Robert Kiyosaki Says Last Chance to BUY SILVER – Stock Market to Crash!

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Robert Kiyosaki is calling for a stock Market crash saying you need to get into Gold and silver now this is pretty crazy Thank you so much for watching my video We're gonna dive into this Robert Kiyosaki tweet and talk about what he Means by the stock market crashing why You should be buying gold and silver Right now but before we do that there's A few other tweets I want to look at That he's put out recently this first Tweet that Robert Kiyosaki put out on December 5th reads elon's weakness is Silver all of his businesses burn silver He will probably buy his own silver mine I own a mine and real silver coin spot Price silver low losers complain about Silver's High premiums spot low because Price manipulation be like Elon and me Pay the premium I'm not gonna talk about The whole Elon Musk maybe buying a Silver mine maybe not a lot of people Have made videos on that and honestly it Doesn't really matter if he buys a Silver mine or not right now he's buying Lots of his silver off the comex he Needs an insane amount of silver for Tesla and some of his other businesses What I wanted to talk about in this Tweet is when Robert says spot price Silver low losers complain about Silver's High premiums spot low because Price manipulation so first off Robert Is saying silver spot price is

Relatively low and he's saying this Because twenty four dollars an ounce for Silver is fairly low compared to the All-time high of around 50 an ounce you Know we're halfway there but also Robert Kiyosaki has come out and said he thinks Silver's going to 100 or 500 an ounce And then he says losers complain about Silver's High premiums and he's talking About buying physical silver there are a Lot of people that are complaining about The premiums but I think these people Are Justified if you're complaining About premiums on a specific item like For example an American Silver Eagle Then yeah you should be complaining About those premiums because there are Other coins out there with much lower Premiums if you're complaining about Premiums in general then maybe you just Don't under understand why silver has a Premium on it when you buy silver Bullion you're not buying raw silver That's just been mined it's been refined And been transformed into a silver bar Or a silver coin and that takes money And effort and there's Transportation Costs for the silver there's a lot of Costs associated with taking a raw piece Of silver and transforming it into a Silver coin for example and so obviously You're going to have to pay a premium When you buy that silver coin for Example if a wholesaler is buying

Canadian silver maple leaves from the Royal Canadian Mint they're gonna have To pay a premium you know of a dollar Two dollars so just to obtain the coins They pay premium then the wholesaler is Going to sell these coins to a local Coin shop and they're gonna have to pay A premium you know another dollar two Dollars and by the time they sell it to You it's got a five six seven dollar Premium and you're like what's going on Here well a lot of people have had to Pay money along the way to get those Coins premiums in general they make Sense and they are higher than they have Been right now I remember when silver Rounds had a one dollar premium and American silver eagles had a three Dollar premium those days are over but Nevertheless you still have to pay Premiums when you buy silver that's just The way it goes and then he says spot Low because price manipulation and this Is really interesting I think Robert and I both agree that silver price is Manipulated and that spot should likely Be a lot higher than it is right now you Know we'll see what the future holds I Feel like the manipulation is probably Going to continue for a very long time Maybe take advantage of it pay the lower Price I suppose right now and tell the Manipulation ends but I don't know That's going to end in my lifetime I

Guess we'll have to wait and see but Then he says be like Elon and me pay the Premium he's basically saying buy Physical silver I know you have to pay More than spot but hey at least spot Price is low so might as well pay the Premium pick some up now Robert put out Another tweet on December 8th this one Reads pensions next Global Lehman what Are you going to to do will you get Richer or poorer people who own gold Silver Bitcoin will get richer when fed Treasury Wall Street pivot and print Trillions of fake dollars fake money Savers will be biggest losers don't be a Loser now I think when he put this tweet Out there was kind of a lot of news Still going around about the whole Pension issue over in the UK obviously Remember during the Great Recession There was the Lehman Brothers they went Bankrupt he's basically saying there's Chaos out there right and then he says People who own Gold Silver and Bitcoin Are all going to get richer you know These are kind of looked at as Alternative Investments when you look at The FED treasury Wall Street printing Trillions of fake dollars he's basically Saying the FED is going to print Trillions of fake dollars to bail out Wall Street I guess he's saying we're in A recession and there's gonna need to be Quantitative easing there's going to be

A lot more printing of currency we know There's going to be a lot more printing Of currency and then he says fake money Savers will be biggest losers I kind of Agree with this if your savings are all In cash then you are losing because Inflation is a tax and you're having to Pay this inflation when you save in Dollars so you shouldn't be saving Dollars you should be saving and Something else like gold or silver Bitcoin to me I'm not all in on bitcoin I know Robert Kiyosaki loves Bitcoin Good for him and I look at cryptos to me It's still kind of the crypto casino but I certainly am all in on gold and silver Because those are real money that's the Tried and true uh but anyway he ends it Don't be a loser he kind of likes to Toss that around you know if you think Silver premiums are too high you're a Loser if you're saving in dollars you're A loser so now let's look at that last Tweet so this one came out on December 26th and Robert Kiyosaki writes gold Over 1800 silver over 24 inflation Moving up interest rates moving up stock Market to crash sending gold and silver Higher maybe last chance to buy gold Than silver at these low prices take Care so this one came out just after Christmas last year and at that time Gold was over eighteen hundred dollars But now it's over nineteen hundred

Dollars uh silver over 24. it's still Around twenty four dollars now since Christmas gold has moved up a bit silver Is basically flat uh he says inflation Moving up interest rates moving up and Yes this is true I'm sure that the FED Is going to do another rate hike in February although it's probably just Going to be a 25 basis point rate hike Uh but yeah interest rates are likely Going to move up then he says stock Market to crash sending gold and silver Higher now if we do see a stock market Crash obviously this is going to be Super bullish for gold and silver but Not initially if you remember back in 2008 and also back in 2020 at the start Of covid when we did see a big dip in The stock market initially we saw gold And silver prices dip they actually went Down very sharply very fast and this is Because people basically treat gold and Silver like money if you're a Trader and You need cash if there's a liquidity Crisis you're gonna sell your gold in Your silver ETFs first and basically use That as cash and so yeah absolutely if There is a stock market crash initially We're going to see a dip in gold and Silver spot price but then it will Rebound very fast and we probably would See silver go close to a new all-time High I'm sure gold would go to a new All-time high as well Robert says maybe

Last chance to buy gold and silver at These low prices I don't know about that I do think if we saw a stock market Crash in gold and silver prices did dip That premiums would shoot up and it Probably would not be cheaper to buy Gold and silver at that point but I Think you'd have kind of one last chance To get in although I do think a lot lot Of the local coin shops would probably Not be selling precious metals some of The online bullion dealers they'd Probably hold a lot of their stock back Even though they would jack up premiums To not really lose money even if we did See a big dip really quickly I don't Think you'd be able to buy a lot of Physical bullion at that point so you Might as well start buying now I'm Buying basically every other week so I'm Dollar cost averaging I'm trying to buy As much as I can just so that I can have This nice base and I think I've done a Really good job I've been buying over The last around five years so I'm Excited to see where gold and silver Prices go from here I don't know that We're going to see a stock market crash This year but obviously Robert Kiyosaki Is calling for one feel free to put your Comments Down Below in the comment Section what do you think about this do You want to say a massive thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you all

In my next one silver dragons out

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