NATO Strikes Back With Tanks – Financial Chaos Escalates!

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So things just got worse in Ukraine once Again and this time we have NATO Striking back sending tons of Tanks to Fight the Russians and we're talking About armored battle tanks being shipped From Germany and the United States and I Think this represents a clear escalation Of the war and I don't see any peace Talks happening both sides are going to Push for a total Victory or nothing There's likely no middle ground left and According to reports America agrees to Ship its Flagship product the M1 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine in fact they are Sending as many as 31 thanks to the Front and we are talking about Advanced Abram tanks worth 400 million dollars Plus Germany is also doing their part Confirming they will provide you create With 14 Leopard 2 tanks now this is Really surreal because we have Officially crossed the Rubicon in this Escalation where fighting is gonna get Even more brutal now why is this Happening why is the West Point even More money into Ukraine now most likely It's because of the fall of Soledad to The right questions and now Buck moon is Under siege and might be taken next now Russia is getting ground in Ukraine and The West obviously wants to check this Advance Buck Moon essentially is a Symbol of Ukrainian resistance and if it Falls it isn't good news for NATO but

This is some Next Level stuff guys Seeing American and German tanks roll Into battle will be a sight to be whole And I really don't want to be alarmist But this war is expanding Russia isn't Just going to sit back and watch Western Tanks roll towards the Eastern front Right they're obviously going to make a Chess move to counter this we have Russia calling this extremely dangerous And how he takes the conflict to a whole New level of Confrontation and on the Ukrainian side we have zelinski now Calling Putin a nobody and has ruled out Any peace talks as well now I believe This conflict is going to keep dragging On until one side either the west or Russia attains total Victory on their Terms and as always we need to talk About this and understand how this will Does State the global economy so let's Understand that this escalation has Opened the flood gates to an endless Supply of weapons and money that will Flow to Ukraine now Germany went from Offering to send 5 000 helmets 12 months Back to now sending them main battle Tanks and now Ukraine's appetite is Growing zelinski now wants fighter jets From NATO after getting his battle tanks And this is a very worrying situation Sure right now Olaf Schultz is saying That it is impossible to send combat Aircraft but anything can happen down

The road and I mean what's next warships Or even submarines because if fighter Jets are sent it is a much different Animal than a tank has to Traverse all The vast words of land right all it Takes is for NATO jet to fly into Russian territory and will have an Insane escalation that could spell the End and what I am hopeful about is that NATO will not put boots on the ground Olaf Schultz knows the danger and he Promised that we will not send ground Troops under any circumstances I've said There will be no direct involvement of NATO soldiers in the Ukraine war that Has not been the case so far and that Will not be the case in the future but Guess who's gonna be the big winner of This escalation it won't be Ukraine or The Russians but the defense contractors Right now if there's one sector there's Going to be a bright spot in 2023 and Beyond it's likely the military Industrial complex and we have Lockheed Martin the biggest defense contractor in The United States ready with their F-16 Fighter jets right they're on standby Just in case the West wants to sell Fighter planes to Ukraine it's pretty Much going to be a blank check for Ukraine because so much money has Already been committed right the West Really wants a victory and we can see That the armored vehicle package from

The us alone to Ukraine is a staggering 2.5 billion dollars and that is on top Of the previous 22 billion dollars in Military 8 sent back in 2022 so if NATO Is going to push out fighter planes or Even warships we could see deficits Spending like never before and this will Lead to an inflation nightmare now I Don't think most of us understand how Inflationary War spending really is Right and the problem is that funding Either comes from raising taxes or Deficit spending and I don't see the United States jacking up taxes in this Environment today so this is coming by Running a huge deficit bill which is Going to be paid by inflation that is The hidden tax no one is really seeing Right so money is borrowed and then Flows into the defense industry in order To make all those Weaponry tanks and Bombs these contractors are going out to The market and buying up tons of Commodities right and in order to build The war machine you need oil and gas you Need huge amounts of Industrial Metals Like iron copper and silver and that is Going to reduce the supply of Commodities in the world which will Affect you and me as well it's really Simple equation you increase the money Supply and you use it and go out there To buy up tons of Commodities so the Supply of raw materials actually

