WORKING WITH THE COMMUNITY – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] How receptive are the young adults uh You know because I I remember days when It was like they didn't understand what Was happening and then I see the kids Maybe two or three years down the line They're like oh my gosh I'm so glad we Learned that so that's that's the first Part of the question and the other part Is that how do we make people more aware Of the programs that are available to Our communities because sometimes you Know especially as parents they just Don't know they're so busy in their Everyday lives that they don't know if It's actually programming that can help Our young adults and even help them I Know somebody was telling us that Howard A lot of times in our communities the Child becomes a teacher especially on Subjects that we don't know you know We're not familiar with the financial Literacy being one of those so how has That been for you uh when you're done With the community work And to be honest you all have made it a Lot easier yeah I mean you've made it Cool and sexy to talk about financial Education so it hasn't always been that Way but you know Brothers like yourself And others all that's that's doing some Of the great things in the financial Education space it's made it it's made It a lot easier to talk about it's still

Still not easy and that's why I'm Dedicated to you know creating you know Content activation and programs that Resonate right so not only am I you know For the culture I'm in the culture I Understand what's going on in the Community and it's a little different When I walk into a classroom versus Someone that may not look at that right So I'm not going in and I'm not trying To talk over the head and I'm not trying To sell them a dream that hey if you say It's gonna you know we can save your way To work you know I'm teaching practical Skills and the way I'm able to teach Them practice skills because I'm in it Yes I'm working a career but I know that My career is going to set set me right So my career takes care of me it takes Care of my family let them decimates the Things that I'm constantly reading and Learning that's going to take care of The Next Generation right so my my Daughter and you know her kids and Things are gonna eat and grow off of the Groundwork that I lay here now not only In my career but from my investments and That's what we always got to think about One thing my dad used to always tell me Is that each generation has to make the Next Generation better right so if you Worked on a plan so that I can be any Boy so so now that I have a Seton Boardroom it's my job to actually create

Tables so that my daughter and and my my Child to be can be at the headed on this Tables that I created and be able to Create their own suit so when I'm in These classrooms I'm talking I'm talking To the students about really Building Wealth right as a result you're going to Learn about budget you're going to learn About credit you're going to learn about Home runs and I'm really focusing about Changing the trajectory of your family So when you find out what matters to the Most and a lot of people what matters to The most is Building Wealth of their Family or getting out of that situation So when you talk to them about what Really matters it kind of resonates with You know but it's not always easy but I Think we've got I suppose for making it Cool and the things that you're doing Thank you Um I think logically our community wants This information but emotionally Sometimes we get afraid what do you Think is like the number one thing we Can do to make The content information and everything That we share More palatable and to take the fear Around out of investing so we will go From dropping episodes to immediate Implementation from the audience No that's key and I I was you were Talking with someone the other day you

Can you can't always dumb the Information down right sometimes you've Got to encourage people to come up right So it's really understanding what what Resonates and when we think about stuff Like in charge right the reason why we Do it from Shoppers is because students Are already playing right right the Reason why we do things like that about The stock market challenge is you Surrounding them in the team you you Their competition a lot of people feed On off of competition so you're trying To go in and not only as young the Company do when we create programs I'm Not going out I'm sitting in the room Full of you know my peers saying hey What can we do for the community you Actually have to go in the community and Talk to the people don't understand what It is that they're looking for and how How do they want to receive that Information right it's not about like I Said dumbling down but it's like we're Really works right when we think about Talking about money it's is not always About how much you make and things like That you got to think about the Psychological you know ideas about money The the systematic relationships that People understand communities have and Financial institutions and things like That so sometimes you got to break down Those units before you jump into

Educating right you don't want to just Walk in and say all right put your money In the bank earn interest or you know Things like that yeah and how did they Get to that point why they're still Cashing a check at the low facility you Know why they're still holding their Money and you know under their mattress Or things like that you won't understand That psychology psychology behind it Before you just start giving them to us I mean the last piece is just the first Thing that we the person to read you Know if you're not a good reader audible Is a good choice Um you got podcasts you got you know you Guys your Market Mondays your anger Leisure you got you know a lot of great Content out there so find someone that Is is not only you know putting the Content out that's true doing and Transparent with someone that you can Relate to I think that's the easier way To get the information across So so let me ask you this Um my last question What's the hurdles that you're seeing You know you work in the corporate side So we're different right so we have the Same Mission but we work in different Spaces with we're in a media space we're Independent we're entrepreneurs so we Don't see a lot of you know Things that people in Corporate America

