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[Music] Speaking of recession what are the what Are the three final signs we are heading Into a recession Segways are amazing Um number one massive layoffs like when We're seeing the top 20 companies in the world like apple has Slow down higher in any spending outside Of research and development that they're Going to begin to cut for the year That's scary that's scary hiring freeze For a year It's tough for those who don't know That's not good Um when we start to see companies have Liquidity issues and talk about Potential bankruptcy so Um to see the issue with like FTX and Coindesk pop up which I think Sam Friedman is crypto's version Of Buffett So to hear any rumbling of them Potentially have issues that really Terrified me I was like I can't believe They're having issues now will they Rebound will they be okay with they be Able to get Capital yes but we shouldn't Be having any concerns about liquidity Inside of a company that big and with a Team That is that smart And also when I'm seeing small Businesses are not able to pay their Rent their have so if the biggest

Companies in the world are laying off 13 To 20 percent of their Workforce small Businesses have to lay off 70 percent Just to stay afloat And still politically there's no one Who's really given a plan to say here is How things are going to be better Like the entire economy has been running To the ground We sold off some major Assets in the United States of America we are not Innovating fast enough most of the toll Roads we've sold away most of the Waterways we sold away and the most Technological thing that we've gotten in Terms of innovation was reiterations of AOL MC messenger Like IG is just a remix of Pinterest We haven't had the Innovation that we Should have had for all the capital that Has flown Um into all these companies and I said Earlier in my story even with the nft Market and that was supposed to be the Great savior you don't hear one company That is publicly traded talking about Using nfts to save their company right Now or web3 A lot of that was a Croco Like a lot of these companies are going To die and I know I know my clip this up Nikki Clips up I know people are not Going to like to take but in three

Months people are going to say that I'm Right About it we have to find new innovative Ways to be able to bring in revenue and I think we're gonna I know the Lean Startup is a good book but I think in This upcoming decade we're going to have Like super lean companies and I'm Talking 10 to 25 people in a company and They may make two three hundred million Dollars in a year after that report came Out on Apple immediately the first Conversation a lot of people started Texting me about is like how can we run A multi-billion dollar company with only 100 employees Like it's too much spending everyone is Treating their their budgets for their Business like cash money in 2000 in 1999 Too much spending And it's led to the degradation of America's best companies and our country Look how much debt we have Just terrifying and it's going to get Passed on to our kids and grandkids we Need better leadership we need better Systems we need better innovation Ian is not running for president Uh Um they said my mic is low Yeah it turned you get the thing on the Focus right and turn the one up a little Bit yeah turn it up It was loud we talked about Herschel

Walker He suddenly has a regressed how do I Sound how do I sound Now ladies and Gentlemen better A little better so they said you sound Good all right Um for the 99 and the 2000. can we take A couple questions before we before we Wrap this we haven't done this yes Let's do it we're so happy to be back Alive I love New York man I want to move Out here New York City that never sleeps That is true let's do this oh my brother Ah let's see let's get my dog up here King Arthur I I knew it yes um mute Yourself peace peace what's good bro man Go to your voice first I would like to Say congratulations on your your newborn I want to congratulate you man that is Uh welcome to fatherhood I'm hoping you I appreciate it my brother I appreciate It I appreciate it Congratulations the question I had Um is is given given that uh we have you Know the situation that we're going into And we you said you know Tech is taking The BN everybody is overspent what are Those Industries do you think that we Should be looking to invest in and or Build out that are going to actually uh You know be profitable because I mean at The end of the day money is still going

To be made you know where are those Places that people should look to to Invest what industries and and what Industry should people be looking to Start small businesses and and or and or Work for Um as we move forward Damn you asked her questions man we just Have you on every week Um my two favorite sectors outside of Tech is number one Healthcare and number Two biotech so biotech is a little bit More risky but healthcare for sure Um Eli Lilly McKesson Eco lab United Healthcare would be like the top Four I'm looking at I mean uh you took Striker out of your top Or Strikers in there too Yeah so those would be like everyone in Chat you can put those uh five in Biotech is a little bit more risky so You have to do a lot more research as Far as companies to build a business in Um Financial Services is the number one and Now and I've tweeted this publicly the First company that can give a 20 return For 10 years straight will be the first Five trillion dollar company on Earth So if you want a big big grandiose idea Um no one has kind of cracked that code And I think I have a ideation on how to Do it

