BABA Stock Analysis – Is Alibaba Stock A Buy?

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How's it going today guys welcome back To stock radar I'm so happy to have you Guys here and in this video this week we Are going to be talking about Alibaba I'm very excited about this one I'm Surprised this is the first time it's Come up it's been one that I thought was Going to make it on the list earlier on But we've talked about a lot of Different companies so far and uh Alibaba definitely belongs on this list Here as far as stocks that I frequently Get questions about over on YouTube or I Get messages from people asking about Alibaba and so hopefully I'm going to Answer all the questions you guys have About this company uh today in this Video so first of all let's cover some Of the basics here as we said the Company's Alibaba they trade under the Symbol b-a-b-a this is a newer company Just 19 years old it is still an Aggressive growth stock definitely an Aggressive growth stock and when we look At some of the numbers later on looking At the fundamentals we'll see exactly Why this is still classified as a growth Investment they have a price to earnings Ratio of 43 and a market capitalization Of 449 billion dollars so just a little Background here on Alibaba they are the Sixth largest internet company in terms Of Revenue they are a Chinese e-commerce Company but they also go beyond that

They're also an I.T company they're also Considered to be one of these big data Companies they're also involved with Artificial intelligence they're also Involved with cloud computing they're Getting into the grocery stores they Also have a travel website they also Have a motion picture studio so you're Getting all kinds of different stuff When you invest in Alibaba and a lot of People call Alibaba the Chinese Amazon Because it's very similar to Amazon and A lot of the products and services they Offer are very similar to what Amazon Offers but just in China and so a lot of People do call Alibaba the Chinese Amazon and I don't think you're wrong For saying that because they are very Similar businesses more on Alibaba they Operate under three main sites those are Taobao tmall and then and Then they basically the sites host Millions of merchants and businesses and So the way way Alibaba works is pretty Simple so what it is is let's say for Example I was looking to buy cups in Bulk for my restaurant if I was looking To buy soup cups I could go on and get connected with a Supplier from overseas who could make a Massive amount of these soup cups for me And then mail them to me now I'm going To get like a discount based on how many I'm ordering so really it's for people

Who are looking to buy in bulk and then They're going to be maybe using these Products for their business or what a Lot of people do is they're going to be Buying items on bulk or in bulk and then They're going to be selling them on Amazon or on eBay or other places like That or like let's say for example you Have a mall kiosk and you're looking to Buy cell phone cases and you're looking To buy maybe a couple months ago or a Year ago You were looking to buy the fidget Spinners you're looking to buy things Cell phone chargers in bulk and then Resell them to people at a markup odds Are you're going to be going to to be connected with a Supplier who's going to be producing That product for you so essentially That's what Alibaba does is it connects People customers with the actual Suppliers and provides a interface for People to do that that's like the main Piece of alibaba's business but you also Have so many other spin-off businesses And some that are completely unrelated Like the cloud services that they offer As well so you really do get a lot with Alibaba and I will say this I'm not Really saying they are the Chinese Amazon because most people who go on Alibaba are buying in bulk and I mean You can pretty much buy anything on

Alibaba I poked around on the website For about 20 minutes or so And you can buy like commercial kitchen Equipment you can buy all kinds of Different things I mean if you can Imagine it you can probably buy it from in bulk so a little bit more On this company they were founded by a Man named Jack ma he was the former CEO He's one of those people that a lot of People look up to he's kind of like the Chinese version of the Steve Jobs or the Jeff Bezos you know one of those people Those CEOs and founders of a company That uh people really look up to but uh Jack ma is actually no longer the CEO of Alibaba and that actually caused some Problems when they were trying to get Listed over in China because this is a Chinese company and based on the Structuring of management they were not Able to get listed over in China and so They are actually listed on the New York Stock Exchange as a result because they Could not get listed in China so it's a Chinese company listed on the New York Stock Exchange which as we know is a U.S Exchange so anyways now let's go ahead And move into the pros and cons of Investing in Alibaba stock and of course As always we're going to start with the Pros so first of all this is a company That is deeply rooted in e-commerce and E-commerce is expected to have very

