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Oh my goodness silver price is moving Higher today now up over 24 dollars an Ounce and the reason silver price is Going up is different than the reason It's been going up over the last few Months so something new is happening Today pushing silver higher we're going To talk about that and we'll also talk About where silver can go from here so Let's do it Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it let's start Out by looking at precious metals prices So this morning we have gold if we look At the ask column on the right it is Sitting at 18 19 up over 30 dollars at The moment silver is at 24.22 up over a Dollar this is a big jump for silver in One day Platinum is up over a thousand Dollars an ounce again Palladium sitting At 17.93 so what's going on with Precious metals why is silver moving Higher if we look at the USD index we Can see that the dollar is getting Weaker now over the last few months we Have seen the dollar continue to get Weaker and weaker and weaker which is Why we've seen Silver Price go up I Think around six dollars now over the Last two months and I'll show that in a Second but the reason that the dollar is Getting weaker today is because another Currency is getting stronger and this Currency is not the Euro so first let's

Look at Silver over the last two months On this website here we can see the Current price for silver is actually Twenty four dollars and five cents so a Little bit different than what I was Showing before but still over twenty Four dollars an ounce we'll see how it Moves as the day progresses this here is Live updating so every minute this will Change but uh if we go back about two Months ago we can see silver was at 18.30 an ounce okay and today it went up Over twenty four dollars an ounce I Suppose 2444 is saying right here was The intraday high so that right there is Over a six Dollar Jump which is a really Big move up for silver in just a couple Of months but today I mean moving up a Dollar on the day certainly that's a a Larger move than we've seen real quick I Want to take a look at the gold silver Ratio just to show you that silver has Been moving up in price way faster than Gold so this is over the last two months As well we can see the high was over 90 To 1. now it's down to like 75. so the Gsrs come down 15 points over the last Two months and it's come down quite a Bit today so basically if silver is Moving up in price faster than gold We're going to see this number continue To fall which means gold is becoming a Better buy I mean a few months ago I Would have said buy silver buy only

Silver now I'm kind of like buy some Silver and buy some gold so that's where I'm at currently but let's look at why The US dollar is getting crushed today If we check out this article over here On Kitco news Jim Wyckoff writes this Morning gold price up amid bullish Outside markets so what outside Market Is he talking about uh let's read here Gold and silver prices are higher in Early U.S trading Tuesday so supported By a drop in the U.S dollar Index and Gains in crude oil prices however buying Interest is being tempered as the U.S Trading session gets underway AS Global Bond yields are on the rise the bank of Japan Tuesday made a surprise move to Tighten its monetary policy by raising The cap for the interest rate on its 10-year bond by 0.25 percent that's it right there Japan Is raising rates right they're raising Interest rate on their 10-year bond and This is making the Japanese Yen stronger When the Japanese Yen gets stronger the US dollar gets weaker period and I'm Going to show you why in a second here But uh if we read on it says the Japanese Yen surged against the US Dollar in the Foreign Exchange Market Bond and stock markets were rattled on The news because Japan is a big player In global Bond markets Japanese citizens Are big Savers and put much of their

Money into Global stocks and bonds with The higher domestic bond yield cap Japanese citizens and companies May opt To keep more of their money at home so We have seen the FED raising rates over Here in the USA right we've seen the US Dollar get stronger over the last year Or so and when they raise rates you know Your currency gets stronger it makes it Harder to go into debt it's more Expensive to go into debt less currency Floating around right because when more Debt is created this creates more Currency so there's all these things Going on but basically Japanese yen is Moving up against the dollar here's a Chart showing that today we've actually Seen a big move up in the Japanese yen Versus the dollar so clearly this is Having an effect here is a list of all Of the currencies that affect the dollar Right the dollar is weighted in this Bass basket of foreign currencies uh They say that right here the USDX tracks The dollars USD relative strength Against a basket of foreign currencies The weightings have been fixed since 1973 and later adjusted in 2002 when the Euro replaced many European currencies But here's the wait so the euro is the Number one currency that will affect the Dollar right over 50 percent weight in This basket but number two is Japanese Yen

13.6 percent so certainly if the Japanese Yen gets really really strong This is going to weigh on the dollar It's going to pull the dollar down the Dollar will look weaker right as Compared to this other currency and when The dollar gets weaker that's when Silver moves higher so we have been Seeing silver move higher over the last Uh few months but it's not been because The Japanese Yen was getting stronger it Was because the Euro was getting Stronger right and so there's these Competing factors and uh this was not Expected I did not expect to see Japan Start to raise rates Um maybe they'll raise rates a lot more Maybe the Japanese Yen will get way Stronger and this will again pull the Dollar down so this could be very Bullish for silver and then of course we Have some other currencies in there as Well so pound sterling Canadian dollar Swedish krona and Swiss franc so if Those currencies get stronger this could Drag the dollar down as well so what are We going to see happen from here moving Forward are we going to see silver price Continue to go up up it just changed We're now at 2413 for the day Or are we going to see silver Plateau or Silver move lower you know when it comes To these daily spikes and dips and the Price I don't put too much weight into

Them you got to take a step step back Look at the big picture you know what's Going to happen long term I don't trade Silver I don't really own any silver Other than physical silver I mean maybe A small amount here or there but the Majority of my money that's in silver is In physical Metals so I don't trade it You know day to day so it doesn't really Matter to me you know if silver moves up A dollar down a dollar I'm looking at Long term you know long term are we Going to see silver move much much Higher or much lower Well it can't Really go much lower right I mean the Bottom for silver is like 15 16 an ounce Once you get below Mining cost the Miners they stop mining for silver or They don't sell it into the marketplace So we would see silver hit that bottom And then move up from there so it can't Really go that much lower but it has a Lot of room to move up I think that the Dollar can get much much weaker and we Could see silver soar to new heights Next year and and then in 2024 2025 I Think this decade is going to be Absolutely crazy for silver we're just Getting a little taste of that today so Long term I think buy silver I think Silver is a great buy if you look at all The different places you could put your Money you know what's the safest what's The best I'm putting a lot of money into

Silver right now I'm stacking as much as I can but I don't have a crystal ball Right I don't exactly know what's going To happen uh day to day month to month I'm predicting that we actually see Silver price fall in early 2023 and then Rally towards the end of the year which Would be great because we could pick up More silver at a lower price and then we Would see that rally start later on if You want to see my price prediction for The end of the year next year I'll put a Link to that here at the end of the Video uh what are your thoughts on Silver rallying today were you surprised Feel free to leave a comment Down Below In the comment section I want to say Massive thank you so so much for Watching and I will see you all in my Next one silver dragons out

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