LEVERAGING DEBT – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] You don't leverage that at all no That's why I can talk Because a lot of people are levered Upstairs in business and personal Now are there things you can do to help Yeah but that sounded good in 2020-2020 Right now everyone that I know that has All those millions of dollars to death Too that's stressed out they are Stressed out it is a cancer in your Business and in your personal life it's Different schools of thought though Because Grant Cardone he talks about Right billionaire he's talking about Like yo I want more debt like I want That is that companies Public book and also too the first thing You mean was not somebody of our color I didn't name any people why Let's say Grant fund one of them and I Don't think they will sell it to France But let's say if you own 200 billion 200 Million dollars in debt and I finally Goes under Able to go through Underwriters and get That long written off or restructure if That happens to you you got 5200 yeah Marcus is going to have to pay 200. Neo Is going to pay 200. the rules are Different for us the interesting part About this clip and shout out to today's Chance who gave me one of my best Interviews ever I know the streets

Calling for part two uh so maybe we can Do that at top of the year but um there Was a lot of back and forth about Whether that is good or that is bad and It's good debt versus bad debt and Listen I'm at the place in my life where I will let everyone do what they want to Do But the truth is whenever I ask anyone If I would pay off their debt for them Whether it is good or bad Without having to split profits give me Equity royalty and perpetuity or owning The business with them When I say hey I'll pay it off for you For free with no catch Everyone always says yes and I know There's two trains of thought and Honestly and we've seen it on the show Time and time again like when I caught Bitcoin to twenty thousand a lot of Times when people are given the truth They have to look at themselves and say Hey the person I've been following the Person I've been mentored by has has Been lying to me Um But I will tell you for those of you that Are operating with little to no debt it Is an amazing feeling to not have any Debt on your balance sheet personally And that will allow you to talk the ish

That I do As well so I know there are two trains Of thoughts and I know this is Robert Kiyosaki clip going around I love Robert Kiyosaki's books but Person I look up to part to the Jones no Debt makes 30 million dollars a month Kiyosaki's been having that Rich Dad Poor Dad book forever he is not a Master's the success nor the financial Status of Paul just tutor Jones has or Any other person on Wall Street often When people are telling you that it's Good It is so that they can turn around and Then sell your debt or put you in debt For you to be a part of your program but You can do whatever the hell you feel Like shout out to my guy Um I'm proud of you man I know in terms Of dollars It may not be the biggest move but this Thousand percent return [Music] Um is absolutely amazing um I want to go To this clip that I saw on Josh's Show Recently with Bob pasani Bob has a book Out please check it out Um but I want you to check this clip out Really quick And here's the interesting thing about This clip there was some fire in there Right Of course the vix measures uh the moves

And the volatility that is going to Happen 30 days out but that gem that he Gave about taking a vix number and Divided it by 16. put in chat who gave Us that gym first Shout out to the king you gotta come Back soon Bottom would gave that gym out of 2020. I ain't gonna lie let me call my dog to The front of the stage so if you take The number That the vix is currently at let's say Hypothetically it is at 32. if you Divide it by 16 That will give you the percentage over The next 30 days that will be two Percent and which the s p Should go up or down therefore if The es is at three thousand What is two percent of three thousand And I will give you your targets for That month I want us to give bottoman credit Because like I said before bottom one is One of the people that I go to if I need Advice need insight Need to tune up in the market on how to Get better and Um Maybe I don't know the king may need to Come slide through the market Mondays in Madison Square let me see my God taxes Because like This is the thing where I always tell

You guys I want you to go back and watch Every episode because I don't want you To see me all the Forbes next year on The video dance with Zuckerberg and I Fix meta and you like damn he ain't gave Us the gems bought him and gave us the Gems right You don't take advantage of them that is A Insider's calculation that technically Bonoin wasn't even supposed to get out To the public and I want to say because Of the rally Uh last week we're not out of the deep End yet we still have The issue with Russian Ukraine inflation Is still high we have geopolitical Concerns here in the states worried About midterm But I will say the Salvation that you Will have in the down Market is putting All your focus and Mastery on the craft Of being able to invest and trade go Back to episode 70. gave the blueprint There and for my traders who have been Killing it When Trump first came in we had a lot of Volatility right and we missed those Days when Biden came in now we're back To that your long-term account is going To get killed for a little bit But if you're able to trade your ass off Um Man these should be some of your best Days that you've ever had in the last

Year and a half for those of you that Are new for those of you that aspire to Sit in this proverbial seat I'll tell You stay focused on the games don't get Caught up in the BS or the internet and Instagram and YouTube comments Um and I said it before kindly Graciously humbly I mean this anyone That had anything negative to me to say About me in a prior 18 months I do not See them hitting big targets I do not See them going to meta getting quarter By meta or Square or Endeavor or Netflix Should do anything And this era that we're in the only Thing that people care about is results And if you're one of the people that are Able to put up results boy it is a hell Of a lot of money out there for you Please put in chat I'm going to focus on Results getting it back and running it Up for my family only Talking is the ultimate liability If you can trade you have no reason to Have any issue Or anyone Stay focused on what is key And trading is that please get your Tickets to Market Monday's live I'm Gonna be giving some gems away that I've Never given away before Um in meta news as a result Mata please Don't cut off my feet Um but Marcus Zuckerberg admitted that

He missed a giant shift in social Networking the truth is people want Amazing content that either excites them Brings them Joy liberates them they Don't want to just see feeds for their Uh see information from in their feed From their friends as an entrepreneur Please write this down you have to Always Keep your ear To the streets of what Your audience actually wants for me a Red panda I know the number one thing That people really want is the easy way To be able to make money I did have Access to me for the information I think Meta is one of the greatest Technological companies ever created Especially in the era Um for when we were growing up But it's a key lesson for entrepreneurs Don't let your ego get in the way at a Certain point you may not be the face of The business And I understand Mark not wanting to Give up the spot because then there Would be a lot of push to then try and Take his company over totally understand That there is more value so if a company Has a celebrity CEO the valuation of That company normally is 5X in Comparison to a company that does not Can anyone in chat please put his name Without Googling it tell me who the CEO

Of UPS or ibms Have no clue Um so there is a competitive Advantage By being a celebrity CEO but you need People around you that are able to tell You the truth good or bad so you don't Lose your company because if your inner Circle does not tell you the truth about Your business at some point your client Base [Music] I know they can't stand it

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