Strong growth in the coming years in Fact we saw 24.8 percent growth in Global e-commerce in 2017 alone and a Lot of that growth is going to benefit Companies like Alibaba and Amazon now on That topic as well a lot of people are Wondering is this a business that is Threatened by Amazon and it's really not Alibaba is actually a complementary Business to Amazon because a lot if not All of those products are probably the 90 of those products on Amazon have gone Through alibaba's Network whether it's Um a person buying those supplies from A Supplier overseas and they did this Through the Alibaba website and then They had Amazon package and ship those Orders but but basically what it is is They're deeply rooted in that supply Network and Alibaba is a very important Part of that e-commerce supply chain so Because of the fact that Alibaba Operates a complementary business to Amazon and most of the products listed On Amazon probably originated from I would say they are in a Very safe position and Amazon doesn't Really pose a threat to this company Because there are complementary Businesses to each other the other Pro Is that you get exposure to International markets for this and a lot Of U.S investors oftentimes are not Investing in companies outside of the

U.S and so this might be a good Investment here if you're looking to get Some exposure to International markets In particularly China Alibaba has the Largest presence in China and so you get A lot of Chinese market exposure by Investing in Alibaba and it's something A lot of people fail to do they fail to Diversify outside of their home country It's called like the hometown bias and So if you're looking to be more Diversified and get some Global Market Exposure this might be a great option For you the other thing is that this Company has a lot of international Growth exposure as far as growth in Other foreign and emerging markets and So you're also getting some exposure to That as well exposure to other International markets and Emerging Markets that's another Plus for Alibaba Stock and then the other piece we Already talked about this but Alibaba is A very very important part of this E-commerce supply chain and they're not Going away anytime soon and I would say As long as e-commerce is popular and People are doing more shopping online You're just going to see more and more Growth through a company like Alibaba Similar to what we're expecting to have Happen with Amazon so another Pro for Alibaba is the fact that they have Alibaba Cloud that is their cloud

Computing segment of their business very Similar to Amazon web services and we're Going to go through the earnings report Uh later on in this video and talk about Some of the growth numbers for the Alibaba cloud computing but this is a Really good business for them to be Involved with very similar to the Reasons why Amazon is involved with it And so that is definitely a big plus for Alibaba stock another one here is the Fact that they actually have Alibaba Pictures it's a media company and so as An Alibaba investor you're also getting Exposure to that segment of the business Now another piece of alibaba's business Is called fliggy and this is is a Chinese Travel Service Company it's kind Of like where they offer a Diversified travel related services and So again that is something you're Getting exposure to as an Alibaba Investor and then they have shenma Search engine this is actually a search Engine that is very competitive with Baidu and Baidu is like the Chinese Google if we're calling Alibaba the Chinese Amazon Baidu is the the big Search engine over there in China but Alibaba actually has a competitive Search engine called the shenma search Engine that you're also getting exposure To as an investor in this company now Another Pro for Alibaba is that they

Aren't trading in a Sky High possibly Speculative territory when you compare It to Amazon and when we look at the PE And the forward PE it's actually a lot More reasonable than what we're seeing With Amazon so if you do believe this is The counterpart to Amazon and they Should have a similar valuation you will See they are undervalued compared to Amazon so right now we know that Alibaba Has a price to earnings ratio of 40 3 And a forward p e of 26.7 meanwhile Amazon has a price to earnings ratio of 235 and a forward p e of 94. So based on The p e and the forward PE Alibaba is Not nearly as overvalued as Amazon but Again we've talked about Amazon already Here in stock radar and if you guys Haven't checked out that video it's Definitely one that is worth watching And again if you guys do think you want To be investing in Alibaba I would Definitely watch that video on Amazon Just to get an idea of which company You'd want to put your money in or maybe You want to put your money in both and I Really don't think that would be a bad Idea simply because of the fact that I Don't really see these two as Competitors they kind of operate Complementary businesses in my opinion And then the final Pro here that I have For Alibaba is their new retail strategy They've been kind of talking about this

In the recent months they have this idea Of creating a blend of online and Offline shopping and rather than having These two things be competing with each Other and seeing you know brick and Mortar stores closing they see a way to Seamlessly blend the online and offline Shopping and there's a couple of Different ways they're doing this They've talked about these pop-up stores And little convenience stores they're Putting up and also these high-tech Grocery stores kind of similar to like Amazon's grocery stores with the Checkout less shopping experience so They're they're doing the same kind of Things we're seeing Amazon doing but Just over in China instead and so that Is very interesting this idea of Seamlessly connecting online versus Offline shopping and then later on in This video at the very end we're going To be going through the earnings report And there's a couple of different things I'm going to be talking about as far as Other Pros for Alibaba and other things They are involved with but now we're Going to move on to the cons of Investing in this stock and first of all We have some competitors for Alibaba There is 10 cent and there is another Company called and these are two Competitors for Alibaba so tencent is an Internet related services company in

