OVER HIRING IS A HUGE MISTAKE – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] I mean even with the layoff standpoint When Elon was making the announcement That he was cutting the Twitter staff And people with just an uproar and it Was like okay maybe the the the the Method that he did like by nine o'clock Tomorrow morning everybody like 30 of These people are gone that part might Have been you know too rough a little Rough but yes the next day was the most Interesting part when Jack Dorsey Apologized For hiring too many people exactly what You're saying that that meta has done You know he he said that we scaled this Business too fast I hired too many People as a CEO and the founder of the Company so you're hearing that from him It's like that's a valuable lesson in Business Sometimes you cannot you have to scale Appropriately if you scale too fast Things like this will happen how many How many people came to work and now do Not have a job because we scaled this Too fast we over hired and apple goes Back to this point I'm making about Picking Superstar players Apple runs a Two trillion dollar company and their CFO only uses seven people Seven So once again for every employee and I I Was talking to Christy about this

Earlier today I've said it earlier this Year every employee I don't care what Position you're in the only way you're Going to have job safety is if you are Able to tell your boss president Senior manager hey for whatever you're Paying me I'm getting 7X You have to know I don't care what Position you're in they're going to tell You that there are certain political Games that you should not play and you Cannot Speak above a certain rank if you do not Know what Revenue you're bringing to a Business in a recession you are going to Get fired And these are things they don't want to Tell you because they don't want to make Your value in a Marketplace go up number Two as you are scaling as a business Owner everyone you add to your team if You have less than 50 employees need to Be able to 10 or 11 that's your business Hiring just to hire is a huge mistake Fire fast higher slows the thing I've Always been told but the things I've Been told in like the inner circle is Like if you are adding somebody to your Team and they can't help you 10x 11x20x Run a division And help you scale it in six to eight Months you're actually losing money and Now that we're in the highest interest Rate environment and it's harder to

Raise money more competition you have to Take in consideration like look at Facebook Is probably one of the greatest tech Companies of all time and they got Ruined by too much debt That investment into the metaverse is a Liability Big ass ill The talent that they have as an asset But it does not offset the spending There when you're spending 50 billion Dollars on something that no one asks For and like the porn stars won't even Use the metaverse yet which is usually a Telltale sign for tech for something to Be viable This is not me being salacious this is Historical fact right there's a reason Why like LaserDisc versus DVD took off There's certain industries that they'll Test So when you see the only fan girls get On the better verse maybe it'd be some Viability there's not many on there we Got we gotta we gotta wait for the porn To get in the Oculus gotcha fellas do Your research but don't get caught up And don't lose your relationship Listening to me because I'm gonna be all Right Gotcha yeah Rashad shall we monitor the Situation or no definitely definitely Monitor decision we'll go to closely

Watch this situation Um There's some debate and chat okay Herschel Walker he was he was not a Mediocre player he was actually a pretty Good player he was good it was good oh You said that's what you yeah he was Good he was gonna be yeah not a Hall of Famer he's not in the Hall of Fame he's Not he's in the Georgia is he Hall of Fame worthy no No Statistically no his trade is Hall of Fame he did play in Donald Trump's League the US Ironically enough you know how to Discredit somebody when you get upset no No he did he did actually happening Cowboys he got a 30 for 30 about it he Played for the Cowboys and was traded Your subtle shade is phenomenal uh the Cowboys traded their whole their whole Future No Minnesota traded their future For the um Herschel Walker this is true In return the Cowboys got Emmett Smith Detroit Troy Aikman oh Michael that was A hell of a swap who who was that agent You need to have him come to Market Mondays they use that personal trade to Win three Super Bowls yeah they Leveraged that to build the whole the Building the most popular football team In the world 92 93 95. so and and all And because you have to be fair about

The situation he's not a mediocre place He's actually a good player very good Player won a national championship for The state of Georgia yeah he did He's a bulldog as Mark Zuckerberg the Jerry Jones of tech You I I love the people facing when I Come in The Meta I love it it's either Jerry Jones Great start ego got in the way Rona Franchise still to face on the videos Dancing Nah I can't he's not the Jerry Jones who Is he then Spock when you started From an ownership standpoint let me Think on that one let me think of that Because I feel like Jerry Jones He's still widely popular people still Love His you know his team ego ruin the Franchise His person I know the sun doesn't shine It won't allow them his ego from that Standpoint his ego won't allow his head Coach to be great which won't allow his Team to win championships my entire Strategy is for me to be the advocate For the employees that are at Mata to Make him then listen Everyone's going to say this is crazy Third meeting coming Wednesday though we Got to be careful talking about the Cowboys people are very passionate

