US MINT FAIL – This Silver is Not Worth it in 2023

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The United States Mint is dead to me They're failures so far in 2023 are so Absolutely egregious I am pulling the Plug the U.S mint was already on life Support in my eyes but now it's over so I want to talk about what I think are Their two biggest failures so far this Year one of them being the new Morgan And peace dollar program it's gonna be a Flop so if you were thinking about Buying those coins uh definitely stay Tuned for that but also I want to talk About their American Silver Eagle Coin Program wow the lack of effort there is Absolutely astounding so let's do it Buy your gold and silver at SD bullion Get started today at New thank you so much for watching my Video I do sincerely appreciate it first Off I want to look at the American Silver Eagle mintages so far for 2023 And then we'll talk about the Morgan and Peace dollar program I'm disgusted at What they've decided to do with that so Let's jump in to the silver eagles here We are looking at the month by month Breakdown for the 2023 American Eagles If we look at Silver over here on the Right we can see for the month of January almost 4 million coins minted This is very common usually what they do Is they make a bunch the year before and Then they release them all in January so Yeah we got a nice push although it is

Lower than years past which I'll show You in a second but then look at February 900 1000 coins not even a million this is Outrageously low and it is also criminal Because the U.S mint is supposed to Provide silver coins to demand the American public says this is how many Coins we want they're supposed to Mint Them and provide them to us that's the Law and they're not making enough coins They haven't been doing this for a few Years now and they continue to get away With it I mean this number is insane Obviously March is not over they're Probably going to update this total I Certainly hope it's not 450 000 coins For March because this number is Unfathomably low let me show you what They did in 2022 for comparison so if we Look January 2022 over 5 million coins To start off the year then they go 1.5 Million in February 1 million in March And the rest is history if we go back to 2021 look at this we have almost 5 Million in January February 3 million March 4 million so I mean this is robust This is what we should be seeing these High you know three four five million uh Per month numbers because that's how Many coins we want if you remember Premiums on American silver eagles Started going up around 2021 when they Started lowering the mintage numbers

Look at the end of the year here we got Uh one million 1.5 million nothing in December that's not uncommon but for the Whole year for 2021 Silver Eagle totals Just over 28 million coins all right Which is fairly robust I'm not gonna lie If they did that every year that would Probably be okay although with more People wanting to get into silver it Would probably need to be ramped up but Then look at 2022 the total for the Whole whole year 15.9 million so basically half what it Was the year before however they still Were kind of trying right five million Coins 1.5 million coins now for this Year 2023 they've completely stopped Trying not even 4 million on the first Month and then not even a million in February so this really frustrates me When we know they're breaking the law They should be providing us with more Coins but they don't care and no one's Doing anything about it I mean I don't Really know what I could do I can call Them and complain and oh we'll put in a Voice of the customer complaint but That's not going to do anything what we Need is someone to hold them accountable And if the general public is not able to Do that we're going to need the Politicians to step up but the problem Is they don't care most of the Politicians I'd say 99 of them could not

Care less about the bull million sales At the U.S mint this is probably just Going to continue to dwindle and Eventually it's likely going to be Canceled and then we won't get any coins At all so that's why the U.S mint is Dead to me they are falling short They've been falling short for a number Of years if you missed my video where I Talk about them lying last year and just Shoving it down our throats expecting us To believe it I'll put a link up in the Corner of this video as well as a link Down Below in the description it is Disgusting uh but beyond that they've Also failed in their sale of the Collectible coins so let's talk about The Morgan and Peace dollars if you Don't know there's five options to buy Morgan and peace silver dollars this Year the last of which is a two coin set So there's going to be six coins coming Out and people are buying these just to Collect them right this doesn't have to Do with silver stacking or investing in Silver some people will buy these to Flip for a profit on the secondary Market and bullion dealers do that all The time so I don't have any problem With that but most people are just Buying these to collect and most people Have signed up for a subscription for These coins like myself now when we Signed up for the subscription there

Were prices listed which you can see Right here original price 67.73 175 the U.S mint has raised the Prices but they did not send out an Email telling us the prices went up Which I think is incredibly Shady so I Want to talk about that I also want to Talk about the household order limit Which has been raised I believe they Announced that yesterday but we'll get To that in a second so originally for The uncirculated uh Morgan and Peace Dollars they were 67 bucks now they're 76 for the proof it was 73. now they're 80.00 peace and remember these aren't Even one ounce of silver so keep that in Mind for the reverse proof set 175 Dollars now it's a hundred and eighty Five dollars so this is crazy that they Can jack up the prices on the Subscriptions without even emailing us I Mean how is that even legal if you're Not familiar with the subscription Program because it's pretty new let me Explain it you go to shop Subscriptions and then we're gonna click On the Morgan and peace silver dollars And you can see they have all of them Right here it says you're charged Nothing today so we'll click on one and Basically all you have to do is add them To your bag you do have to sign into Your account and then you can reserve The coins so when they are released

It'll automatically charge you and then They'll just mail them to you and it Does say right here price approximately Eighty dollars per subscription how much You want to bet they're gonna raise the Price prices again before these coins Come out it'll probably be like eighty Nine dollars or something I mean this is Just ridiculous that they get you locked In you think you're going to be paying a Certain price and then they pull the rug Out from under you they jack up the Price and you don't even know until it Ships right they're like oh sorry we Charge you more because inflation or Whatever so I have a problem with this Subscription model and I think a lot of Other people do as well because they've Raised the household order limit on These products it used to be three now It's 25. at least they sent us an email to Let us know the household order limit Had changed but I guarantee the reason That they did this was because they were Hoping people would sign up to purchase More of these coins because there's not Enough interest I initially thought These were all gonna sell out be really Popular and I was subscribed to get the Maximum amount of coins I could at the Time which was only three of each so it Was three three three three and three Now they've raised it to 25 coins per

Household so this is insane I mean if They're actually gonna let people order 25 of each of these coins which seems Like they're going to these coins are Not going to be popular the dealers are Going to be able to buy an enormous Amount of them and flood the market so That's the reason they have the Household order limit to begin with so Everyone can get at least one or two of Them which in the past hasn't always Worked out but at least they were trying Now they're saying that's all out the Window we're just gonna flood the market Sell them to whoever wants them and That'll be that so I don't think these Four coins are gonna do well on the Secondary Market at all I was getting Three of of each now that they've raised The price and raised the order limit I'm Just going to get one of each for my own Personal collection because I don't want To buy them on the secondary Market this Will be the easiest way and the cheapest Way to get them so I'm just gonna get One of each and then for the two coin Reverse proof set I'll probably get a Few extras because these are the first Ever reverse proof Morgan and peace Silver dollars and this is the lowest Mintage for the year so these might Still do okay on the secondary Market But the other ones no way absolutely not So there you go that is what's going on

With the Morgan and peace silver dollars As well as the American silver eagles This year honestly the US Mint has Completely dropped the ball with both of Those and I feel like everything is just Getting worse year after year they're Getting more greedy with their Collectible coins they're charging more And more money for those and not even Telling people that they jacked up the Prices so I think that's messed up and Then with the bullion side of things With the silver eagles they're clearly Not making enough the premiums are still Way higher on Silver Eagles than most Other bullion coins around the world so They need to get their act together but I don't think they're going to be able To so for those reasons they are dead to Me now I want to know your thoughts feel Free to put them down below in the Comment section I want to say thank you So much for watching this video and I Will see you all in my next one silver Dragons out

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