China very similar to Alibaba doing some Of the same kind of things and then is a newer Chinese e-commerce Company and so there really isn't a lot Of competition here in the United States For Amazon unless you consider companies Like Walmart or maybe Costco to be Competitors to Amazon but there are Definitely some competitors to Alibaba Over in China and primarily it's a 10 Cent and possibly uh Baidu on the Search engine side of that business so Alibaba does have some competition over In China and that is definitely a con For investing in this stock NOW the Other cons that I have here for Investing in Alibaba are very minor Concerns here but they are worth Mentioning first of all I have read a Couple of Articles talking about Counterfeit products being listed and Sold through and that might Be an issue for them as far as Controlling the actual users on that Platform and the actual businesses and The suppliers and making sure that they Are not selling counterfeit products to Customers that's going to be bad for Alibaba's name the other con is that the Stock has pretty much been trading Laterally uh we're going to go over the Stock later on looking at the share Performance over the last uh one year And then since their IPO

And as of recently it has been trading Laterally but it is again just due to The fact that the markets have been a Little bit volatile here so far in 2018 And then the other con is the fact that There are some concerns with their Earnings transparency and this is a Company that has had SEC investigations In the past and so some people do have Concerns about the transparency this Company has in terms of their earnings But other than that this is an E-commerce giant it's a company that Operates a a business that is very Deeply rooted in this e-commerce supply Chain it's a company that's not going Anywhere I see very strong growth Potential for them at least for the next Five to ten years and as more and more People are shopping online it's going to Be beneficial to companies like Amazon And Alibaba so they're an e-commerce Giant and I strongly believe they have a Bright future ahead of them in looking At their p e ratio and forward PE They're actually trading at a quite Reasonable valuation but now we're going To be moving on here to the barriers to Entry or what would stop another company Out there from disrupting Alibaba and as We said they do have some competition so What is isolating Alibaba from the Competition the number one thing in my Opinion is that brand loyalty a lot of

People are very loyal to Similar to that brand loyalty people Have to Amazon and we talked about this With Amazon too as well but a lot of People are starting their shopping Related searches online at And doing their searches and so they're Associating Amazon with shopping and I Believe a lot of people are associating Uh purchasing of mass quantity Goods With I mean I know uh I have A couple of friends of mine that do the FBA and they do reselling and they all Use I don't even know of a Competitor to them I don't know a lot About tencent or I'm not even Sure if they supply to the US if that's A stock that gets voted on later on We'll learn more about those companies But I know that as far as the reselling On Amazon goes or Ebay pretty much Everyone is starting off on For their purchasing of mass quantity Goods so people are very loyal to this Company and that is a significant Barrier to entry for a competitor second Of all it is this e-commerce supply Chain we've talked about how a lot of These Goods if not probably most of them On Amazon went through alibaba's supply Chain in terms of somebody actually Purchasing those goods in bulk uh buying Them from overseas bringing them over to The US and then having Amazon warehouse

Those goods and ship them out to the Consumers so they are deeply rooted in This e-commerce supply chain and they Play a very important role in this and Again that is a barrier to entry the Third barrier to entry is their supply Chain and distribution Network as far as Their connections with the overseas Suppliers and the people that are Actually producing like the factories That are producing these products like For example I talked about those soup Cups I looked at the actual companies or Businesses that are producing those they Have all these connections with these Large Chinese suppliers and suppliers All over the world and there's a Significant amount of value in those Connections and again that ties in with That brand loyalty of these suppliers Being very loyal to the Alibaba platform Fourth of all they are a big Tech and Data company and so there's a lot of Value in their patents their technology And the amount of shopping and consumer Shopping habits data that they have and So very similar to a company like Amazon Or Google that has a massive amount of Data it is a very useful resource and It's something that other entrants would Not have as far as knowing what products To recommend to people or any kind of Shopping habits from their customers and So there's a lot of value in that data

