WHAT ARE 3 WAYS TO STOP OVERTRADING – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] So let's get into this what are three Ways to stop over trading so you can Make more money In 2023 Yes I think I was talking to a brother Earlier and he was like Hey I'm having An issue with over trading really good Trader he has some amazing entries Um so number one you have to pick a Person ideally your significant other Um or someone that you're really close To and share your results every single Day now Traders we do like this when we Have a bad trade would be like I ain't gonna show that one show all of Your trades for the next 90 days to a Significant other person that you care About dearly that's number one number Two Um one thing that helped me on my Journey that helped me like Catch Fire I Began to post my results on social media For the month quarter and year So a few years ago Um when I posted my yearly result and Yearly return that helped keep me Accountable because anybody can have a Great week or a great month but Year-over-year gains are really tough And then number three I've said this Before but for every time that you have A loss in your account you need to pick A person that you turn that money over

To as well so let's say you're trading Options and your trade-in Futures and Let's say you lose twenty six hundred Dollars in a day guess what got to pick An accountability partner and also pay Them 2 600 bucks I know the comments on YouTube are not going to be favorable But when you got to turn over to your Bae a loss like your loss report card And pay up to 26. trust me you will stop Trading uh more than you should and it Will give you an accountability party That will help you so when I was uh like When Xander was first born I would put My win loss record on the refrigerator On a dry erase board to Melissa Um Every week and she was hoping that I Would lose so I have to pay the part of The money up And then the wins went good because I'm Like I'm not gonna pay you twice yo so Um later in life I had to paying twice But I'm so honored because you're an Amazing Mom thank you so much for being Incredible and allowing me to have a Shot with you Um So I'm driving ready listen what Drake Said hey this is this is this is a Question because a lot of times when we Hear over trade people think that They're over trading the the same stock Right and that could mean like yo I'm

Doing 13 different different companies I'm investing but that could also mean Like I might just be over trading the Same stock right like I might be taking Too many trades at the same stock in Fact one of the things we heard Yesterday and we were asking a gentleman Like what do you trade he said I only Trade One Thing but that doesn't mean That you don't over trade right so can You like but you can take 15 trades in One day yeah like ideally on a monthly Basis you shouldn't take more than I mean a trades maximum if you really Want to have a high win rate four would Be great one trade a week is amazing uh Fellas put in chat less is more and I Said on the call yesterday I know it Feels like when I come on and say take Four trades I'm trying to keep you from Getting the bag what normally happens is Like you have six or seven trades that Work well and then trade 8 through 14 Goes incredibly horrible and now you'll Try to average down like crazy to make Them for the losses and then you end up Breaking your laptop in your mouse any Y'all through your laptop against the Wall of mouse before Now you're gonna put up drywall and get A new mouse less is more and then once You have control of those like uh even If we playing ball like well let's take It to my homes and Jalen hurt like last

Time Joe you still shout out to Joe Budden you still ain't paid me my 500 For one Brady beat my home for last time And we won charades did he pay off their Back no shout out to Joe go check out The episode anyway Corey what up Um but even then like I'd rather have a Player that's incredibly reliable that Gets slow gains and chips away like Brady's graded like four to seven yards Mahomes scrambles better out of the Pocket bigger arm you can argue a better Quarterback but in those tight moments Are you going to follow the same routine And system over and over and over again So in your trading you want to be very Methodical I know it's more exciting to Run off 700 400 in a year but I'd rather Get 60 70 80 90 year over year my Trading and have stability yeah and be Okay with that all right like be okay With 20 be okay with 30 like those are Great those are amazing games right Obviously everybody wants to hit the Grand Slam 500 600 but if you if you're Doing 30 20 that's pretty good like you Should pat yourself on the back and Figure out what strategy that you use to Get that type of gain and keep Implementing that Stick to that and then the bigger games Will come all the put this in chat all The big games come from discipline There's at least maybe 15 people I know

That can probably trade you better than Me month over month maybe over a three Month period of six months hard-pressed And I've had my best Like last year was my best year trading Um I'm trying to get to I want to jinx Myself but I'm trying to get you like a Place where I have like two years with No losses like I've had a loss for like Nine ten months but I've taken way less Trades like I'm doing maybe four or five Max a month and I'm still looking at it All day every day and it's hard not to Push that button like I'd be one hit by Bid so bad on ninjatrader but it's Better to hit like one solid trade for The week what size and for a bigger Target than it is to like scalp your Life away There you have it hit the like button This is live yes please we are live in The flesh Um for Market Mondays we flew in just For marketing one day we was in Puerto Rico we forgot to mention that oh yeah Yeah shout out to Rachel Rachel Rogers Family Travel PR Um and shout out to your satchel Satchel shots Yes I want to go back to Mexico so bad Go to Bob man um you know it's always Good energy newfound respect for Puerto Rico yes yes PR travel