See and vice versa so you as a as a Black man that's working in financial Services industry Um at a large financial services company What are some of the hurdles and some of The issues that you see Um in the industry Not a great great question Um I say the biggest hurdle is this kind Of just break it down breaking down Myths right so it's similar to to my Response before kind of understanding Why people are whether and where they Are where they want to be so the biggest Hurdles is mistrust so going in trying To to break down that mistrust and not Going in and saying everything that they Believe is not true some of the things That they believe is is true what's true Um so making sure that that our Understanding understand that piece and Then at least explain it to people we Have to put the words no no one is out Here giving on it right you have to you Have to put the words in in from an Educational standpoint Um if you don't have that plan you don't Know what you're working towards it's Hard to kind of see the other side right And there's people out here that's doing Great and amazing things that are not You know athletes there's not going to Continues and things like that so Showing up showing up sometimes is is

The hardest part and when we get there And we kind of explain your journey some Of the things that you've dealt with I Think that's Um that helps but the biggest hurdle is Kind of business dividing yes Yeah one of the things I I give Ally Credit and obviously Demetrius and Jack And South African old team and allies That there's a relatability there every Time we meet somebody it feels like it's A family oriented uh space even though It's a corporate can you talk about the Importance of having relatability I mean Even the fact that you know we have a Partnership is like wait they actually Are hearing what's happening here Because on your legion what's happening In the community so talk about that with The importance of staying relatable and Actually understanding what's happening In the Grassroots level now that's great I mean representation matters right so When I speak to people and you know Everyone is pushing entrepreneurship you Know leave the job and things like that Which I think is pros and cons to Everything right so When you think about representation in Companies like Ally Us being at the table to support Organizations like theirselves and Brothers that's doing good things like Yourself

Um shows the commitment right so dni is Central to who we are and we're Committed to establishing a well-going Relationship with consumers We want to show that BB and I is in our DNA creating spaces that embrace you Know diversity advocacy and education so Our culture is inclusive I mean it Brings us some of these differences Right so we want to make sure that when We're out there doing programs and They're all doing relationships that's Shown it's shown that we're truly an Ally for the community and that's really One of the reasons why I came to Ally And we continue to organize with the Cultures right so how many banks would You see at part fossil you know Timberland and King push came out you Don't you don't see too many banks Investing it's important you know Opportunities like that and it's true From leadership down right so Andrea was There you know she had a great time Um we had a lot of great people dance as Long as events to earning a masterpiece And it's just because we have the right People at the table but we've all seen Companies and organizations that don't Have the right people at the table and What's been the result of that and I Think our lives and that's why we're you Know trusted and trusted in the Community because we have representation

At the table and something to make some Of the decisions and we're committed to To making a difference individuals Yeah for sure that was definitely you Know legendary situation United matches Earn your leisure Allied many times we Get together it's uh it's a spectacle And uh definitely you know I said that You know it was a lot of activations From meta To I think uh the chicks have one they Did Chase a bunch of Fortune 100 Companies Um nobody had a line five blocks long Uh Yeah it's a lot that comes with it uh Ernie Alicia Ally we've had a good relationship so Look forward to continuing that Relationship but um yeah those type of Moments uh but some things money can't Buy that's the thing no matter no matter Who performs yeah yeah even if you get Cardi beat up Indeed don't forget about it on Fashion Week that was that was a movie as well Fashion Week everything Fashion Week so You know uh it's been dope to just you Know do those things where you wouldn't Expect financial literacy to just be at Uh um but we're there and um you know Just creating a Vibe and creating an Element for the people and uh you know The way it just you know goes on social

Media and people just spread the word It's become a thing that people actually Anticipate at all these events now so Yeah yeah can we do something it's the Holiday season can we do something let's Do it all right so yeah obviously you Know we've teamed up with a lot of power The next generation of creators Entrepreneurs and Leaders with financial Education so this is what we're gonna do For all our earners out there listening Right now allies helping us give away a 15 full year Scholarships in Elisa University that's right the new eylu Baba assessor proof where you can learn Real World skills to help you pursue Your financial goals so if you're a Korean entrepreneur or someone who is Trying to gain financial success you Have until December 30th to submit your Entry so here's what you got to do go to giveaway to submit Your entries that's Giveaway because for everything we do We're all better off Earlier and obviously shout out to you Demetrius for helping us get this done Um it has been a truthful relationship Man it's been dope it's been dope yeah For sure man looking forward to 2023. It's always a good time when we get Together and make it happen yeah yeah Yeah yeah sure as well it's been a Pleasure my brother thank you my brother

Thank you for joining us and I'm sure We'll see you soon that was good happy Holidays happy holidays shout out to Detroit what up though We knocked out yeah yeah shout out to Detroit man What's up [Music]

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