“Purpose Is A Verb” and Seeking Meaning in Life with Richard Leider – Retire Sooner Podcast

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And and you came away though with the This theme of of The Power of Choice is That is that the primary thing you came Out tell me tell me about that is it That the choice of of finding a purpose Or the the choice of explain that well It's a mindset you know purpose is three Things Wes it's a mindset it's a path we Choose to take in our lives or not and It's practice or practices all three Come together and there's the big p Purpose and the Little P purpose he Didn't talk about it that way but that's The way I talk about it and the big key Purpose is kind of like Legacy and what You want your life to be of a little p Purpose Wes is the choice you make every Single day when you get up in the Morning you know purposes why do I get Up in the morning why am I here what's The point of the exercise And uh the Little P purpose is to make a Difference in one person's life every Day is the Little P purpose so Oftentimes uh when I help people with Practices I I say look take how to post It and on that little PostNet write These two words which are the universal Purpose grow and give If you get up every day with an Intention just to start with to practice To grow and give today Look at the posts in the morning on your Mirror and then at night before you go

To bed look at the posts and say how did I grow and give today And if you are growing and giving you're Living purposely you're not having a Purpose that you can just write and put It aside you're actually Practicing and doing things on a Day-to-day basis and purpose is always Outside of yourself it's always Beyond You it includes you of course and it's Fulfilling for you but it's also you Know uh about the world around you I Have a colleague who on his answering Machine that says that the sound of the Tone Please leave your answer to Life's two Eternal questions Who are you and what do you want I'm looking at you I'm changing my Voicemail to that who are you and what Do you want

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