SHOULD PEOPLE BE INVESTING IN ENERGY IN 2023 – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] So how do you feel about energy Um sector energy stocks the energy Sector to invest in this is something That a lot of people have been asking me About energy Um because obviously you know with Everything that's happening in the world Um so is energy something that people Should be investing in 2023 Um Which ones in particular I'm learning Not to Derailed an entire sector uh my favorite Three well my favorite two for sure are Technology Healthcare indexes first Always Um that is your base but if we can take Some particular ones like Uso I would Say no Um if I look at crude No That was a trade for last year and even When I get the commentary like hey You said no to energy and it did well This year but you can see the collapse Of this hat ever since let me scroll in Real quick March of this year We've had a precipitous climb shout out To everybody who reads money Master the Game so if you look at the crew Market That went from 120 298 down to 77.38 If I look at Uso

Um it went from 93 down to 66.88 so no Um now is not the time normally when People are talking about a scale that is Not the time I would definitely Focus Heavier on health care and my thing is If you believe in an electronic vehicle Space you can't say that oil is going to Or energy is going to be one of the Primitive spaces and believe in EV which Is really a tech derivative if you will Um during a recession yes but throughout The course of time I definitely wouldn't Look to hold that four or five year Investment as a swing trade yes but if You guys want to put in comments in Particular ones that you're looking at I'll look at them for you and give you My my thoughts on what are the best Prices to get in Especially when you live in Elizabeth [Music] Are you uh I'll be around I I've never actually are you fond of Liquid natural gas I am well as a trade that's one of my That's true yeah yeah that's one of my Favorite things to trade um Dad will Stay away from that gas report I would Practice it but natural gas is a trait I Like a lot It was one of those things I stumbled Upon probably maybe a half maybe a year And a half ago and I was looking at this Company uh I think golden

Glng is the ticker Um and it was a nice trade uh but it Made me look into the space a little bit More Um and it was one of those things like You you really can't time it you really Can't time Um time the market a Time some of these These sectors but um it's an interesting Race that's why I'm asking you yeah yeah Um for those who are looking at the Natural gas feature if we get to 8.55 that's where I would exit and take Profit if you already in the natural gas Space Your first Target your first take profit Can be like eight eleven but when it Does get to 8.55 I would definitely take Profit there we'll start to see a Pullback and then you can like look to Make another position in the space very Erratic very volatile it reminds me a Little bit of the NASDAQ Um but homework assignment please write This down go study the crude market for The last 30 years tell me what the top Three prices have been and what are the Top three bottom prices of crew and that Will give you an area where you should Start to look to build your positions Around but now we're like in the Middle Ground I wouldn't buy it here I went by there Investing is really easy please write

This down index Tech if you want another Space Healthcare I've talked about it Before everyone in stock Club can tell You that Um like I said little United Healthcare Striker those are three good ones Investing is we don't need a whole bunch Of uh long-term Investments because That's what the long-term money is and Like the real wealth is built you may Like a couple of new sectors for trades But your your core thesis should not Change Should not change I know everyone said You know is Tesla Energy company uh Electronic vehicle company but it's Really a tech derivative but they have Solar panels uh uh as well They're pretty pretty big solar solo Business that they that they're running Homework question number two for Everyone how much money do they make off Their business and what's the core Reason that they have that solar panel Business I also think toss is amazing I mean if It comes down to Well stock Club I Won't Give Up price if It come down to like the 100 level Though I'll be happy To get in there we have to give her Credit Kathy Wood was the First Institutional Investor that gave Tesla credibility for other funds to

Piggyback off of it they've taken a lot Of the profit off the table and given The fact of some of the erratic nature Around Dogecoin and now running Twitter It looks like he's not as focused now if He found a operator like how Apple deal With Tim Cook that will put him in a Great position I do like the company the Relationship with the government is Great he's found a way to fight that American Automotive Mafia that seems to Exist and won't go away Um So overall they'll be good but like Opera I mean listen if you look from 20 20 or from 23 to 414. If that does not operate like a tech Stock I don't know what is and most of The other electronic Vehicles there are No comps really Most of the other EV players in that Space are terrible like who's their next Competitor I saw a rivian truck it actually looked Really nice because I was just gonna say That I saw it on the road yesterday it Was an Amazon delivery yeah like the Truck actually looks nice but as far as A Classic shares right now I had 28.64 At its peak it was at 179 47. I wouldn't touch I wouldn't touch right Now all right