They held us down out there this is true Um so let's talk about Badoo has followed open ai's footsteps And has created a bot similar To chat GPT So it did some competition for chat GPT Yeah no yeah yeah so first we got to Tell them what Badu is and I told the Story maybe in the early episodes of of Market Mondays but Badoo the best way to Describe it as the Chinese version of Google And I remember I was reading like a Business week one in 2007 and I was like Oh Google Google Okay well what's better Than Google let's find another Google And and the company Baidu came up and Then uh I invested in it and I got Scared got nervous because the market Pulled back around 2008 and uh if I do Went on a tear and I think they split Twice I think they did seven to one then They did 30 to one that was one of those Lessons I'm like oh my gosh had I just Been disciplined enough but like I said You got to go through things to Understand things at a greater scale so If I do it is a Chinese version of Google what they've done is they've Created a bot Um which has the AI tool which will Enable Badu's main search services to Allow users to have conversation style Results and so imagine rather than

Typing a search you're actually just Saying it and The AI is telling you back the answers So kind of almost like a hands-free Situation uh which is interesting Because you know Chad gbt hasn't created They haven't gotten together with Google The largest uh search engine they're Trying to do it with Bing which like we We spoke about I'm not sure how many People Bingo even know what Bing is Um so they they I mean they're they're Ahead of the curve in that sense Obviously the population of China is Much larger than ours in the user base Could be but it's an interesting Proposition Um I'm sure that the the the the good Folks over at Microsoft are watching This very intently when you invest 10 Billion dollars you want to know who the Competition is and you want to know what They're doing so I'm sure we'll see Something uh from the real Folks at Microsoft about this You think Badu is a competitor now I Don't know if it's a competitor only From the standpoint of the regulations From Badoo obviously we you know if the Chinese government kind of controls what Is allowed to be searched which Obviously doesn't yeah as open and That's free as what we have here in Google

Um so from that standpoint I can't Really see it as a competitor So like for example on Ford uh their Greatest convention was the formation of The assembly line then Mercedes had to Follow suit and other companies did I Think this is just an extension of the Automation to remove the workforce in 2030. now of course With all the noise that is making I would say that it's smart for Baidu to Make their own I don't know if it's Going to have a tremendous impact on Um on the stock overall even though Baidu has been pushing up a little bit At the top of this year and narrow Um but I do think we're going to see Every company make their own well every Major top 10 tech company like make Their own version of but I think clearly Like even with iPhone space Chad gbt is The iPhone of AI right now Baidu's version will be an Android Android still has some value shout out To all the Android users I'm learning Not to alienate the audience Um but Chad GPT is a clear leader I Think we're just seeing more automation To to drive the workforce down and get To that goal uh and I said it on on a Chat yesterday but even on Amazon's Front they need to get to a place where They let off like total 24 to 26 of Their Workforce for the stock to go back

Up Please be mindful I don't think that They've ushered in these automation Systems by accident at scale while every Tech company like look look at it like This every you don't think that all the People in Tech Skin drinks together and was like yo we Should just lay off a whole bunch of People and find a way to replace them Four or five years ago and then slowly Usher it in after covet after making the Great resignation thing a big PR move This is planned this is uh Controlled Chaos yeah And we got in the the functionality for It has increased I think a lot of times I mean especially when we've discussed It into people we talked to about it we Look at it from how can it create you Know Word documents and things of that Of that nature and I was told to be Shout out to be uh and he was telling me You know They have the first world the the World's first robot lawyer and it was Created from Ai and using tab gbt Um yeah because If you figure like from a legal Standpoint I mean it's it's pretty much A lot of documentation and so if you Would tell the case and it could kind of Create a defense for it and so it starts Out as a legal assistant but then when

You see the reports that you know Chad Gbd just passed the bar I'm it's getting scary like think about That right Yeah just in times man Um also I just posted on on your leash's Instagram page an hour ago I don't know If you saw it but um The melting so scientists have created a Shape-shifting robot that can melt its Way out of a cage it's on our Instagram Page they have the video of it and um Yeah they took a medal uh with a low Melting point and uh they put magnetic Particles in it and they made a melting Robot now this is interesting because Obviously this can Just getting like Slip in and out of different situations So they they a diagram of how it can Actually uh go into the body and uh take Out like um cancerous cells and Different things of that nature but it's Literally a robot that's solid and then It can be melted and then it can be Solid again Um Exactly like this everything is always a Foreshadowing you know that's crazy it's Like the Terminator you need to go look At our robot Terminator enemies of State Well the thing about it You ever want to predict what's going to Happen in the future watch movies

Because it's like all of these movies Hey somebody has to be able to think About it so somebody can have an idea of It that means that it's going to become Possible at some point in time yeah and Movies are usually a good indicator of What is to come in the future so um yeah Terminator 2 is exactly is actually very Similar To that um and you know they have this Is a micro robot but if they can do it With a micro robot then they're going to Be at some point they probably can now Do it with a robot that's six feet tall Right have like robot that's six feet Tall and then can melt into liquid and They can go underneath a door And then become a robot again Um and to tie into the episode that you Guys talked about about Um racism and police Injustice I am very Afraid that if Boston Dynamics puts Their foot on a gas that same kind of Thing will eliminate any white cops Going into black neighborhoods and it Will be all robots that police and Arrest in our neighborhoods in the next 10 years [Music] I know they can't stand it

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