The Arrival of the Most Momentous Wealth Transfer in History – Insights from Robert Kiyosaki and Kevin DeMeritt

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Welcome to our blog post where we delve into the fascinating topic of the most momentous wealth transfer in history. In this article, we will be sharing insights from renowned financial experts Robert Kiyosaki and Kevin DeMeritt. Prepare to gain valuable knowledge and understanding as we explore the noteworthy arrival of this monumental wealth transfer.


In a recent episode featuring Robert Kiyosaki and Kevin DeMeritt, the concept of real money versus paper currency was discussed. This thought-provoking conversation explored the devaluation of currency caused by excessive money printing and emphasized the importance of investing in tangible assets like gold and silver. Beyond monetary matters, the episode also touched upon important social issues such as unemployment, tax policies, homelessness, and drug addiction. Throughout the discussion, Kiyosaki and DeMeritt provided valuable insights into financial education and investment strategies, shedding light on the potential impact of global economic changes on the value of the US dollar. In this article, we delve deeper into the topics covered in the episode and analyze the implications of what could potentially be the most momentous wealth transfer in history.

Real Money vs. Paper Currency: A Perspective on Wealth

The Devaluation of Currency through Excessive Money Printing

One of the key topics debated in the episode was the devaluation of currency resulting from the relentless printing of money. Kiyosaki and DeMeritt emphasized how this practice ultimately erodes the purchasing power of paper currency, leading to wealth inequality and financial instability. They argued that while governments may print more money to address economic issues or stimulate growth, this approach often results in long-term consequences that impact individuals and their ability to safeguard their wealth.

Investing in Tangible Assets: The Importance of Gold and Silver

Throughout the discussion, the importance of investing in tangible assets, particularly gold and silver, stood out as a focal point. According to Kiyosaki and DeMeritt, these precious metals have historically served as a store of value and protection against the devaluation of paper currency. They highlighted the resilience of gold and silver amid economic turbulence, making a case for individuals to diversify their portfolios and consider allocating a portion of their wealth to these tangible assets.

The Intersection of Economics and Social Issues

Unemployment, Tax Policies, and Homelessness

The conversation took a thought-provoking turn as Kiyosaki and DeMeritt addressed pressing social issues that intersect with economic realities. They spoke about the rising unemployment rates, discussing the potential consequences of widespread job losses and the importance of finding alternative income streams. Tax policies were also explored, with a focus on how they impact wealth accumulation and the redistribution of resources. In addition, the episode touched upon the issue of homelessness and the need for sustainable solutions that address the root causes of this societal challenge.

Drug Addiction: A Costly Symptom of Economic Inequality

Another social issue highlighted in the discussion was drug addiction. Kiyosaki and DeMeritt emphasized how economic inequality and financial distress can contribute to an increase in drug dependency rates. They underscored the importance of addressing the underlying economic factors that drive this issue, advocating for comprehensive approaches that prioritize both individual support and systemic change.

Insights into Financial Education and Investment Strategies

Throughout the episode, Kiyosaki and DeMeritt shared valuable insights into financial education and investment strategies. They stressed the importance of acquiring financial literacy to navigate the complexities of the modern economic landscape successfully. By understanding the principles of money, investment, and wealth creation, individuals can empower themselves and make informed decisions that align with their long-term financial goals.

The Potential Impact of Global Economic Changes

The conversation also delved into the potential impact of global economic changes on the value of the US dollar. Kiyosaki and DeMeritt discussed the shifting dynamics in the global economy and how these changes could affect the relative strength of different currencies. They emphasized the need to remain vigilant and adapt investment strategies accordingly to ensure the preservation and growth of wealth in an ever-evolving economic landscape.

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For those seeking further information, Lear Capital offers a free report that delves deeper into the topics discussed in the episode. The report provides valuable insights and guidance on protecting and growing wealth amidst economic uncertainties. Additionally, interested individuals can follow Robert Kiyosaki on his various social media profiles to stay updated on his latest insights, advice, and initiatives in the realm of finance and investment.


The conversation between Robert Kiyosaki and Kevin DeMeritt provided thought-provoking insights into the concept of real money versus paper currency and its implications for wealth preservation. By recognizing the devaluation caused by excessive money printing, investing in tangible assets like gold and silver, and understanding the intersection of economic and social issues, individuals can navigate the uncharted waters of the global economy more effectively. With the potential for a historic wealth transfer on the horizon, it is essential to stay informed, embrace financial education, and adapt investment strategies to safeguard and potentially enhance personal prosperity.


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