And it certainly protects them from Their competition and then the last Barrier to entry that I have here is the Fact that they are primarily serving International markets particularly China And as far as a company like Amazon Edging into that they do have a firm Grasp on China and they already have a Very strong establishment over there as Far as the customer loyalty and the Brand loyalty and so as far as a company Like Amazon edging into that market I Don't really see that as a big threat Other than these companies like 10 cent Baidu JD dot com these other Chinese E-commerce and internet services Companies but because they are operating In the Chinese market that is a barrier To entry as far as a U.S company going After that market but anyways guys That's going to wrap up the beginning of This video now we're going to jump over And look at the fundamentals and also Take a peek at the earnings report as Well okay so now we're going to be Looking at some of the fundamentals here For Alibaba stock and this was kind of Annoying because I had to grab data from Both NASDAQ and Morningstar because for Whatever reason when I went to look at The quarterly data on the NASDAQ website It didn't have the last four quarters it Gave me three random quarters over the Last five years so it was very weird but

Anyway sometimes you're going to have Trouble finding good information you Might have to go to two different Sources and so that was a good Learning Lesson here but I find that if the NASDAQ website doesn't have what I'm Looking for then typically I'll find it On the Morningstar website but first of All let's start off here by looking at The assets and uh first of all total Assets have grown every single year Since 2014 at an average rate of 65.6 Percent per year absolutely insane asset Growth here for Alibaba and another Thing I love about these internet Services companies very similar to Facebook we see zero dollars in Inventory for Alibaba uh total assets Have increased in every quarter of 2017 And total assets increased 40.4 percent From the quarter ending in March of 2017 To the quarter ending in December of 2017. I'm not quite sure how Alibaba Breaks it down as far as their quarters And their fiscal reporting uh so I'm Going to go ahead and just use those Figures there so what we can gather here Looking at this is that the asset growth Is Stellar for Alibaba I mean seeing 40 Growth in four quarters is great and 65.6 percent on average over the last Four years is phenomenal as well or from 2014 to 2017 that is and the other thing We're noticing here is if we look at the

Cash and cash equivalents uh back in 331 Of 2014 it was uh 6 billion 6.1 billion And now we're looking at a cash pile of 21.2 billion as of March 31st of 2017. So Alibaba has a massive cash pile that Is also growing moving on now let's take A look at the liabilities for Alibaba so What we can see here is that total Liabilities have grown every single year Since 2014 at an average rate of just 35.9 percent per year so total assets Growth is significantly outpacing the Growth of total liabilities a big plus Looking at this balance sheet now Current assets have excellent coverage Of current liabilities at 1.97 to 1 in The quarter ending in December of 2017 And in that same quarter current assets Almost have complete coverage of total Liabilities at 0.94 to 1. so their Current assets or short-term assets Almost have complete coverage of all of Their debts a very positive sign here And giving them a very very strong Balance sheet as well they have great Coverage of their debt and again a lot Lot of this ties into the fact that they Are an internet services company giving Them a very low debt load now total Assets also have excellent coverage of Total liabilities a ratio of 2.5 to 1 in That quarter and so everything here as Far as their debt coverage is uh Stellar For this company so Alibaba has

Excellent coverage of their debts Typical of an Internet services company With little overhead and no inventory And as a result this gives Alibaba a Very attractive balance sheet for Investors moving on now we'll take a Peek at the net cash flow from Operations on the income statement we See net cash flow from operations has Increased every single year since 2014 At an average rate of 40.5 percent per Year and net cash flow from operations Increased in every quarter in 2017. now Again because this is an e-commerce Company and they're complementary to Amazon they're going to have seasonality Where they're going to do very well in The final quarter there due to the Holiday spending and the seasonal Shopping and so seasonality l elevated The figures for the quarter ending in December of 2017 and like we said They're similar to Amazon holiday Shopping makes this the best quarter for Alibaba and this really was the only bad Thing I could find here looking at the Financial documents here but it's when We look at the total revenue and gross Profit there's something that you might Notice here so total revenue has Increased every single year since 2014 At an average rate of 39.9 percent per Year however gross profit has increased Every year uh at a rate of just 31.7

