How to Store Goldbacks & Silverbacks CORRECTLY!

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What is up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video we're talking about How to properly store your gold backs or Your silver Banks okay let's do it Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it real quick If you don't know what the gold banks Are they are a hyper fractional gold Currency they are made out of pure 24 Karat gold the one gold Mac has one one Thousandth of a troy ounce of gold in it There's a 5 10 25 and a 50 gold back and They were released in 2019 so they've Been around for quite a while they're Very cool and if you want to use Something other than the dollar to Actually buy and sell things with why Not use pure gold right now the Silverbacks on the other hand are a fun Collectible these are not intended to be Used as a currency but I think they are Ridiculously awesome and they are just Now being released to the public in fact If you want to enter a giveaway to win a Free Silverback there is one going on Right now I will put a link Down Below In the description of this video Boolean Max is giving away 10 000 Silverbacks This is the largest silver giveaway with The most winners ever in the history of The world so feel free to sign up if you Like the deadline is November 30th 2022. there is one additional way to get A free Silverback bullion Max is

Offering a bundle deal of silver if you Purchase this bundle you will get a Silverback thrown in absolutely free I Will have a link Down Below in the Description for that deal as well and it Can expire at any time so if you want to Take advantage of it I'd recommend doing It sooner than later okay now let's talk About storage now the beauty of storing Your gold backs or your Silverbacks they Can be open to the air they do not need To be encapsulated now many of you know That gold can actually not tarnish this Is one of the great things about gold And so these can be handled you can Touch them there's no problem with Anything like that well the same is Actually true for the Silverbacks as Well because they have a proprietary Coding on M so the Silverbacks won't Tarnish like most silver will so those Can be open to the air as well now there Are a few things that can damage your Silver backs or your gold backs you Don't really want these to get bent or Smashed so I recommend storing them in Some sort of a rigid container now this Is extremely rare but delamination can Occur if your gold bags or Silverbacks Are exposed to extreme humidity so I Recommend just taking a few of those Packets that you get with your new shoes And throwing them in with your gold Backs and Silverbacks to prevent that

Excessive humidity just to make sure That this is a dry place also try and Stay away from extreme heat or extreme Cold so wherever you store the rest of Your gold and silver bullion probably Just throw this in that same safe and You're going to be just fine now this Really only pertains to the Gold Max but If you are going to be spending them I Would recommend getting some type of a Large wallet it doesn't have to be the Gold back wallet really any large wallet Will do but this way you can carry them Around with you they're not going to get Bent or anything like that and when you Want to spend them you'll have them on You now if you just have a few Silverbacks or gold backs and you want To put them in some type of a sleeve These are called large currency top Loaders or top load holders there's a Few different companies that make them Bcw or guard house this is a great way To keep them protected individually These rigid sleeves are not really Necessary in my opinion but if you do Want to pick them up this one here is a Eight inch by three and a half inch size You can get them on eBay Amazon or Really any place that sells coin Supplies I hope that answers all of your Questions about how to store and handle The Silverbacks and Gold Max if you have Any other questions feel free to put

Those down below in the comment section I do want to say a massive thank you so Much for watching my video know and I Will see you all in my next one silver Dragons Out

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