Are You Running Out of Time to Buy Gold and Silver?

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So it sounds like we need to talk again About the future about your future this One's about money and medals and Resources and maybe a society run by Elites and skin suits who want to make You eat bugs Well that's what I heard [Music] So last week I posted a series of videos About the death of the dollar the Eventual death of the dollar and the Point of the videos was really to take a Holistic view of what's happening with Competition to the US dollar look above Those one-off whack-a-mole scared topics That I guess I would say are questionably Relevant and definitely questionably Accurate those other topics they make a Similar point though that gold and Silver are important we're on the same Page there but people are crying wolf on Ridiculous warnings of imminent collapse And I think that they're missing the Large-scale shift that's actually Happening and I'll give you an example Of that the FED now platform scrolling Out later this summer is not a cbdc it Cannot put an expiration limit on your Wealth but the hype would have you Believe that cbdc's are here and this is The end now I don't know anybody's Motivations for buying gold and silver Maybe it's for fun if that's the case

I'm sure not here to Reign on that some Of what I do it's more about enjoyment Than it is about any kind of responsible Planning so I get it but the reason that I'm on this idea is the same reason that I started this channel there are a lot Of great reasons to buy gold and silver But there are also a few things to watch Out for The big thing to watch out for in my Opinion is just buying at the wrong time Either when prices are unsustainably High or when it's painfully inconvenient For you to do it maybe even it's a Little bit of both the silver squeeze That bugged me for that specific reason People came out they told me to buy 200 Ounces of silver this coming Saturday The price wasn't right at the time and If you're doing something because some Kid on YouTube or some bullion dealer in A forum tells you to do it well that's Not convenient to you so the squeezes Turned out to be really great from Bullion dealers but just not great for People who bought into the idea that Silver was going to the moon now made up Stories aside all the reasons that I've Been buying precious metals over the Years they still exist they're actually Stronger it has just gotten a little bit More expensive to do it at the moment so While I'm buying there are two very Important things that I try to keep in

Mind the first is it there's such a Thing as overdoing it gold and silver Don't return dividends they don't accrue Interest and they're not huge growth Assets so I use them in addition to Other things gold to me is wealth Protection a lot more than its wealth Creation Now the other thing that I try To keep in mind is that there is a very Possible case that we'll see a pullback As much as I think the long-term case For growth and price gold is very strong A global recession could very well Result in investors needing to liquidate Stable Holdings that's what gold looks Like they do that to cover other losses And if gold hits the market like that Prices will pull back now I don't have Any way of knowing that that's coming we Can look at past data during recessions We can see cases where those pullbacks Hit at the start of recessions before Taking off a few months later but we Don't know that it's happening we don't Even know when a recession starts until Well after the fact so I think it's Likely I have no no solid proof I'm Simply operating like it's possible The hype stories they obscure both of Those ideas it feels like we should be Going all in and it feels like there's Really no possibility of a pullback and That's why I'm throwing a flag slowing It down a little bit I think there are

Better ways to go about it slow is Smooth smooth is fast time and patience Can save you some money or it can allow You to get a hold of more Metals however You want to look at it if you want to Save money on Metals purchases over the Short term it's pretty easy price shop Sites are going to have deals off and on You can also switch up what you buy Canadian maple leaf will always cost you Less than an American buffalo now over The long term you can watch for these Pullbacks and you can do much better That's really what I'm up to what I'm Trying to do I buy when it's expensive I'm not as picky as I'm sounding lately But I buy more on drops and I don't mean A two percent Wednesday dip I mean an Actual pullbacks if we see a 10 drop From a recent High I'm gonna buy off Schedule if we see a 15 drop I'm gonna Buy even more so 10 percent that would Be like eighteen hundred dollars fifteen Percent that would be like 1700. so There's no question there of whether You're in a dip it's hard to know when You're in it if you hit a price trigger Though 1800 1700 there's really no Question The trick here of course is just holding Back some cash so you don't have to Scramble to come up with it when it hits And that's why I think these stories of Imminent claps are doing us zero favors

I mean by all means buy your gold buy Your silver but if you're doing it at a Much faster Pace because YouTube has you Thinking that cbdc's are going to wreck Your way of life this year or that the End is near because somebody attached to A precious metals dealer is telling you That's the case well you're playing into Somebody else's plan somebody else's Profit how does that go again stepping Over dollars to pick up dimes you would Be missing these big savings scrambling After those Dives now like I said before I get it it's an easy trap to fall into And those aren't Mercury dimes so how do You know what's relevant and what's not Well there are two main narratives out There the popular one is about Tyranny Klaus Schwab he's coming to Enslave you he will own nothing and be Happy well it turns out he's Pals with The people who run your government as Well and they're all coming for you CBD Sees they now fall into this Camp too The government has finally found a way To lure you into a system where they can Control every aspect of your earning and Your spending now there's a little bit Of this that's true at some point maybe But in the current Story You're Screwed Beginning in July this all feels like Some kind of focus group testing like What will get the people to Panic by the Medals now the second narrative it's