Cowboys garbage Now if y'all want to take some bets I'll Take all best Cowboys going to win a Championship next 10 years America Please America's team because Pittsburgh Originally was supposed to be America's Team but they didn't want the title Well that was their fault because the Cowboys are the most they're the most Profitable team in American Sports Um true and they haven't won a great Business person yeah they are America's Team they are no debating that I think The Yankees might have passed them as The most profitable team I don't think So we'll see we'll see we'll see yeah The team that Slaughters the natives are The most popular Speaking of which Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos Are potentially teaming up to by the Commanders what do you guys think of That I'm getting better at these Controversial segments and going to a Good one yeah yeah I'm I'm a I'm a Commander fan so I won't apologize in advance for for how We've looked over the past 20 years I'm Just a little guy to the 80s we won in 87. we won in 91 and uh we haven't won Since and I'm just I'm just a loyal guy Um so shout out to Clinton Portis shout Out to Sean Taylor recipes some of my Favorite places they should have just Kept that Washington football team I

Like that yeah football club it's like a Soccer it's like a European soccer thing I think Katie wants to be a part of that Investment Group as well so Kevin Durant Yeah it'd be interesting to see if they Get put some together shout out to Kevin Durant yeah good guy Um all right and Curry Shout out to Kyrie Irving yeah oh bro Um and shout out to all of the Cowboys Fans no disrespect yeah be careful no There's I don't want no smoking charge That's what I said be careful man the Ownership needs to do better for you Guys are the supporters and Advocates And die hard for the Cowboys I want to Go through I got to go to Dallas I think In two weeks yeah be careful man can we Do stock can we do a stock review Absolutely you want to run some down Yeah yeah let's go get ready I'm gonna Warm up the pad all right ladies and Gentlemen this is this is where you guys Need to pay very close attention If you're interested in making some Money absolutely let's go through napco Um tickers nssc overall I like it the Five-year Direction has been up it's It's a sleeper I will vote Yes for that Next ticker AC DC Um a few of you asked me about this Absolutely no under no circumstances Would I touch This stock uh it wasn't a penny stock

Range earlier this year yes it's a shout Out but it's not a good trade it was at 218 and Uh 2018 is now 24 bucks please don't Touch it next one crk No I would not touch that Um let's go to the next ticker r d y Dr Reddy's huh So maybe I don't love it next one TPL Texas specific Yes TPO I do like all prices I'm sorry I Have to give a stock Club but I will Tell you if I like them or not uh the Next one is Granger dww love Especially in a recession there's a few Gww John Deere Home Depot those are two That I love Granger's expensive it's at 5.95 right now but if you look early This year it was at 456 and if you go Back to 2021 it was at 369 17 so great growth For this one Um Let's go to De John Deere I like just You I was gonna say you just spoke about John Day yeah yeah John do I like uh Murphy USA ticker m-u-s-a you can put Yes to that I like that one a lot growth Is great G and L is the next ticker global net Lease Inc No don't touch that I wouldn't Touch that Mercado Libre Ah It wouldn't tell you I will wait to the

450s to touch that one we I think when We spoke about Amazon was that last week We were talking about yeah look at what We're talking about look at the Countries and look at the economies that Are built the nail on the hill for that Country that's the he just gave you the One for South America y'all that's the Way yeah that's that's one of my babies But any retail Company right now is going to get beat Up pretty bad Um next one is Boot Barn Holdings you Know I will wait until that gets to Maybe 15 bucks a touch that next ticker Rgen no I wouldn't touch Costco I like Um ironically enough Costco has not had A negative Quarter when I'm looking at my chart Since 2010. Um in July Of 2010 the price was at 32.49 it's at 488.55 now if you've ever been to a Costco with the family on a Saturday you Can see the growth in there Incredibly run company I like another One is uh h-a-l-o Halo Therapeutics like a lot they have Sleeper I will wait till maybe around 24 Bucks to get it there at 46.28 now And lidar l-i-d-r I went to the ticker I wouldn't touch is

The penny stock I wouldn't touch that so It's only a few in the market right now Out of that list that I like nsfc Um TPL Granger John Deere Musa Costco Halo Those are the ones that are doing well We we're really going to get to see in a Recession which companies are going to Survive and going to do well And I know it's painful to go through a Recession if you've been investing Say starting in 2020 but you're really Going to get to see the great companies Separate themselves from the companies That were just good or mediocre but they Were propped up by high interest rates You have to learn to love this process Of the market being down and On a trading side if you learn how to Trade incredibly well in this market When we get back to a stable slow pace Market You'll be a master of the market as well And if I made you money please put yes In chat love you guys and these are for Long term not options I want to be clear So if you try doing any spreads or Anything that's on you these are for Long-term holes only [Music]

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