Um Okay but the energy the energy the Energy thing is an interesting topic Because we just came back from Middle East and um you know the when you see These countries like UAE and now Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is investing a lot Of money into tourism and building up That they got DJ Khaled coming for a Music festival Um hey brother have the tallest building In the world well because oil is is Something that is is going to run up They're already diversifying their Portfolio and they're already making Plans for a life without oil I think They said the UAE already implemented a Rule that cars have to be Um gas free and like telling you Something like that just like New York And L.A so the energy world is changing Um and It's already it's already been impacted But even more so in the next couple of Decades where gas is not something that Is going to be Like how it is now It's it's not it's not no it's it's Running out But they're already planning for that Um so Clean energy Is something that is not only needed From

A science standpoint it's actually Beneficial from an economic standpoint As well So I do have a recommendation on energy Um it's something I get to stock Club But I think maybe two years ago next Terror energy if you are looking for Something in an energy space the ticker Is n-e Um great growth Five-year chart looks amazing A little bit volatile you have to wait For like At the bottom out to be willing to Invest in it but next tier is pretty Good Um Maybe I'll give a price for it tonight And if stock Club said I can't oh and I I saw the comment too I know we didn't Have a stock Club call last night my son Was not able to be at the amazing show So I was talking to my son and Lou of That's why I missed our call my Apologies but it's more important for me To talk to my kid before I go on stage Then uh And then to um hop online but tomorrow We shall have a stock Club call good Lesson please always put family before Business Please professionally before business I Know a lot of people be like hey I ain't Get to holla at you I want you to ask

Hey have you talked to your mom dad Cousin son First I've given everything if I made You money please put yes in chat Imma get spicy in like two seconds we Got allies we thanking them yet because I got videos Okay listen I don't know who else gave This blueprint prior to the like yeah Let's let's rock with it come on say put It in chat investing is easy And then put I just have to execute I'm not perfect and I'm not about to Rant shout out to the people up and tell Me I want you to rant left so we can get You next to Obama and Iraq I'm listening Um Do you mind sharing 10 uh long-term Stocks to invest in stocks to investing For long term yeah I I gave these out Um last night and thank you to everyone Who attended I appreciate you so much They're really like 10 core stocks that I like so Vo Stock Club rare Panda Rebellion don't Worry I'm not gonna give our picks out And at the right price but I do want to Help the community so we can win in this Recession together so vo Apple Microsoft Google United Healthcare Johnson Johnson Striker Eli Lilly Tesla Visa

Abbv McDonald's Procter and Gamble Starbucks now you pick your own Allocation if you want the allocation Selected for you that gives you the Least draw down and highest maximized Game Then you can join the rare Panda stock Club right but Apple Microsoft vo Google United Healthcare Striker Um Johnson and Johnson Eli Lilly Tesla abbv McDonald's which is in a real estate Business and Don alluded to it last Night Starbucks and Procter Gamble you Don't need anything else And we have to really we're not picking Stocks we're picking what are the best Businesses on the planet to invest in I Wish Bernard would like trim some of the Companies out of lvmh because lvmh with The right acquisition if they trim four Or five of those companies they'll be in That top ten Dior couple other you know lifestyle Brands That are High price a few trim those down to like A core eight And they'll give Apple a run for their Money Um but yeah those are the ten And uh I counted that I might have Counted 12. nothing in the cyber

Security space Just asking But if we're going to be honest yeah my My heads up thing is always Is this company Let's take sectors away let's go back to Playground ball right yeah so so if I go To the hood I go to Harlem like yeah I Can play I'm gonna play in the record This summer right can I be it doesn't Matter if he's six nine I can't be like Hey I'm the best light skin is talking Guard with a red panda jacket on in New York no are you the best of the 10 out Here of all 100 people when I put And I like craft Striker a lot there's a Two others that I like a lot but they're Not better than Apple they're not better Than Microsoft if Microsoft gets upset They'll happen at cyber security Business tomorrow And then what which If I can argue for a pole position away From Apple why Apple's focusing on Healthcare Dilly dallying with EV Because they're mad at Elon and playing The Privacy games with Zuckerberg in the App Store if Microsoft went to the cyber Security space I think they would be Able to pass up Apple as the number one Most valuable company on Earth But what what about that leader in E-commerce that that Goliath Amazon I think they're amazing

Um But if I had to put them against Google They lose United Healthcare they lose They kept on Paul Johnson and Johnson Okay And Tesla you're right oh yeah cause I'm Just looking at the list I'm like this Is a solid list I might have had a few Subs in there but it's your list so I'm Just asking yeah I mean and to be honest Amazon is one of the picks and the red Panda stock Club I said I won't give all The picks I Gotta Give contests but yeah We had a record spending Black Friday Right what was it nine billion was it Spent which isn't I mean for a retail Space obviously a lot of it was I think It was a record in e-commerce right so I Was I think Walmart actually led the way But you know having those those type of Numbers is pretty impressive 9 billion That's a lot [Music] I know they can't stand it

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