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[Music] All right Eli Lilly speaking about Twitter Um there was a fake tweet that came out From an unauthorized Eli Lilly account Which was a stock to drop last week yeah Forgot how much market value they lost But they lost a lot of money Um and market cap yeah so I think people Made a bigger deal about that than they Should have bro okay so what's the deal With that Um that's your company yeah you just Want to I mean trust me they let me know Hey what happened to your baby it only Went down four percent um they were Falling before then so that's the part I Want to tell people like people are Starting to sell off there were a couple Positions that were starting to be short Against it And Eli Lily had been running on such a High ticker it was time for it to come Down did it have an effect yes the story Was they tweeted out insulin is going to Be free and then uh I was gonna say Bernie made up Bernie Sanders came out And said excellent you'll be free for All uh why did they pay this price for It and I'm like I understand that Angela What does insulin used for a diabetes Yeah so he was saying that Eli literally Charged too much for it I think that's Needed here nor there because I think

All medicine is written up too much Um but instrument will never be free Most Medical Products uh farmer products That'll never be free absolutely Um and it's one of the last viable Sectors that we have in the United States that we dominate we don't have Many of those anymore so Um I think like remember back in the day When The Nike Colin Kaepernick debacle Happened and the stock dropped and it Was like well it was because of Colin I'm like Nike stock was dropping a Little bit before then they put the Emphasis he was the reason Um I think this is the same like this is Not a primary Catalyst for why Lily Phil It was just like wanted to tell and then From there I bounced up Um so Lily is still one of my favorites I mean if I thought it was going to fall Apart over a tweet but I do think that Is why it is dangerous Um that anyone can just verify instantly Yeah So speaking about Nike Um what is your thoughts on this Kyrie Irving situation shout out to my guy Nike Uh looking it looks like they they're Not going to renew his contract look Like he'll be trial that's been in the Worst for a while Bill Knight got on uh He was on tnbc and said that they don't

Think that they're gonna renown he Pretty much didn't I don't know I don't See what happens I'll just add my two Cents to it yeah I think um you know It's so crazy there's a lot to unpack About this Kyrie Irving situation and I See you got caught me that done Intentionally But that was already already happened Yeah yeah yeah okay yeah that was Already happening Um Okay the comment did move the middleman Out of it gotcha yeah this this Kyrie Situation is interesting a lot so many Different levels but it was Phil Knight Who's you know obviously he's a very Intelligent person Um and he's one of the most successful People ever yes he has one of the Greatest companies of all time Um but it's just crazy that He can go on national television and say Kyrie said something that crossed the Line He actually didn't say anything true and That lets me know one of two things Obviously Stormlight is old so I nothing against the older demographic Sure but either he's not being received Like that lets me know that he didn't Even really understand what's going on He's probably being received they're Giving him information or he might be

Receiving his information from news or Twitter or whoever or his internal team Or whatever but it's like that's kind of Crazy that somebody that powerful and Not successful can be so uninformed when Speaking about his own company like he's Tremendously uninformed it's not even About whether they want to drop him or Not that's a different conversation yeah But the fact that he said He said something that crossed the line When he didn't actually say anything Well he said something at the at the Practice the problem was they he Wouldn't say what they wanted no but the People saying no he didn't say anything The problem is that he shared the link Right and then they asked him are you Going to talk about it he didn't share a Link he posted it in his story post Share whatever you want yeah it's kind Of like sharing it but bottom line is That that's what this whole situation You're in the mood today with the jacket Hey clap it up and put yesterday Like if I put like yo watch this or I Put the link to it that's different it's Sharing it though like if I put if I put A link to this YouTube video in my in my Um story I'm sharing right but that's he Put a picture he should have put a link Up to that video yeah I think he put a link all right but Either way either way

