaster Over the past a week or so uh with their Uh accusations of running a monopoly um They you know people saw what happened With Taylor Swift's Ticket Fiasco 14 million people try to Buy 2 million tickets obviously they Sold out before the majority of the Customers can get it Then they go up for resale onside of Ticketmaster's website obviously you Know they can change the prices for them And make profit on the resale which they Couldn't do had to go into a off-market

Site like StubHub or Vivid Seats or one Of these other seats where they're not Making profit from the resale margin When it gets sold out on Ticketmaster And then obviously if you've ever bought You know that little maroon Circle means That somebody's reselling for a Different price which obviously causes Monopoly if you don't let the tickets be Released and then you just resell them For higher prices what are your thoughts On Live Nation one of my companies that I love Um I'm not so sure you're the pandemic During the pandemic well because I I Knew that people would come back to Entertainment and they have people you Know obviously you're seeing shows sell Out we've seen that more and more Um but yeah On the surface that makes sense but when You have situations like this that you Know they're going to be for I think It's in front of Congress very soon uh To fight this matter what are your Thoughts on that yeah I know the doj also was coming after Google about being a monopoly and I Don't think they have a case for that Live Nation has a better case of being Classified as a monopoly Um I like the stock I I really do uh for Disclaimer though I you know I know some People are over a Live Nation that

Doesn't take my view but if you look at The chart year over year And the pandemic was like a 20 bucks it Says 79 now in 2021 it got to a high of 127. sales are strong I know from a Consumer standpoint That being a monopoly is not a good Thing for the business it is they really Don't have much competition I would say though If if Live Nation and other companies Like that are listening when you have a Stronghold hold on the market if you do Right by your customer base your Customer base will protect you as the Fans of Apple did with him because for a Long time Apple had a monopoly on the Smartphone market now that percentages Degraded some over the last few years And they made it forward in other areas But if you fix the reseller Market you Wouldn't have all of these issues Um that you're having having to go in Front of Congress but they've been on a Tear since 2013 yeah the stock was at Ten dollars and you know 9.36 then Um and even through covet You've been up 3x still at when it was Like a 27 bucks and now it's a 79 I have It getting back to 122.64 and that is like a lagging Indicator as well to know like when the Economy is recovering and back on track It was one of those ones in in the early

Episodes I used to talk about it and I'm Like yo it's going to recover it's at 42 Dollars as soon as people have an Opportunity to get back outside they're Going to be doing it and so to see them Run up to like you said 123 I was like Oh yes I'm looking like a genius yeah You still holding it I am I am um only Because you know I I tell people all the Time like if you want to look at what You should be invested in look at what You spending and one of the things I Always I love to do is go to shows um And so yeah that makes sense and when we Talk about you don't have as many shares As you should have right that's why you Said yeah like that you're like damn I Should have went yeah you're right You'll learn but even from the Monopoly Standpoint like we said from the tickets Selling Standpoint that makes sense for Monopoly But if you look at a lot of the venues They own I think 79 I think 75 to 80 Percent of the venues Lion Share they Own and so if you haven't done an event Or if you've ever been to a live event You know that a lot of times when you Look at your ticket it's coming from Ticketmaster a lot of Nations so yeah Man it's tough it's tough out here Especially when you're doing stuff Independently and having to deal with Them and if you don't deal with them

There's no way around it I mean you got To be paying 30 if you use one of their Venues so they're like hum do a lot Of nation not playing Thank you Arm leg scalpel let's get it all hit the Like button let's get this bad boy up to Seven thousand Market Mondays often Imitated never duplicated Um It's a it's an abundance of information That's provided on these on these actual Programs really think about it from a Variety of different standpoints it's a Very Um Broad-ranging show that covers a variety Of different topics Um extremely educational And entertaining Absolutely Um simultaneously Captivating Thought provoking It is Definitely One of The greatest shows of Our Generation I think absolutely Has transformed the landscape when it Comes to business and investing Commentary We've had some of the most prolific and Well-respected people

In the world Um So please do not take that Lightly Because if you do what happened Rashad They gonna call them back so we can Pre-record everything No I do know 22 minute format coming soon in 2024. Um yeah lightning round lightning round Lightning highest return you can Possibly get listen when you go watch Team be shout out to everybody CNBC Frank bottom one Josh Mary I appreciate You head of talent but if you even go Ask them Um put some pressure on what would some Of the insights and takes that I've had As well so all right yes all right I got This if I made your money please yes Especially for those people who somebody Said I'm not I'm not high and I'm not Tired Um you know what but I it's like even With my monologue situation I mastered The slow flow and I realized that um You have to talk to people Slow Because um they don't understand it if You talk fast sometimes so it's actually Done on purpose the delivery and is that Sean Paul the stock market is that huh You the shine pole the stock market uh Who you picking was Mace be better okay

When I think of the slow flow mace Nas Is also a slow flow champion Um but yeah sometimes you know you have To you have to slow things down And uh deliver it so when You're practicing your public speaking Because no it's one of the hardest Things to do yeah so it's you have to Find your delivery some people's Delivery is to talk very fast some People will deliver us to talk loud some People with delivery Um my my delivery uh is something that Has actually worked on for a long period Of time so I'm not sure Intoxicated no and I'm not sleeping Um but I just want you to hear Everything that I'm that I'm saying so This is the tone of leisure wow somebody Just said you want the shot you have an Edible yeah so you know he's never taken It I've he's never he's high never take An edible not I don't know anything Remotely close to it I'm not intoxicated At all I know some people though And shout out to burner child the burner Shouting Gumball shout out the gumbo Shout out the gumbo his new Show's Coming out on high 97. he has a show he Got a show greatly High 97 yeah shout Out to government everyday show I think It's in the evenings every day hey bro What you doing man yeah shout out to go

But shout out to burner fat putting Cookies out in Thailand like that is When you talk about global expansion Like if you understand Thailand if you Look at the laws and I have to read up On it about how you know the country Itself felt about marijuana and Prohibiting it to now obviously having The people in in Thailand use it but for Him to Act upon that as fast as he did Success low speed oh my gosh yes International expansion I'll say this Right now for the last time International expansion is a must until We get through this recession Hey what's up [Music]

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