About the death of the dollar and every Once in a while this one actually gets Some light on what's Happening concrete Actions rather than some kind of scary Word interpretation things like broad Declobalization or Western countries Falling behind other players you can see This happening with trade deals and Partnerships with resource and mineral Rights and these enormous infrastructure Projects that are financed by China's Belton Road initiative now these things Get hyped up they get exaggerated too But at least now we're focusing on Things that are actually happening Rather than focusing on abstract noise About Evil Shenanigans that are always Right around the corner hanlon's razor Fits in so well here it says never Attribute to malice that which is Adequately explained by stupidity I like This for so many reasons it seems like Something George Carlin might have said But it is very relevant to what's Happening in the western world right now The real issues we're going to be Dealing with come from poor planning at State level and that stupidity it's Going to sting us far more than any of The wildly hyped up malice ever will and We don't even have to look at it as Stupidity if we don't want to maybe it's Just lack of vision maybe it's an Ability for the political system to

Agree on anything because they're too Busy arguing over some kind of social Agenda but that's the real issue to me The West falling behind while China Lefts down resources end to end Resources refining production they're Doing that on key components to growth Like copper uranium Cobalt lithium and Gold too they're not building that Infrastructure in Africa out of any kind Of humanitarian motivation and this is Something that's playing out in concrete Ways you can see it happening and that's Why the long-term strategy is important To me I'm trying to stay ahead of that Decline of the US dollar and honestly Just hoping the U.S can see that Competition as a reason to get back into The game in my last video I talked about When and why I might sell down about Half of my goal not all of it but I do Think it will happen and it'll probably Be a decade but the reason that I'm Buying gold and not simply dropping Everything into bonds into equities is That idea that if the U.S can't get its Act together well gold will still be Strong So if we're being honest with ourselves We're either planning around building And maintaining long-term wealth or We're planning around some kind of major Fallout there's crossover there of Course but the popular message on

YouTube is definitely geared heavily Toward fallout Fallout right around the Corner and the inferred strategy then is To hurry up Because the end is near and if that's Fun for you again go for it I think Probably though it's more about anxiety For most people so the most likely and Definitely the more logical case here is That we have time to properly plan that Chinese belt and Road initiative that I've been talking about even with all of Its problems that's allowing them to Corner the market on critical resources Their trade Deals they open up an Alternative to the need for USD and International trade those things mean That usd's value could be fading so That's what I'm paying attention to the Broad the globalization that the Dollarization topic that change is not Something that's happening overnight It's happening over years and decades so The Long View on gold and silver Accumulation I think is the way to go That covers the precious metals planning Topic so let me introduce today's Sponsor Fe battery Metals Corp and I'm Going to tell you how they fit into all This this is a company directly related To the effort to Source lithium Regionally right now there's only one Single company actively mining lithium In North America that's here in the U.S

There's another multi-billion dollar Lithium company nearing production in Canada and that company is relevant Because Fe battery Metals Corp has land Directly surrounding this company I'm Going to show you a map in a minute and This company has less than a 10 million Dollar market cap so you can still get In and like I mentioned this is a Sponsored segment I'm not a financial Advisor so I'm going to tell you why They stand out I can't really tell you How that Stock's going to perform nobody Knows but I'm going to tell you what's Interesting about them so let's start With the map the company that we're Talking about here has the land in blue And the multi-billion dollar Lithium Company that I was referencing well They're in purple they're getting ready To go into project action so it's a Smart strategy buy up the land in the Hot region adjacent to the giant Companies and start drilling demand for Lithium is crazy right now so timing is Right too they're actively working on Drilling to find those discoveries and What they find they're going to be able To process locally it doesn't have to be Sent off to Mexico or to China another Part of that strategy that seems pretty Clear it's not part of the marketing Package but they're hitting on drilling Results in the backyard of a giant

Company well they're going to get Acquired at least that's a high Likelihood they're in a great area to be Fishing for buyers if that's what They're actually trying to do I'm not Qualified to pick stocks but that part's Interesting to me they're actively Drilling in hot area so to have a lot of Potential it means there's risk involved Too but that's the case with anyone on The early side of drilling results the Demand for lithium is only going to Continue increasing the political Pressure to move to all electric cars is Real the EU they've announced that They're ending ice Vehicles by 2035 Isis Internal question engine now it's not Law yet but the US is working to do the Same and relying on outside sources for Raw and refined lithium and the Batteries themselves it just doesn't Make any sense So this is where a company like Fe Battery Metals Corp is really smart They're grabbing as much land as they Can in some of the best mining districts In Canada they currently have 27 000 Hectares now I kind of sped past what The U.S is doing with electrification The inflation reduction act it allocates Billions of dollars to domestic Electrification efforts three billion Dollars is going to Electrify the U.S Postal Service Fleet alone these are

Crazy numbers and all of these new EVS Need batteries this chart gives a quick Look at the mineral needs of an EV Versus an internal combustion engine Vehicle and we can't cover that Domestically today and on top of that The law actually requires a gradually Increasing percent of those components For each electric vehicle they have to Be extracted processed or recycled in North America starting at 40 percent This year in 2023 and it increases 10 Percent each year until it's up to 80 Percent in 2020 26 and maybe you've seen Some information on the tax credits that You get if you buy an EV well starting In 2025 a vehicle will not qualify for Any of those credits if the battery is Critical minerals or extracted processed Or recycled by a foreign entity of Concern we know who we're talking about Here So there's some big challenges to start Sourcing lithium in North America Fe Battery Metals Corp they might be poised To take advantage of it so check them Out now be sure to conduct your own due Diligence on the company something I Can't do for you but I can give you Their ticker I can give you the website Their ticker is F-e-m-f-f and the website is just Fe Easy thanks again for watching hope

You're all well Take care [Music]

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