That's what this whole thing is about Yeah he never made any statement other Than like not answering questions Because they asked him questions and he Just kind of avoided the questions and Never really answered it he never Actually spoken other than his apology Which he that's the crazy part about it Too he actually apologized and nobody Has ever talked about that apology a lot Of people don't even know he actually Did Apologize there's a whole thing on Instagram yeah with like four paragraphs That he actually apologized and that Just kind of got swept under the rug and They're like they didn't even accept his Apology they're like no this is what you Have to do to get back into the league That's crazy within itself the fact that They said that he said something he Didn't say anything it just leads you to Understand how dangerous this climate of Social media is because narratives can Get changed and shaped so quickly that You can start believing things that Never even happened and like I said this Is somebody it's not just a regular Person he's a CEO of Nike and he's Believing a narrative or even if he Didn't believe it he's repeating a Narrative can we be fair no never even Happened but I mean Yes oh that's true but this is the same Not the same level response from all the

Companies but Nike had the same stance When he wouldn't take the vaccine right Before this even happened before the Season started they told him that they Wasn't going to bring them no no Dogs yeah they have a right to even say We're going to drop you because we don't Like what you did that's their right Right that's the company but what I'm Saying is that to speak and and just be So misinformed in the conversation right Is dangerous well if we're going to be Fair Has Phil Knight been more egregious than Stephen A Smith Now I love Stephen A but Stephen A has Been waging a war against Kyrie for the Last three or four years oh yeah yes yes Stephen hey that's that's a personal Situation that he has against Kyrie and A lot of people it seems like in me have Personal issues against Kyrie oh Whatever reason well I don't know why But I mean I'm very fond of Curry Um Very good person I don't think he's Represented it correctly in the media Um anybody wants his house in the summer Like when I asked him like like how did Because even when we get the attacks I'm Like man the other part that people Don't see like it's it's hurtful to get Attacked so I'm like how are you dealing

With it and he was like I'm still Dealing with it now that was the vaccine Thing so imagine going through this Another season on another issue and we Have to be very honest like Kyrie is a Leader because if you look at the number Of people that he stopped from taking That vaccine it probably costs fires or Four or five billion dollars last year By him taking the stand on it So I think and to be very honest with The Nike situation Nike isn't trying to Move Kyrie out of that deal so they can Put John Moran in their seat well and I Just I don't think it's about replacing It I just think that he it is because He's still a viable player but they Can't control him but can you make the Next eight years on him or would you Rather do it on job well the thing about Nike is that they they'll give lifetime Contracts like they've done like they've Always had athletes for long periods of Time even when The Athlete's career has Gone down they still have stayed with Athletes and they get new athletes they Don't really they're not really pension Penny like that you know they pitched Out Penny them for awesome phones when His career was over a lot of sales Managers neither though yeah they were Still they still make a single right now Yeah he's still getting his royalties I Don't know how much royalties he's

Getting um He's definitely one of their their top Shoes that are selling he's probably in The top 10 for them I think when Kanye Even now when Kanye said they can't Control me that was his most recent Did you see that yeah I was crazy I Didn't want to talk about that so you Said that they can't control them and He's right but I think that Kyrie kind Of fits in that bucket where it's like All right after a while corporate You know they're like all right this is Too unpredictable he might not play Because of the vaccine he might not play Because he shares a link and then he Gets suspended and you know he got to go Through all of that he might while every Player didn't have a vaccine The owners allegedly said that this yeah Well they listed five things I need Which is ridiculous and so well that's a Whole different kind of thing yeah but The Box will be playing right now the Bottom line is that Um So like that's disappointing that you Made a statement and what you said just Wasn't true and it's just so crazy that Somebody at that level can just say Something that is completely false and Like I said you know that just goes to Show you I can say anything enough if You say anything enough somebody's gonna

Believe it somebody's gonna leave Without even doing any research there's No level of research done anymore oh Well I know that for a fact like I just Found it like eight months ago people Wasn't watching a whole show that was Watching Clips I'm like for real I see Why y'all think I'm crazy okay like if You don't get things in contacts yeah And then you can wage your War via media And perception I get it yeah so people Are not doing the proper research They're not doing their homework at all Very wrong shout out to those of you who Do and for those of you who want more Homework and want more games get your Tickets to Market Mondays live in Madison Square [Music] I know they can't stand it

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