Do Looks Matter? According To Seth Stephens-Davidowitz – Retire Sooner

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It's kind of sad just how much looks Matter in like every dimension of life So there's a study I find this sad I Don't know if other people if I said That you try to predict who Rises at West Point who's like who rise in the Military and you had they they've looked At all kinds of data you know what was Their GPA what's their family background Uh what were their athletic uh Accomplishments and the number one Predictor of success in the military is Having a face that other people rank is Dominant So basically forget everything if you Just look like you should be dominant You will rise higher in the military and This Improvement in politics that Looking competent is one of the biggest Predictors of a politician winning You Can predict 70 percent of Senate races Just based on Which candidate looks more competent Which again is sad we'd like to thank You know the winner is going to be the One with the Uh you know the best ideas or the Smartest the hardest working it's Frequently is someone who just looks the Part there are also studies these are Even more depressing looking baby-faced Is a massive predictor of being Judged innocent in grand juries So just like ah that guy couldn't have

Killed those people look at him uh he Looks like a you know cute uh So yeah it's it's a little depressing How much looks matter for success

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