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[Music] Playing for the future because you're Going to be over a lot longer than You're gonna be younger but I'll ask you This based on your expertise in the Field and being in the field for over 13 Years when you see an article like that Seeing 100 uh billion is paid out Um I think they said in the article like 46 million policies with were sold in in 2021 which was a six percent increase However the actual coverage amount has Gone down so like people are getting Policies that actually less which is Kind of what I was thinking like yes are We involved what type of policies are we Getting obviously to Whole Life In terms All those sort of but the amounts are Going down I think like one and a half Percent so What what does that say to you when you Look at that What we'll say that again like framing Question so pretty much seeing that Seeing these statistics right and Knowing that more people obviously are You looking at it is it a courage Encouraging sign or like all right You know what people still don't get it These numbers should be higher Well I don't know if they should be Higher because I mean 100 billion Dollars is a lot of money yeah so and It's an all-time record so I think that

People are but also we have to Understand that people are are dying too I think this is like one of the first Years where the projected life Expectancy has actually decreased a Little bit so you know you got kovic you Got but outside of covet right you have Just unhealthy lifestyle for Americans Period high blood and this is this is Something that's extremely important or Everything ties in together so when We're talking about Finance you have to Talk about health because the two go Together and especially in life Insurance conversation especially with Black people so black people Traditionally have had harder times Getting life insurance and have had Higher rates one of the reasons for that Is because of their medical state so Black people on average have diabetes at A higher rate than a regular population Have how high cholesterol at a higher Rate than the regular population have High blood pressure at the high at a Higher rate than the regular population And are over are overweight more than The regular population This is something that is extremely Detrimental to not only your physical You know Situation but also for your economic Situation because now that's going to Determine if you can get life insurance

If your life insurance policy is going To be higher so That's part of the conversation as well Um and as far as you know people dying So when you're planning your financial Plan you have to you have to have your Life in order and you have to you have To be in shape you have to you know take Care of yourself you have to eat good These are all things that you know go Hand in hand yeah physical health and Your Financial Health are usually Related I learned this early on when I Was first started working in finance Most successful CEOs Are in shape of course there's always Going to be exceptions to the rule I get It but if you look at if you take a Survey Very rarely do you see a successful CEO Not in shape The two the two go hand in hand right It's discipline yeah exactly so this is Something that's extremely important to Talk about because Um you know if we're dying that's bad But if we're dying and not even having Any life insurance that's even worse Yeah and that's mostly I mean For a long time that was the situation We're dying with nothing and leaving Like you used to say to uh uh I I Remember being here on the Saturday Because it would be like not only are

You leaving nothing but you're actually Leaving debt because the people who are Left behind now have to pay for your Funeral And they didn't have the money to pay For it so now they have to figure out How to even afford to bury you so people I mean that's why I said man that that That line of planning for the future is So so so vital um especially to our Community we have to look at it we have To have the March yourself mine's uh set To change how we view the world and how We view life I remember just even trying To have a conversation about life Insurance to like my co-workers to be Like I'm not thinking about dying and Yeah it's kind of like we have this Mindset where it's like if we get it we Get life insurance We're waiting to die it's like no no It's not really it's just education That's what it comes down to education And I I think it's undeniable that the Health care space is uh incredibly Important whether it's on the life Insurance side Or the market Um that's why companies like United Healthcare Striker Eli Liberty are Incredibly important so in some way your Portfolio does need to have 10 to 20 exposure for you to get paid Throughout your life or post life so

Please write down uh what percentage of Your capital is going to go to life Insurance and what percentage is going To go to the healthcare sector you Cannot avoid Um that sector at all but I will say our Physical ailments and diseases that Um are problematic in our community are Placed upon us not because we are Collectively lazy or don't Know that's true but then also but also We have to there's a certain level of Accountability that has to be taken Because we are we understand that even Traditionally right we were given diets That were detrimental to us like all the Soul food is pretty much slave food that You know pig feet oxtails these are the Worst parts of the animal that was Thrown away and we made didn't have an Option they had to make I agree out of Their situation But now we're in 2022 now we're educated We don't have to make those same Decisions now a lot of times it's done By choice you're if you're educated and You're still making the same decisions About food that slaves made then you Gotta look yourself in the mirror we Know There's liquor stores on every corner But who told who made you drink liquor But you know what I'm saying like at Some point in time there has to be some

