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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I want to talk about Constitutional silver or junk silver Because I know there's a lot of people Who are getting into silver right now Silver is kind of a new thing for them And they're trying to learn all that They can so I want to put out a video Just talking about generally what this Stuff is and also the advantage to Buying it and holding it for long Periods of time so let's do it Did you know SD bullion is giving away a Monster box of 2023 Silver Eagles sign Up today at sdbullion.com sweepstakes Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel okay so let's talk about Junk silver now right off the bat I have To say the term junk silver is not a Derogatory term what a piece of junk When we say junk silver we're simply Referring to coins that are not pure Silver so these are 90 silver coins they Also contain 10 copper and the reason They were made like this was because if They had made them out of just pure Silver they would be not good for Transactions they'd be too weak too Flexible they would be easily worn down

And so because the government knew People were going to be buying and Selling things with these coins they Knew they needed to stand the test of Time and so when you actually mix silver And copper together it forms like this Harder alloy right copper is actually Fairly soft on its own silver is really Soft on its own but when you mix the two Together all of the little molecules That are formed are actually much harder Than the individual elements so it's Kind of a cool thing but anyway that's Why we call them junk silver coins it's Not supposed to take anything away from Them it's not supposed to put them down It's simply describing the type of Silver other people call them Constitutional silver coins or 90 silver Coins those are great descriptors as Well but one thing I want to point out Is that if you look at the Washington Quarters and the Roosevelt dimes Specifically these look a lot like the Coins we use today because the designs Haven't changed so up until the year 1964 all of these junk silver coins yes They were made out of silver but after 1964 for the dimes and quarters they Turned into just clad coins so a clad Coin or a modern coin is simply made out Of copper with a thin nickel coating and If you look at the side of the coins you Can actually see there's kind of two

Tones there right so sort of a gray and Then this copperished color which Obviously is copper and so that's how we Can tell these are not made out of Silver if we look at the silver coins we Can see on the side it's just one color All the way throughout it's just that Gray or silver color so we know these Older coins they're made out of silver And if you're having trouble seeing the Date or telling if it's a clad coin or a Silver coin you can just simply look at The edge now for the half dollars they Actually made them at a 40 Silver from 1965 until 1970 but after 1970 they were all made Out of copper and nickel so those are Clad coins as well so what's the deal With these junk silver coins why is it Important to buy these and hold them you Know some people want to just store them For the rest of their life just to have For insurance if they ever need them if They ever need to barter with them other People are actually looking to barter With these coins they're looking to buy And sell things make transactions maybe Right now maybe in the next few years if Things really get bad out there I know We had a few Banks fail and there's Talks about other Banks failing and Perhaps the whole system collapsing at Some point and this has got people Worried and rightly so it's better to

Have and not need than to need and not Have so if you purchase some of these Junk silver coins and you have them in Case you ever need to barter with them You'll be happy that you did but Obviously if you never buy any and then Things really do get bad and start Collapsing you're obviously going to Wish you had some so I would recommend Buying some junk silver dimes because These are the smallest of the silver Coins you know each silver dime is 1 14 Of a troy ounce of silver so it's pretty Easy to figure out how many coins make Up one troy ounce you can also Substitute in the quarters or the half Dollars so for example if you take four Silver quarters and four silver dimes or A dollar forty face value this is a troy Ounce you could also do two half dollars And four silver dimes there's a lot of Different combinations right one half Dollar two quarters four silver dimes But if you get up to a dollar forty that Is equivalent to one troy ounce of Silver so that's really important to Know that's really important to remember When you're buying these coins so you Can kind of figure out the value in your Head now one other thing I do want to Point out is that when you purchase junk Silver coins either from an online Bullion dealer or from a local coin shop Sometimes the price can be a little bit

Confusing because they charge you not Based on how many ounces you're buying But the face value of your coins so it's Really confusing for new people and in Fact when I first started buying silver I didn't buy any junk silver because I Didn't want to get scammed I didn't Understand the pricing so I actually Made a whole video talking about the Pricing for Junk silver coins if you Want to check it out I'll put a link up In the corner as well as a link Down Below in the description of this video If you watch that one you will for sure Understand how these are priced and how To make sure you're not getting scammed When you're buying them so I would Highly recommend checking that out Before you decide to go and actually Pick some up for yourself now the other Thing I want to say about junk silver Coins is not only are they good for Barter but they're just good to store Your wealth in right when it comes to Buying gold buying silver a lot of us Are doing that to actually protect our Wealth from a dollar collapse or Hyperinflation all these things right Where you could lose tons of purchasing Power but if you take your wealth you Store that in Precious Metals you're Basically putting your wealth into a new System so that no matter what happens to The fiat currency system your wealth is

Going to be protected you're still going To have buying power for decades to come And so if you want to just purchase junk Silver coins to hold I think that's a Great idea I have done that myself I got A lot of the half dollars and a lot of The dimes because those are my favorites I haven't gotten a ton of the silver Quarters just because I personally don't Like them as much but you could Obviously buy those as well really it Doesn't matter dimes quarters half Dollars they're all going to be great For storing your wealth over a long Period of time so if you're just wanting To stack silver these junk silver coins Are a great way to do that if you're Just looking to invest in silver these Are a great way to do that as well so That's pretty much what junk silver Coins are if you have any questions if I Missed anything feel free to put a Comment Down Below in the comment Section I want to say a massive thank You so much for watching and I will see You all in my next one silver dragons Out

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