Shootings in the real world right and That's why we likely see commodity Prices stay high maybe they'll be even More shortages because of all these War Spending and that's going to affect gas Prices at a palm how much home prices Will cost because the materials all the Raw materials guys are now going to be More expensive and we are all not Isolated from the effects of the Ukraine Conflict so we need to carefully watch The Battle of bark mode because the land Battle is really connected with the Financial front right I think we all Know that by now if the West loses Ground to Russia they might continue to Pour money and treasure the Ukraine and Right now we have the US and allies Urging Ukraine to give up bug mode and Use the tanks for offensive in the South Clearly the new things are threat to Russia but what I fear is things getting From bad to worse because Putin isn't Going to let this go Moscow is calling The sending of German tanks an Escalation of conflict and a betrayal of History and according to Sergey lavrov The Russian foreign minister he believes This is no longer a hybrid War but a Real war now I hope I'm wrong but this Could be the spark that Russia might use To mobilize even more troops and I think For the next few years even after the Conflict ends we're going to see a

Military buildup across the world Especially in NATO which once again is Going to be very inflationary now NATO Is pushing for higher defense spending And they are looking to make two percent Of their GDP as the new floor right not The ceiling but the floor for example Germany is expected to spend only 1.4 Percent on defense in 2022 so we can Expect more money to flow into a Military buildup in fact we have McKinsey projecting that NATO's defense Spending could increase by incredible Amount because of the Ukraine conflict We can see the Baseline forecast it's Just a 14 increase to through 2026 but NATO could increase spending by up to 65 Percent pouring in an additional 453 Billion euros so if the EU replenishes GI inventory to Cold War levels we are Going to see a military build up like no Other over the next few years and it's Not just the EU that's going to build up Their War inventories the United States Is also going to ramp up their spending To re-arm and according to the New York Times the Pentagon is going to increase Their artillery production 6-4 for Ukraine this is a crazy 500 increase in Just two years that's going to cost a Ton of money and I think Zoltan posa Really hit the nail on the head since August last year he has been saying that The West is going to re-arm themselves

To defend the existing world order but More importantly this is going to be Extremely commodity intensive and Capital intensive this will involve a Lot of Commodities and a ton of Borrowing plus deficit spending however Here's the kicker guys Sultan says that This re-armament will be done no matter How high interest rates are whether it Is at 3.5 percent or seven percent the West will have to do it and get it to Further debt to defend their interests So we have to realize that even though Rates are high inflation is still going To be a problem and deficit spending is Not going to stop the national debt will Continue to balloon up but let's quickly Talk about a financial fund right Because the battle isn't just being Fought just on land but also in the oil Markets and as we know the West wants to Bleed Russian revenues dry while Russia Wants the war to be so costly to the West that inflation could force public Sentiment to shift all the support away But let's realize that Russian revenues Aren't going to collapse anytime soon Both sides are being funded by different Sources right the West is funding the Conflict through deficit spending while Russia is being supported by oil sales To India and China and in fact India is About to overtake China top buyer of Russian energy and we can see that even

After the price cap in December India And China's appetite for Russian crude Is still going strong and if you look at The overall trend Asia in general is Buying more oil from Russia as we said Before the oil markets are being split Into two right one part of the world the G7 is denying Russian oil and they are Paying more while the other part which Is breaks is buying Russian crude and They are paying less and this is why the West is suffering from high inflation While Russian revenues are still flowing And the cost of production for Russian Crude is anywhere from around 35 to 45 Dollars depending on the reports you Look at right and with the Euros under 60 dollars but clearly above the cost of Production Russia is still making some Profit so a total collapse in the Fighting isn't going to happen anytime Soon but we're going to see the G7 Moving to review the price cap level in March so maybe the price cap could drop Down to to fifty dollars or maybe even Forty dollars and this is a dangerous Move because in order to squeeze Russian Revenues further the West is going to Jack up their own local inflation so What we have is a battle of financial Attrition is actually the same thing on The ground as well both sides are trying To grind each other down into the dust And it's going to be very ugly guys and

Yes by lowering the price cap Russian Revenues will go down but inflation and Prices will rise in the G7 it's going to Be about who can withstand the most pain And what does this mean for us guys Obviously things have escalated and the War is expanding and the more NATO Throws at the Russians the more brutal The fighting will become we could see More things being thrown into the Conflict and even fighter jets could be Sending to Ukraine and on the financial Front more sanctions are going to come For the oil markets and it's going to Affect our cost of living now if the G7 Decides to lower the price cap we could See Russia even OPEC card production to Keep their revenues high and this will Affect us and the only clear winners Will be China or India and let's also Not forget about the Federal Reserve if Deficit spending and inflation continues Jerome Powell will have no choice but to Keep interest rates higher for much Longer right and every day we stay at Five or six percent interest rates is Another day that the economy could Collapse into a recession I really pray For this conflict to end but things are Really getting from bad to worse so let Me know what you think in the comments Below will NATO really send fighter jet Snakes and how will Russia respond to This let me know in the comments below

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