Level of accountability to stay the odds Is always going to be stacked against us We black in America but also it's not Really going to talk about what our Politicians in Orlando so when I go to Mexico which I can't wait to go and set Up my place I got God God is good Um the preservatives that are in the Food that I eat there are not present in The food that I have in the United States so yes we have to make Delicacies out of parts that were not Favorable but if Pepsi and Hormel and Kraft are put in preservatives and extra Sodium into everything that we eat at What point when we keep those companies Responsible and I just say it's the People's job to be responsible for what The corporations are doing based on the Lobbying power that they have that the Politicians didn't allow Definitely Um the food industry needs to be held Accountable but once again we live in America so you know it's beneficial to Keep people sick people It's profitable it's profitable to keep People sick it's not a problem I want to Keep us on air normally this is my Lane Yeah I mean but one of these things Where it's like the pharmaceutical arm Industry right where they they've made Billions of dollars and there's no Effort to make people healthy it's only

Efforts to put people on medication yeah So it's like you know it's like this This is a great book called how not to Die and um the whole point of the book Is that of course everybody does right But they're saying that 95 of the Reasons why people die prematurely are Preventable like most cancers are Preventable right and most of it is Through your diet so the guy that wrote It was a doctor and he was saying that He stopped practicing medicine because They were only teaching people they were Only teaching the doctors how to treat Patients with medication but they Weren't teaching the doctors how to tell The people not to get sick like no I'm Saying like it's like okay you're Overweight here's blood pressure Medication why don't you tell them how To lose 50 pounds so they don't so They're not overweight like that's Probably more beneficial than treating Them and now you got to take this Medication for the next 30 Years that Goes back to the self-accountability Part like Two months ago I went to the doctor they Said I had high blood pressure I looked At my wife and we I said well time to Change my life like that quick and it Was like all right let's cut out sodium And that was interesting we just had This like Epiphany we were like we for

So long we've been taught that you know Like yo that flu don't have no flavor You know we don't have no flavor and we Looked at other cultures and Community Like yo that's that food is Bland that Food is Bland no preservatives and it Was like healthy yeah it's the reason it Is is because there's no salt added There's no sodium added into it and Quickly like I I literally watch my like My whole body just change and feel Different how much weight did you lose Damn Shadow put me on well I'm dry yeah In a matter of like I say about six weeks I probably lost Like 22 pounds crazy crazy and it was Just it was one of those things where it Was like we moved so much and so we're Out all the time and we eat bad and we When we do eat it's late and then we're Going to sleep and so we try to get Exercise in and it's like it's just Really inconsistent but one thing that Can be consistent is the discipline to Say all right I'm not doing that right So like I I stopped drinking soda I Stopped eating candy I'm only having Water I'm only eating like oatmeal for Breakfast and you know I'm saying like These are the it was just this monster Change because I'm looking at myself Like when not when I saw the blood Pressure read I was just like nah and Then the doctor came in he was like yo

If we continue this for 10 years you Won't be here that's all I needed to Hear I didn't that that was it that was It and so my wife was like look this is What we're doing I'm like bet Let's Do It Um so yeah man it goes back to that the Education around it and having Self-accountability to say like I I'm Willing to stop this is it worth me Being here for my my kids That was it if you guys need a place to Go to have very healthy food Get your tickets for invest Fest UK next Year Boy but it was interesting I was even at A restaurant and I'm like hey like What about this issue like you Americans Are so poisoned you don't even know good Food I'm like girl but yeah Have less preservatives than the ones Here well you know you know what's so Crazy I I went to Thailand uh five years Ago and um you know I was just eating Fruit and just the pineapples and Everything it tastes like I never tasted Pineapples before but I realized that's Because that was like I had a milkshake And it tore my stomach up because that Was like real milk like so We get so used to the preservatives and Artificial flavoring and everything That's in our food when we go to these Other countries that's like real food

Like even our fruit is not real fruit This is why you got to grow your own Food I could have a whole thing about This but I was gonna say like we would We was in uh Abu Dhabi we were sitting And we're like yo this food is different He was like yo the barriers for us to Have food in America are so low that you Can put anything in it and it's going to Be FDA is going to pass away as in other Countries and other places they have to Have legitimate food or it can't be Served to the public not the same here But on WE digress I appreciate it you've been glowing Looking good I know you was tired Yesterday but man you you know Um but I do want to give him an ETF Really quick for the healthcare space Please write this down a vht that is Vanguard's Um Health ETF if you go back to 2017 it Was at 28.78 it is now at 248 dollars and 35 Cent So that's been some nice growth 2020 was A good time to buy in I'll give you guys A price Um everybody in Paterson write this now 206 90 will be a good place to enter my Option is solidified in Jersey forever Camden are you listening for real 206.90 And New Yorkers you know I love y'all You know I just want y'all to give me

That that route uh the loud Harlem Energy [Music]

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