No Physical Silver and Gold Available? WHAT?!?

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There is no physical gold and silver Available in any quantity that is the Headline of this King World News article Which came out a few days back now I Want to go over this because it seems Absurd right you think what do you mean None available I could simply go down to My local coin shop or pick up some Precious metals online so what are they Talking about here is this complete and Utter nonsense or is there a sliver of Truth here so let's get into it Foreign Did you know SD bullion is giving away a Monster box of 2023 Silver Eagles sign Up today at sweepstakes Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it uh let's Get into this article here and of course I'm going to give you all my thoughts And opinions and I will talk about a Scenario where I think there actually is No physical gold or silver available and That scenario is going on right now Today but let's check out this article First watching the gold price in the Last few days has been interesting every Time the bullion Banks try to mark it Down the buyers come in and the price Then shoots up today they took it down To 1969 dollars before it bounced back 27 In a matter of a few hours buyers many Of which will stand for delivery have

Learned the game played on comex and are Quietly using it to remove all liquidity The situation in silver is even more Extreme it was marked down 60 cents Before the buyers cleaned out the market Squeezing the Bears so hard that the Price is now up on the day I want to Show you exactly what they're talking About so here we are looking at the Silver price over the last few days if We go back to the 19th we could see the Price for an ounce of silver was right Around 25 20 or so and then it just Dropped like a rock all the way down to You know 24.70 somewhere in that range So about 50 plus Cent drop I mean if you Take the absolute extremes right and Then it bounced back look at this boom I Remember when this happened it was crazy I checked my phone I was like Wow Silver's down quite a bit and then I Checked it a few hours later and it was Up so it seemed very strange you know What's going on here why is there so Much crazy volatility in just a matter Of a few hours this can have happened With silver silver is extremely volatile But it's pretty rare to see these big Down and then up moves in one day Especially with not a ton of news being Released on that particular day it just Seemed really out of Place coming back To the article the underlying situation Is the dollars trade weighted index has

Stabilized at a support level and we see Bond yields ticking higher hedge funds Take this to be a time when gold could Weaken so are vulnerable to bullion Banks dropping the price and taking out Their stops now we get to the last part Here but there is no physical gold and Silver available in any quantity and the Deposit run on Regional Banks is driving Retail demand for coins and the banking Crisis has only just started so first Off I want to say when they say there's No physical gold and silver available in Any quantity T they're actually not Really talking about physical gold and Silver in the sense of bars and coins That we could buy right because then They go to talk about driving retail Demand for coins what they're actually Talking about is when you trade gold and Silver so they're talking about paper Gold and silver they're talking about The paper markets they're not actually Talking about bullion so it's very Strange to read something like this from The mind of a stacker because we think Of you know buying gold and silver coins But that's not exactly what they're Talking about now if we look at the Amount of silver on the comex we can see Right here this chart is the registered Stock of silver and ounces uh goes back A number of years but this is referring To the comex here in 2020 the available

Supply of silver was actually fairly High certainly from a historical Perspective but it's been coming down Quite rapidly over the last 3 years so The levels and the amount of silver on The comex is certainly much lower than It has been but it's not zero it's not Nothing if we look at the lbma Holdings Of silver we can see those were dropping As well just over the last few years but They've kind of stabilized but still There's plenty of silver available on The lbma the question is if you're Trading paper silver are you ever going To be able to get real silver out of it Though here is the chart for SLV it's an ETF it's the most popular one the Biggest silver ETF in the world also Known as ishares silver trust so if you Buy one of these theoretical ounces of Silver they're supposed to be a real Ounce of silver held in JP Morgan's Vault which is backing up this paper Ounce of silver that you own but is that Actually the case if we look at the pay Deeper to Silver ratio now we can see It's over 385 to 1. the paper to gold ratio is Less manipulated but it's still over 120 To 1 but looking at the paper to Silver Ratio this is how many ounces of paper Silver are being traded for every one Single ounce of real silver that has Been produced on a yearly basis and this

Is not talking about just SLV there's Obviously other ETFs other products that They're talking about within this Formula here to get this ratio but still The fact of the matter is if there was 385 people on one side of a room and on The other side of room there was one Ounce of silver and they all thought They owned that one ounce of silver who Do you think is actually going to get it Are they going to divide it up into 385 Pieces or will they say go and see who Can run to the other side and pick up That ounce of silver the fastest uh you Know it's funny if they did that they Said go go get your silver everyone Would start running and the big bank Would come in and just pick up the ounce And say oh I guess we're taking it guess What nobody gets that ounce of silver so If you're trading paper silver you're Never actually going to be able to get Real silver out of it and that's where I Think there actually is some truth to This article but when they say there is No physical gold and silver available in Any quantity well that's not really true Unless we're talking about the people Who are trading paper silver but want to Get physical silver out of it at some Point or same goes with gold or trading Paper gold they want to get physical Gold out of it at some point for them Yeah there's no physical available going

That route but they simply could go to a Coin shop they simply could buy it Online and just get it that way so at The end of the day I think this article Kind of is bogus but I wanted to make This video to bring up the fact that if You want silver if you want gold don't Buy a paper product it's just a whisper Of the real thing it's like this right Here It's like being able to hear someone Else clink silver coins together but you Will never actually own them yourself That's what buying a paper product is Like it's a digital product it's just Numbers on a computer screen there's Lots of counterparty risk the best way To get silver and gold is just to buy Physical silver and gold buy bullion That's what I do remember the old saying If you can't hold it you don't own it And with everything going on in the World right now you certainly want to Know that you do in fact Own It gold and Silver are real money they are real Wealth they're outside of the dollar and That inflationary system so again I Would say just buy physical precious Metals but anyway I am curious your Thoughts of this article and everything That's going on right now feel free to Put them down below in the comment Section I want to say a massive thank You so much for watching and I will see

You you all in my next one silver Dragons out

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