Percent per year so it actually Increased at a slower rate than total Revenue did and that is because gross Profit is not keeping up with total Revenue and this is indicated by looking At the declining gross margin they're Looking at the financial ratios for this Company over the last four years so Let's look at gross margin here back in 2014 it was 75 percent it declined to 69 In 2015. 66 in 2016 and 62 percent in 2017 so we're seeing a decline in the Grow course margin which is a result of An increase in their cost of Revenue or Their gross profit margin is decreasing Now still that is a very strong number To have a 62 percent gross margin so I'm Not saying that's a bad number at all I Just want to point out the decline in Gross margin as that is one thing that Might be concerning for investors and Really it's the only bad thing I could Find looking at these financial Documents other than that all of their Other numbers are great they have strong Numbers there as far as their margins go And um we talked about the liquidity Ratios for this company uh just we Calculated those by hand there but the Liquidity ratios for Alibaba are great As well moving on now let's take a look At the performance of Alibaba stock over The last year and then since their IPO Back in 2014. So Alibaba stock is

Actually down 3.9 percent so far in 2018. we actually mentioned this earlier On in this video talking about that Lateral stock movement so far this year And this could be indicating that the Trend might be running out of momentum Or it's just a result of this broad Market sell-off taking place now this Slowing of this trend is better Indicated on the five-year chart but Again keep in mind this company has not Been public for five years as they went Public in 2014. so as you can see 2017 Alibaba stock was moving hot and heavy And then that Trend kind of died off at The end of 2017 into 2018 and we're Seeing some lateral stock movement there Or lateral movement of that share price And so it might be a sign that that Trend is tapering off but still I would Say as a long-term investor It is better to see slow and steady Growth over a long period of time to Avoid the bubble territory that is Typical of these internet and e-commerce Companies uh so over the last year Alibaba stock is up 59.6 percent and We'll compare that with Amazon at 61.9 Very similar performance to Amazon stock And uh 10 cent one of their competitors Has outperformed at 79.2 percent in the Same time frame and then since the IPO Alibaba stock is up 87.8 percent so my Whole analysis here is that this Chinese

Amazon Alibaba seems to be a more Reasonable valuation and it might Actually be a good supplement to Amazon Stock I could see reason to hold both of These companies because they're really Not major competitors with each other Because they complement each other's Businesses and so my opinion is that Alibaba should continue to do well with The growth in global e-commerce and it's A good way to get some broad Market in International exposure and then we have Some key financial notes here from their Earnings report for the quarter are Ending in December 31st of 2017 and There are some very very strong numbers Here first of all core Commerce Revenue Increased 57 percent year over year and Then cloud computing Revenue their Competing services with Amazon web Services increased uh 104 year over year I'm not sure if it's a competitive Service but it's a similar service to Amazon web services uh digital media and Entertainment Revenue increased 33 Percent year over year and then annual Active consumers increased by 27 million Year over year and then their International Commerce Revenue this is a Very exciting number to me increased 93 Percent year over year so they're International Commerce is seeing Substantial growth and that's again Something we like about this stock is

You're getting exposure to International And Emerging Markets so I'm actually Doing something completely different Here in this video I went through the Earnings report and grabbed some Excerpts I want to read to you guys and So if this is useful information to you Guys let me know in the Facebook group And I'll continue to do this but there Were some really cool tidbits I wanted To grab and share with you guys just to Show you more about what Alibaba is Involved with so first of all Innovation Initiatives and Technology development During the quarter hour AI powered Voice Assistant t-mall Genie surpassed 1 Million units sold since its official Launch in July of 2017. Team all Genie Is supported by a growing collection of Content and services and is an effective Vehicle for offering a comprehensive set Of everyday Living applications within The Alibaba ecosystem so what does that Sound similar to you guys does that Remind you of the Alexa products this is Pretty much Um just like Alexa it's a uh of smart AI Powered Voice Assistant it's just called The t-mall genie and this is alibaba's Version of the Alexa enabled devices That Amazon has and then it says in January alibaba's Institute of data Science Technologies our official Artificial intelligence research arm

Developed a deep learning neural network For natural language processing that Scored higher than humans on a Stanford Reading comprehension test the first Time a machine has outperformed humans On such a test very exciting Developments for the um artificial Intelligence arm of Alibaba this Development underscores alibaba's Commitment to technology research which We believe builds the foundation for our Growth in the long run so that is very Exciting news there for the artificial Intelligence side of their business and Then moving on here the digital and Entertainment side it says during the Quarter yuku's videos daily average Subscribers more than doubled year on Year driven by several original drama Series and shows that became popular Hits with the users such as the advisors Alliance day and night go on Xiao Dao And oh my general the value of original Content is reflected through growing Subscriber base as well as increasing Mind share among users yuku will Continue to invest and execute on a Strategy of Shifting its content mix Towards original content again very Similar to Amazon strategy with Amazon Video And also what Netflix is doing with Their investment in original content During the quarter Netflix signed an