Secondly Um I think that the biggest businesses are Going to be the one that solves the Problems and art we've talked about this Before but it has to get back to basics Of what problem can you solve at scale One is education I like Coursera I like those kind of Apps but if we can get a Certificate like education let's say From like a Harvard or a pen or Morehouse but there's still that Information to kids Ages three to eight and make it in a Super short form Multi-billion dollar idea Yeah that's okay Arthur yes sir you know Why I'm smiling right why is that we we Just had this conversation the other day Yeah me and Jordan had this conversation Like that's crazy little things that People need need to tweet even on the Crypto side like the promise and premise Of crypto is amazing Even if they just told their customer Base like what the drawdown was because Most people aren't even looking at Drawdown but if you can have better risk Management If a company can for real produce a Hundred percent a year for three or four Years Like El Salvador

Made a push for Bitcoin to become like Predominant currency and it failed But what if they would have caught it at Twenty thousand by 2026 if it did go to 116 he would look like a genius and then Probably Could forcefully go take over other Countries That's why I'm like price Matters so much and everything but those Are just a couple ideas I know I know it's only supposed to be One question but can I get a follow-up Followers of course you family go ahead All right so Um given that you you pointed towards Healthcare biotech and those types of Industries generally those are the Industries that You know they require a degree in order For you to move forward uh substantially Either in health care and in the medical Field I mean even as a nurse you have to Go to college Um and so Um obviously you know we we've been in This movement over the last three to Five years kind of uh pushing the the Not not necessarily to say that the College degree isn't important but to Say that there are other Alternatives Given that those are the two industries That um oh and you mentioned education That you know that you feel are very

Important do you think that it behooves Our community to reconsider uh the Importance of that college education Because how do we move into biotech in The health care if we don't have those People with degrees able to actually do The work within those Industries I would Argue if people are not trying to well Let me phrase this kindly first Do you think enough people in our Community want to move into the Healthcare and biotech space I I would say that I would say no I Would say we under appreciate the the Need to move in one as it as it applies To our community as much as our Community actually needs it Um and then two just like you said in Terms of the profit opportunity I think That you know our community has kind of Been jaded Um to a certain extent to to uh you know To pursue those types of of fields and But I think given the transition that We're going through right now it's Imperative you know what I mean it's Imperative that we move into those Situations so one we can take care of Ourselves you know what I mean at the End of the day if we want if you want to Go to a doctor that's black somebody has To be a black doctor so yeah I mean I Always say if somebody has to fight the War and if it's not your kids you know

If we're not encouraging our kids to go Be doctors who ultimately becomes a Doctor if we don't encourage our kids to Become professors then who becomes the Professor Um and so that I think that we're we're Reaching a point now where our community While we have now in large part thanks To you guys have realized that education Is much broader than college and we must Maintain that that that that that push I Think we have to find a balance now Where we must take a a a uh Stance and and and moving into those Industries otherwise we leave ourselves Vulnerable to I agree with the the Health care and the education Industries Boom once again and you know we're Beholden to other communities to provide The health care that we need and to Provide the education that we need and You know we're in the exact same Situation we've been in for the last you Know 100 years I mean I have an idea Hypothetically let's say if we can get a Hundred thousand people to go to Let's take a a Google And we can say hey we see the apple is Because of the watch and the data that You guys been collecting or they've been Collecting Um it's gonna make a big push in their Health care and all of a sudden because Of the 2020 and covet

Google said hey if you have a Certificate you won't even need a degree So if we can get a hundred thousand of Us to say hey we know search is up 57.5 Percent year over year growth in cloud Is up 57.62 YouTube growth is up 46.9 Percent but if we can get 100 000 of us To get certificates and we can now make A Google Health division that will be Your second biggest Revenue driver next To search Would you be behind this initiative Going back to everything that we bring To a company has to be dollar driven Now if we go and talk that talk to Sergey and the board there we have to Come in droves and see that people will Comply we'll be able to pass and then We'll be able to build a pipeline for Tech Google in this example To dominate the industry because if you Don't think that Google isn't looking at What apple is doing and saying that I Can take out Lily or McKesson or striker In comparison with all the data that They have and even though with all the Numbers and growth it YouTube has had the overall growth for The business year over year is only 34 The healthcare space alone will put them Probably at 83 year over year growth and Give them a hundred year path to Prosperity

Then we may have a solution And what's up [Music]

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