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[Music] What are the top five reasons that Traders blow up their account yeah so if 2022 wasn't a great year for you please Write these down I want to be able to Help you out uh number one most Traders Take too many trades which ends up Blowing up their account because only it Only takes three or four bad ones to Have you draw down about 50 to 70 if You're using leverage Um I think you should stay within a Range of 20 maximum for the year if we Have a bullish Market if we have a Bearish market you should stay within 12 Trades for the year number two Um not doing the inner work to heal your Money traumas Um and working on yourself constantly to Become a better person that's why at Every show I always start with I deserve To be happy I deserve to be wealthy I Deserve to be rich I deserve to be free How many of you honestly truly believe That you're worth Two to 15 million dollars a year And I know Hopefully we get a bunch in chat but Normally when I'm speaking to people Most people don't feel that they're Worth it or that they deserve that Amount so you have to do that in a work To understand so especially if you grow Poor or you were broke for a period of

Time that Financial Trauma can seep into your life and can Cause you to self-sabotage has anybody Ever like taken a trade they know that They were going to lose or they put on a Position size it was way too heavy Or you got on a good streak of six seven Eight trades in a row and then your next Ten with terrible trades that you knew You should have stayed away from so make Sure you heal those traumas first to be Able to do better in the market number Three having a very erratic workspace so Your workspace should be like a spa like I want you guys to meditate and I talked About this on a stock Club call last Week but You need to meditate before during and After your trading session So I know some of you love to play rap And you like to get hyped and think that You're going to attack the market but The market usually ends up attacking you So you want your place to be a place in Of Serenity Um I also can tell if a person is Talking too fast that their trading is Usually not going well Um and the last one is not having a System with a mathematical Edge tied to A risk to reward ratio that is in your Favor I cannot stress that enough even If most of you get the direction wrong And let's say you counter trained if you

Have a risk reward of one 211 even though your counter Trend Trades the ones that will go in your Favor you can end up making a hell of a Lot of money I don't want you to counter A trend trade I want you to go the Direction but when I asked most people When I'm out hey if you took 100 trades Out of those hundreds how many would you Win and what's the multiple that you'll Get on the trades that you've taken most Don't know So if I ask you guys like hey if you put Out 100 episodes how many hits are you Going to have and out of those let's say 8 to 12 hits what kind of deal flow Would I give you you guys can give me an Answer for Traders if you don't know out Of 100 trades how many you're gonna win And what's the mathematical probability Of you doing that in any Market if you Don't know that you're purely gambling And those are the five things you can do To make sure that you don't blow up your Account Yeah can we add an asterisk stuff like a Number six what are your thoughts on People not just over trading but trading Across different sectors not focusing I Know a lot of times and we spoke to a Lot of people who are in the space Aristotle is one of those guys and he's Like yeah I'm only trading 12 things Like we know we're talking like yo I'm

Only trading 15 to 20 times for the year Yeah people who are just trading like And there's no real plan or strategy It's just like kind of like speculation It's disaster like those are like the Real real pill Traders like they want All the trades all the women all the Cars like it takes a lot to manage all That man like if you if you haven't Really mastered it and that's why even When I introduced two tattoo index That's a long-term strategy I want you Guys to stick with and then also Investing in global equities in the bond Market that is a hedge fund strategy I Put in the stock club last week but There was a hedge fund manager that's up 123 shorting the bond in es future Last year You have to specialize Um I think people that try and be Generalists end up getting destroyed and When you really buckle down on one Strike and you've seen us do it with the Show like of course like that's 19 other Shows I could have done after this but It's like hunker down on one Be good at one thing Be able to rinse and repeat and all the Profitability that you want to sell and I don't know any traders that trades Every Market I don't know many traders That trade Futures Forex options stocks Nft crypto like whatever your lane is

Whether it's crypto nft Forex Master the Hell out of it get your win ratio up get Your profit Factor up to a high point And just focus in on that and you'll be Good No it's important so when ratio is Important yeah and that's important to Master one thing before you do another Thing and like even on the content side Like people do shows and it's like you Don't have one hit show yet and you're Doing another show and you're putting Out more content and it's like well you Haven't fully figured out how to have a Hit show yourself yet so why would you Have another show yeah or why would you Try to Mentor somebody else to have Their show when you yourself have not Figured it out yet there are people out There that do that Kevin Samuels This guy is different that's real so What you say is real now what you're Saying talk it's just like yo bro you Got to focus on just you've been in the Movies last two weeks I mean not I mean But it's real talk right how can I say I'm the king of something where I've Mastered something if I haven't shown a Certain level of success right in order For me to have a certain level of Success now I could become an Authoritarian in the space or I could Say like hey I've done this you've seen

