Starting Over with No Gold or Silver – This is What I Would Buy

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It's like that scene in Indiana Jones And the Last Crusade where Indy has the Grails in front of him he has to choose The right one and he goes for the one That he thinks a carpenter would own I think I'm remembering that right and Actually now that I think about it that One wasn't gold at all so maybe I'm Using that reference wrong Okay so I'm gonna show you exactly what I would do if I was starting over today And I'm not going to drag this out I Would just go as simple as possible I Picked the coins that I could move Faster than anything else I'd hold back Some cash so I wouldn't have to sell Them off at a bad time and I get the Coins in capsules tubes in cases to let Me know where I'm at and also help keep It significant I'm not sure that Significance the right word I don't know Special sounds wrong anyway if you're Here to see what I would do how I would Start over with gold well this is it now Let me tell you why let me give you some Hassles to avoid Maybe cover some things That I'm doing now to keep at it beyond That first few ounces and then I'll Explain what's up with my views on Silver and I'll flash some things that I Wouldn't start with but I almost think Of as essential 14 years into this the Reason I threw down a buffalo and some Quarter ounce Eagles is that they're

Simple the premium premiums right now Are high on both of these coins this is December of 2022 but it's because They're so popular that the supply has Dried up for the year and that's going To come down when the 2023 stock starts Rolling out in January those premiums Will come back down to where they've Been now it doesn't really matter though Because there are arguments to save some Premium by buying coins like Canadian Maple leafs britannia's Cur Grands Others even modern series coins might Make sense I would just make sure that Whatever coin I choose is a decision That I'm ready to make over and over Because the less time that you have Invested into buying gold the more Likely you are to decide that you're Just not into it and then sell so buy What you can sell easily and even if You've decided to stick with it the most Likely reason to have to sell your gold Will be because of an emergency and you Won't want to mess around with a bunch Of random sales in that case There's a pyramid here on how easy Things are to move if we're talking About gold here in the United States Coins they're just easier to sell than Bars U.S mint bullion that's easier than Any other government-backed coin Government-backed coins they beat old Coins and strange weights purities and

Uniformity beats variety that's if you Want to be able to move your gold Quickly A pretty straightforward stuff but we Have everything out so let's just keep It going and look at what keeps it Interesting and even keeps it fun now if You're going to stick with it there are Simple things that you can do to keep Everything organized and even trick your Brain a little bit to keep your head in It now the easiest thing that I can come Up with is to buy an empty tube with Capsules to give yourself a goal Airtight makes tubes that fit 20 Direct Fit capsules for one ounce coins or Quarter ounce coins that's 32 millimeter Or 22 millimeter It took me a few years to fill my first Two but I could see the progress toward It the whole time capsules that keep Your coins from getting dinged the tubes Keep them organized and then that empty Space well it gives you something to Work toward kind of a tube half full Tube half empty kind of a thing it's a Good trick the tubes then they go right In the safe they go right in the wall Right in the Rose Garden bottom of the Lake whatever but cases can be fun too And I like these pelican cases to keep Things together now you probably want to Spread out your loot but I still like These cases to keep some of it together

Plus I probably break some rules because Of this channel these make it easier for Me to get ready for a video I won't bore Everybody with the details of what all This is check the description if you Want to find links to the products now If you do this for any amount of time Your eye is going to wander especially If you watch YouTube videos of people Flashing fancy coins but I'd say hold Off I had a little bit of a restart Personally I sold some gold off to help The real estate purchase and I learned What was easy to sell and what wasn't a Pretty straightforward lesson so after That I went on a run where I built up Several tubes of American Gold Eagles Before ever grabbing anything else Collectible or otherwise and that's Where I'd start today no old European Stuff no random tigers or lions or Dragons I would just go hard on one or Two top choices until I hit a good base Now the buying schedule is one of the Most important things I would pick a Size and a schedule that I could Comfortably stick to for me for years is Quarter ounce Eagles and I'd probably Prefer 24 Karat coins today so I would Consider pacing myself maybe buying the Larger Buffalo less frequently but there Are other choices Beyond those Eagles And buffaloes I'd probably consider Canadian maple leafs maybe britannia's

It's an easy choice or even some serious Coins that would be relatively easy to Move and then after a certain point I Might consider those proof tigers and Dragons from the Perth Mint maybe I'd Even let myself peek at reverse proof Lieber tits maybe I think I promised a Little bit on Silver now if I was Starting in on stacking today I'd work In some 10 ounce generic bars somewhere Along the way I'd even try to get a tube Of American silver eagles or two built Up if I could ever find any at a Reasonable price at the moment though it Just isn't possible going great for them Right now it's something like double What spot is and that kind of kills the Idea for me because the primary Usefulness of physical silver to me Would be to have something that people Recognized and understood in the American Silver Eagle it's just the Clear winner here in the United States By a long shot now if you're looking for Silver out of speculation bars probably Make a lot more sense I don't think Silver fills that role personally I mean I bought for 12 years on certain hopes And I'm done seeing it from that Angle Now to me it's a little bit of fun a Little bit of a what if Supply I just See it differently than I see gold So we covered coins capsules cases kind Of broke the theme talking about silver

But let's finish it up with Collectibles So we can say this video was brought to You by the letter c one of the things That keeps me the goal today is an Occasional Grail Quest now I've never Been a big collector but the last few Years I guess that's changed a little Bit I don't know if that's an age thing Or a covet thing or what it is but all Of a sudden I have a few illogically Nice pocket knives maybe have a bit of a Similar story with some guns but I'm not A big collector and there's a really Good reason for that collecting can be a Huge Money Pit now normally I can grab a Grail item a fancy coin or two and that Usually gets it out of my system but Every once in a while it's part of a Series and then a fool in his money Pretty quickly parted twice maybe three Times four times it's definitely Something to be careful of A stacking goal does one thing really Well it puts wasted money into Perspective so that fancy pocket knife Well maybe that could have been a half An ounce of gold that Dragon coin maybe It could have been an ounce and a Quarter ounce and a half some of it Still could be if I was able to sell it But unless you want your future self to Be spending time trying to find buyers On eBay for your random Curiosities it's Something to consider what I will say

Though is that when your fancy pickup Has a story it can go from Curiosity to Heirloom and I would never sell a few of These they will go to my kids and that Makes them a lot more valuable to me Than that ounce and a half of standard Bullion So that's it get yourself a plan get Yourself some goals and then let Yourself Break The Rules a little bit Once you get a ways in it does not need To be strictly about emergency planning Though you don't have to wait around for Economic collapse checking off your Apocalypse gear list it can be practical And it can be fun especially if you Avoid the pitfalls that can also make it A little bit frustrating so let us know What you think how would you start if You were jumping in today let us know And then while you're in the comments be Sure to hit the like button if you found Any of this interesting be sure you're Subscribed with notifications turned on If you want to see more on the topic and If you're still here Thanks again for watching I always Appreciate your time Take care

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