Agreement to distribute day and night a 32 episode detective Thriller developed By yuku to Netflix audiences around the World this is the first time that China Developed original content is widely Distributed digitally to a global Audience and the distribution agreement With Netflix demonstrates the creative Capability of our digital video business So a big plus here for Alibaba in terms Of their media production company and Yuku also appears to have a similar Service to YouTube I grabbed a Screenshot over there on the right and So I don't know anything about the Service but it appears to be similar to Both Amazon Prime video Netflix and Maybe YouTube as well and then there Were some interesting developments here On the cloud computing side of alibaba's Business Alibaba cloud cloud computing Revenue grew 104 year over year driven By both robust growth in paying Customers and revenue mix toward higher Value ad products I Alibaba Cloud Remains the leader in China's market for Infrastructure as a service measured by Revenue and according to the skip that Part there Alibaba Cloud was the largest Platform as a service player in China Based on data in the first half of 2017. More importantly though let's get to These details here in the December 2017 Quarter Alibaba Cloud launched 396 new

Products and features and continued to Introduce proprietary AI Technologies to Tackle real world challenges such as Traffic planning and optimizing Efficiency in manufacturing and Airport Operations involved in all kinds of Different applications here Alibaba Cloud continues to expand its Customer base across a variety of Industries selected large Enterprise Customers and major Partnerships include Watson's China the leading Health and Beauty retailer in China is using our Cloud products and services to support Their digital online business the Company is exploring to use our data Technology and other new retail related Services to enhance customer experience And shopping journey and then geely or Julie I'm not sure on the pronunciation They're a leading automobile Manufacturer in China has adopted our Middleware security and database Products to create a digital marketing Platform that allows the company to Optimize product design and Manufacturing by engaging with the Customers in real time and then Bayesian Capital International Airport one of the Largest Aviation hubs in China is Launching a pilot program on our ET Aviation brain cloud platform to improve The overall efficiency of its operations It's just absolutely insane to me the

Different applications involved with the Cloud computing inside of their business And then this piece here as well had Some important details on their International growth our cross-border And international retail businesses Continued to show strong growth there's Some Revenue figures mentioned there About what was important is that a 93 Year-on-year growth in Revenue was seen Driven by the strong growth of our Southeast Asian platform lazanda and our Global retail Marketplace AliExpress While the markets for Southeast Asia and Cross-border commerce remain very Competitive they are in early Innings of The game we are optimistic about the Long-term secular growth prospects of Our International markets and will Therefore continue to make significant Investments for market share growth and Focusing on the best customer experience So very strong numbers they're seen in International growth for Alibaba and Then finally let's talk about the new Retail a very exciting piece of this Business it says new retail rapid Expansion through Partnerships and Innovative Technologies so during the Quarter Hema expanded its fresh grocery Footprint by adding five new stores in Shanghai Beijing Ningbo and suzhao again Guys my pronunciation is bad on that I Do apologize but um bringing the total

Number of hammer stores to 25 as of December 31st 2017 Hema exemplifies the Convergence of online and offline retail By leveraging our in-store proprietary Technology digitized supply chain system Consumer insights and mobile ecosystem To provide a seamless experience for Consumers again blending that idea of Online versus offline shopping and then In November 2017 we formed a strategic Alliance with sun art group limited the Number one Hypermarket and I don't even Know what Hypermarket is first of all But the number one Hypermarket and Supermarket chain by Revenue in China With over 440 stores nationwide through This partnership we aim to equip Traditional retailers with our Proprietary technology and know-how and Online offline convergence to implement Their digital transformation in addition The partnership with sun art will also Enable us to accelerate the expansion of Our new retail offerings with national Scale in connection with this Alliance Alibaba and an affiliate invested in Aggregate of U.S 2.9 billion dollars for An effective 36 Equity stake in Sun art So very exciting news here with this new Retail segment for Alibaba but anyways Guys that's going to wrap up this Analysis here of this stock I hope you Guys enjoyed it let me know if this last Section here was useful and if so I'll

Include it in future videos and if not No big deal I just thought I would uh Add something new here to this to see What you guys think but thank you guys So much for watching and I will see you In the next video

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