Me do this you've seen my success here's How I can also help you become Successful now will it always work no it Won't because there's going to be Certain factors that you can't teach Right you can't teach work ethic you Can't teach determination you can't Teach drives like those things don't Come with it I can show you how we did It but chances are you probably won't Have the same type of outcome right yeah Which is true Yeah I'm with you my brother that's true Information over ego we're going to stay Centered yes Eagle is the enemy Stillness is the key right ego is So let's all right let's get let's get The people what they want let's go over Some stock reviews Um 10 stocks Yeah I'm gonna go through Lululemon first yes yes yes yes yes yes Lou Lemon yes Lululemon I like a hell of A lot shout out to my guy Ty he's been Invested in this I think 2016. a good One I like it at like 237 44. this is a Minimum five-year hold if you're looking For like a low to vote price that would Be like 210 37 I like them for the long Term athleisure higher end luxury brand I like them a lot oh and I want to say This about Tesla real quick So I gave the price for Tesla in stock Club if you're part of red panda stock

Club I gave a like uh depression level Big recession level price of 29.37 the Next day the analyst came out and said Tesla could potentially fall to 30. There were some people who were upset Um I do want to say That I'm probably the only person that Gives out prices that are like hedge Fund level prices You can't be upset about the price I Think the price that I gave last week For Tesla's still amazing but membership Does have privileges the probability of Tesla going to that price is less than Nine percent if it does go to that price Of 30 though I will be more than happy To put like 40 of my net worth into that Price Be patient And if you only buy one share it doesn't Matter anyway so I just have to say that Include it up for the interwebs Um for for context but I the probability Of it going to 30 is very low but if it Does you need to know those prices and Where to get it in advance second one is WWE um I said 90 87.82 yeah Vince McMahon is coming back It is too high of a price to buy well Played I have a couple friends in the WWE so I don't want to say too much but Well played by a hunter to take over That man's company and then get a couple Of hedge funds to take it over with them

And can we stay there for two seconds Yes so he's coming back we saw the price Go up obviously for WWE there is toss Daddy he it's going up because the Potential of him selling the company Would be a great time to do so okay I Just wanted to get your thoughts on that Yeah and if they do the previous high Was in I think 2019 or like 100.45 I think it had popped to maybe like 99 Bucks and some change Um who was the company that acquired UFC Off of Dana White Everyone homework assignment number one If they acquire them maybe in a few Years they'll have a chance to break to 120 but I don't necessarily love the Stock at this price if it ever gets back To like that 37 or 40 range I love Um and I would buy it then even though I Don't like the product as much as I used To Um stock number three celsius Holdings Is that 97 bucks and some change it is Decent Maybe at like 65 bucks or 70 I would Like to take a look at it but I do like It for the long term hold up hold up for A minute so he's giving out prices and Stocks so only thing that we ask you Guys is to like the video this 4 000 People watching it for four less than 400 people have liked the video that's a 10 ratio so

If uh Peter Josh Brown uh Citadel JP Morgan please call us in the morning Yeah so please Mary from NBC Universal please call me Hit the like button it's information Um which is free so hitting the like Button does not cost you anything you're Already here Fourth stock listen information and Value for the culture over ego it's not About us right number four Crocs Um Crocs I don't like long term Um Yeah Crocs I don't like somebody's Asking about that data dog ddog Don't like don't like long term Could possibly fall to 29 Um And until we get out of this recession The yield curve Is no longer inverted and the FEDS stop Raising rates I won't touch it right now Um next one is docn which is Uh digital ocean do not like it at all When I touch I will not even swing trade This one Next one is shift for payments I wouldn't touch this one But not tickers f-o-u-r Maybe at 26 I was swing traded but I Would not hold it for long term let's go To meta Meta's been like

Dancing up a little bit since the top of The new year Um if I would touch it maybe like at 113 I would swing traded up to like 122. Um but I'm still not sold on holding Them long term yet Next one is s-w-a-v Uh Shockwave I actually like this one I needed to fall to like 106 before I Wanted to buy it Um I still need you to go research the Fundamentals of the company make sure They have good net income before swing Trade I do like it at 106. And let's go to Tesla I just talked About that again Um we saw Alibaba push up the top of the Year and I said look for Alibaba To be a canary in a coal mine to to Indicate if we're going to go up for the Year so far we have been the first five Days of the trading year have been Pretty solid so hopefully that can Continue Um one of the reasons that Alibaba shot Up because Jack ma is going to like Solely focus on Alibaba now if Elon decides to do the Same Tesla will shoot up a lot even Though he is in a very Interesting spot Where he needs Starling to work Incredibly well which I think it will I

Think it'll be one of the most dominant Companies over the next 10 years and That's going to provide some liquidity To allow him to get away from Twitter And focus on starlink And Tesla Um but if they get a better executive Management team or he solely focuses There I think I think Tesla will do Incredibly well over the long term not Something that they don't have great Management now but it's not Apple ask Um and last one is xpof Um exponential Fitness is too new for me To invest in it's at 26 bucks and 24 Cent Don't love it Um I will have to wait at least another Year for this one to play out so those Are ones I want to review [Music] I know they can't stand it

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