JP MORGAN’S STOCK LIST – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] JP Morgan has released their top stocks For the rest of the year which stocks Out of these 10 Are good for people to invest in uh the First one that they cover shout out to The good folks over at JP Morgan I Appreciate you Um the first one they mentioned is BRX I Don't like it Here Brix Moore I will wait for the Price of ten dollars before I will look To invest in it let's go to the next one G r g w r c No I wouldn't even give that as Recommendation the and to give context These were 10 for the month of December I'm not looking for us to have Short-term trades unless you're like in Our Investment Group but um I wouldn't Touch that one Um Dollar Tree I like something that I've given out in stock Club that's Probably the main one that I like the Most the price is too high Um stock club members that we met 104 15 is a price that I like for Dollar Tree As long as we stay in a recession so Whenever we enter a recession and plus Quantitative easing eases up means the Free money goes away and now we get to See what businesses are really good There is a shift from

Tech And companies that are not producing the Highest percentage of profit to actual Value companies that will go up and Utility and oil and gas so Um I like Dollar Tree during a recession For sure the next one is Tru You can write it down put on your watch List I don't like it I wouldn't touch it To 21 I wouldn't touch it Um if my child's life was on the line Amazon this is a stock Club pick I like It for sure I would haul for the long Term Um it's going to be rough over the next Year but if it gets down to The stock Club I won't give our price I Will wait for the 70s like 70 flat Before I touch it JP Morgan announced That they are picking Amazon as its Stock of the year that sounds familiar They have it uh weighted overweighted at 145 dollars saying it's not gonna get Four next year for 2023. the thing about The stock of the Year well let me let me Just tell you why they're saying it First they're not my picks I agree no no This is what they're saying Uh they're saying that obviously the the AWS is showing growth and more Profitability the same obviously in E-commerce we've always we spoke about This throughout the year obviously it's Going to become the number one

E-commerce platform overtaking Walmart Walmart but they also said and like I Said we stayed on Market Mondays the Advertising Space where they are arrivaled to Google In the advertising space most people Don't even realize it but they are they See Potential for maximum growth there so They overweighted at 145 . so they named it it's their stock of The year the thing about the stocky the Financial space has turned into Uh ESPN Mm-hmm Literally the executive producers from NBC and ESPN have went over to some of The major Um Outlets there kudos to CNBC I'll be On soon and Bloomberg and y'all did a Great job on Bloomberg hey shout out to Bloomberg shout out to Bloomberg shout Out to Bloomberg man shout out to Bloomberg good friends over there but so What I'm saying at ESPN I'm just I'm not Even like joking I'm just serious as far As the the content structure where you Have debate shows and you give Predictions so it's like at the Beginning of the year You're predicting who's gonna be the top Quarterback you're predicting if LeBron Is going to average more than 25 points And you're predicting who's going to be

The best team in the Western Conference It doesn't even work out half the time How do you work out it's just it's Pretty much just a a slightly educated Guess that's what it is so it's like It's very similar but does it have to Huh yeah yeah here's why right for that Analogy if I'm doing a prediction I say Yo Giannis is going to win MVP he'll Probably finish in the top three for MVP Right But he's had a great right I'm just Saying it's an educator yes that's what I'm saying but it's okay to guess now it Doesn't have to be dead on But he's going to probably finish in the Top three for MVP right if I said like Jason like or even better Joker right if I said Joker is going to Finish in the top five he's finishing The top five of MVP for the last five Years it's an educated guess for a lot Of these educated look a lot of people Said that Google was going to have a Good year It did you know a lot of companies a lot Of people said so yeah sometimes Educated guesses aren't even close yeah Well that's okay but they don't have to Be right all the time Yeah if I go out for some pushback you Know go ahead shot in my back no the Problem is that and people bet on Sports As well but the problem is that people

Are taking educated guesses and putting Their life savings on it so it's like All right I said LeBron was going to be Top three my bad it didn't work out all Right no harm no foul I said that Microsoft is gonna quadruple It up Now you might have lost ten thousand Dollars You don't want to hear my bad you you Trust me big facts And this is the number one point for Everyone who wants to call out picks I've said it from the very beginning I Got so much pushback from the hedge Funds and institutions they said we need A preponderance of proof and evidence to Prove that you know what you're talking About meanwhile Sam couldn't even show How to use RSI when he traded and he Raised 20 billion dollars we'll talk About that later My entire goal is to make people money In advance so when I walk into a citadel Or GTS or trademark so Morgan Stanley That I have so many people that I've Helped that I can say hey not only help Me but bring everyone I helped on Number two you're gonna ruin your brand By calling out bad picks so that's why I Think you do have to be accurate it's Okay to say I don't know So when I'm violently saying hey Something's gonna go to 20 and I'm

Calling it before everyone Okay but The firms heard it and all you have is Trust so when I left the meeting meeting With Peter I ran right into Kramer The Capital Grille I said oh that's Kramer Hey come in and I can see how much They're working him the same way with Stephen A please write this down in Terms of your fundamental analysis of Who to listen to you want to listen to The research analyst that is on TV the Least amount Not the most When I saw how frail Jim looked and my First words were him were thank you if It were not for you in 2008 you will Have not have given me a blueprint and Format for how to do Market Mondays in 2020. I appreciate you don't listen to All the noise the picks need to be a Little bit better though he said my wife Doesn't let me listen to it what advice Do you have for me don't do a whole Bunch of me again Regardless of what people think Kramer Is a legend in investing in trading good But if they work you in the media too Much and my final point the analysts That are making these hot takes and Debating don't make what hedge fund Managers make Yeah Steven they got 12. he deserves 60 A year for what he's doing though there

Are some Junior Traders right now Working in firms that are making three And six million dollars Steven A looking Crazier by the day Shout out to Jay Williams every day Steven A is looking crazier and crazier Shout out to Jake what Whoever you name throughout history the More time you spend in front of the Camera and you're not able to do this It's the own sexy part And everybody can talk to me about my Demeanor and all that but man that same Heat is not there for Sam it's not there For CZ because I'm hearing some Rumblings there and I hope they're not True or coinbase or any one of a lighter Complexion At all I keep saying it had I been white I have Been running for president right now Because I will go into the public every Week and tell her what to invest in and Making money before I got an office Rashad Ian's demeanor has changed Considerably since he's been doing the Show how didn't you see it okay that and Kanye go on and say what he say and Y'all say I'm crazy okay That's for entertainment this uprise [Music] Can we get the n24s in the chat all Right all right I don't care y'all can have whatever

Opinion y'all want to all y'all copy the Model remix didn't that show love didn't Hate a lot of people are quiet bro cool Shout out to Peter tuckman I appreciate You and love you dearly even Peter he's Like I don't know why more people don't Try and grab you I said it's the hate in Their heart that's what it is you got Love Great y'all had the same love for Kobe When he died but when he was playing the Love wasn't there why Because he ain't a threat to you no Moment when he did I'm gonna live and Xander gonna see this [ __ ] on God I wouldn't say in Facebook And actually 700 Ash And they didn't say no There you have it he doesn't know about Meta versus okay Okay [Music]

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