Milk Spots on Silver Coins EXPLAINED!

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So what about like milk spotted Maple Leaves I mean would you consider those Retail worthy or would you pay less What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video we're going to talk About milk spotted silver coins we'll Talk about why your coins have these Weird milky blotches on them we will Talk about how it affects the value of The coins and also how you can maybe Remove the milk spots so let's do it Thank you for watching my video I do Sincerely appreciate it first thing I Want to do is go through some of these Coins here and show you some examples of Milk spotting so this is a Canadian Silver maple leaf from 2016. I have a Whole tube of these and unfortunately They are all milk spotted so you can see The milkiness around the edge or rim of The coin let me show you the other side Here and it has some pretty nasty Milkiness on this side as well we have The classic milk spots they actually Look like spots maybe someone uh poured A little bit of milk and it splashed Onto the coin so that's why we call them Milk spots show you the other side here This one is actually pretty gross on That side this Krugerrand here this one Is exceptionally bad lots of milkiness As we say and we do have a coin that is In a capsule it's actually grated you Can see the milk spots kind kind of over

On the right there's some bigger ones There and so even coins that are in Capsules and graded they are susceptible To milk as well here is an example of a Piece of silver that is toned so if your Silver is turning brown or orange even If it's small spots that are starting to Form that is not milk spotting this Happens naturally from sulfur in the air And this is actually kind of desirable Some people like the toning on their Silver coins so toning is different than Milk spotting this will happen pretty Much if your coins are exposed to any Air or humidity but the milk spots Actually happen because the coin was Made incorrectly so when the coins are Just blanks they're basically a one Ounce piece of silver with nothing on Them at all they go through a cleaning Process at the mint this sometimes is Called cleaning or polishing or Burnishing but basically the solution That they use contains what we think is Borax here is some borax right here some Of you will be familiar with this Detergent booster and as you can see it Is white so if this is mixed with water And used to clean the silver it's very Possible some could be left on the coins When they go through the next process Which is called the annealing process This is when the blanks are heated up The reason they're heated up is so that

They don't crack when they actually are Minted this annealing or heating process Basically softens the coins after this The coins are minted and they usually Look perfect right after they're done However these pesky milk spots can show Up either six months or six years after The coin is minted it could really Happen anytime down the road and the Reason they show up is just random I Mean it could be due to air exposure or Heat or humidity we don't exactly know But this is very common on different Types of silver coins so the question is Will this affect the value of your Silver coins so what about like milk Spotted Maple Leaves I mean would you Consider those retail worthy or would You pay less we would pay a little bit Less for those okay if something gets Damaged or defaced you know what it Really goes to the round price in in my Shop okay and I will sell them like that Too if they're milky I'm not going to Sell them like a brand new product that Was Dennis the owner of my local coin Shop and as he said if your maple leaves Are milk spotted they will treat them Like a silver round currently their buy Back price for silver rounds is 24.28 their buyback price for Maple Leafs is 26 dollars per coin so if your Maples are undamaged you'll make an Additional dollar 72 per coin when you

Go and sell them them to this particular Coin shop so if you have damaged Maple Leafs that have these pesky milk spots On them is it possible to remove the Milk spots without damaging the coins Even more because if the coins are all Scratched up from the removal process It's not like you're going to get any More money for them so we're going to Try two different strategies for Removing milk spots and we'll see if Either one is effective now you might Think this is a joke but people have Been using erasers for years to attempt To remove milk spots the problem is you Might actually scratch the coin worse Than before so I'm gonna try just a Little sample up here at the top right Next to the eth we will see if we can Get that removed Okay I've been working at that for Probably a few moments and it definitely Does look slightly better I mean it Hasn't really fixed the finish on the Coin but you definitely can't tell the Milk spots are there as easily maybe I'll try and do the whole surface of the Coin and see how it looks after that Okay I did the whole right half there And it definitely looks like it is Removing the milk spots so that's pretty Cool but it is leaving scratches on the Coin and it is ruining the finish I mean Obviously the Finish is much more dull

Now so I wonder if there's a way to Improve the Finish maybe dipping it in Some type of a solution so all in all I Would say this is kind of successful but Certainly not what I was hoping for for My second attempt at removing milk spots We're going to use high heat this is a Map gas torch that I'm pointing directly At the milk spots trying to get them to Go away I have heard that this works if You use high heat you should be able to Just burn them off I mean one of the Ways they got on there was high heat Maybe we can use high heat to take them Off and as you can see it is kind of Changing the finish on the coin for sure I mean it's certainly not as shiny as it Was before and I have this turned all The way up so we're heating up this coin Quite a bit and I really think it's just Kind of ruining the coin I mean it might Be removing the milk spots but the coin Looks a lot worse than it did before I Would say that was a big fail we Basically just turned it into one big Milk spot here's a look at the other Side so that was definitely unsuccessful The other one I feel like was pretty Unsuccessful as well if I took these Down to the local coin shop they're Probably going to treat them as damaged So those were my two strategies for Removing milk spots and neither one of Them worked if you have any ideas on how

To remove milk spots on silver coins Feel free to put those ideas Down Below In the comment section maybe I will do a Follow-up video where I try more ways to Remove milk spots I certainly have a lot Of milk spotted coins so we could try 10 Different ways and see what works and Then maybe I could take them down to my Coin shop and try and pass them off as Undamaged and see what happens so Definitely leave your comments down Below I'm curious what your thoughts are On these pesky milk spots but I guess The best thing to do is just buy silver Coins that probably won't milk spot There are a few types out there usually The American silver eagles don't milk Spot and usually the Canadian silver Maple leafs from 2018 or newer will not Milk spot because of the new mint Shield Technology usually the Perth Mint does Pretty good with their products as well Although this coin is from the Perth Mint and it certainly did milk spots so They're not perfect but uh anyway it's Just kind of one of those things when You buy silver coins they may milk spot They may not if they do it's certainly Going to hurt the value of your coins But that's all I got today I hope this Video was helpful and I will see you all In my next one silver dragons Out

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