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[Music] What were three biggest lessons that you Learned from the Creator and founder of Bad Boy Records Diddy Sean Combs AKA good Segway I got to the story so it's like it's one Of these things where you just never Know what's going to happen but it's Important to be at the right place at The right time even if you don't know You're at the right place at the right Time so um What happened is that we're at a um Event at Art Basel Um at Star Island and um that's the Legend in itself but go ahead yeah shout Out to shout out to GC shout out to the Paw digital you had a nice event nice Event our brother was there Kenny Burns Can you represent it was the day before The day before yeah so so we at the we At the event and um Just so it just so happens that Diddy Lives across the street so leaving we Hit our God so our guy Luke Tucker used To be the president of bad boy and Diddy's childhood friend and he's a good Friend of ours as well so we hit him Like yo what's up man like we trying to Stop by Diddy's Club East cross street Was popping so he told dick like yo the Guys want to meet you because we didn't Meet we haven't met did he yet he's like Yo the guys want to meet you man like

What's up you're like oh yeah trying to Pull up so we pulled up to his house First of all his house Immaculate or whatever that's different Bro Different it's different motivation Um so we pulled up it was some real Movie scene like it was so it was so Crazy bro because we wasn't planning on This at all we was we was leaving so we Pull up to the gate first of all he had To give us security clearances to Actually come in he has to tell the Security guard like on the phone like Now they good let them in so let us in And we we walked past the whole The whole estate Um and then we go to the water and uh He's at the water with Tariq Tariq who I Believe is the the head of combs Enterprises Handles a lot of his business operations And it was us and we were just talking For 45 minutes like it was just me Troy Diddy and and Tara and uh and Luke and Lou and it was just us Jose as you now know and Jose shout out To Jose a few other people like in in The background but we just did playing Music And um just talking but the crazy thing About it is like just just listening to Him and um you know this is some that He's a billionaire right like he's he's

Actually a billionaire and just the way He's tapped in he's like yo like I need To I need to learn about web 3.0 I need To like y'all got y'all got this like we Need to collaborate on this like we need To do this like I need to get better at This I need to get more infrastructure I Need to do this like like his brain is Like racing like he's like tapped in Like yo this is what we got to do like What's going on like what y'all seeing Like asking us questions like yo what's Your what's your background like what Were y'all doing before this like Getting the information from us like And it's just like you know what I'm Saying like I'm you you would think Somebody on that level It's just like you know full of Themselves gonna be talking about Themselves like he literally like asking Us a bunch of questions like what's Going on in the space right now like yo Y'all got it like I'm paying attention Everything y'all doing like it was just Like a real interesting conversation Like we talked about Advertising we talked about marketing we Talked about investing we talked about So many different things over the course Of that probably 45 minutes that we was With them yeah I think one of the things That like a couple things stood out man But

When he was talking and he was just like Yo y'all the outliers like y'all didn't Like y'all really did it you know what Makes y'all great I made the everyday Person really believe they could become Millionaires and billionaires and they Doing it and that's what's so special About y'all and it was just like I'm Listening to this guy like we look at Him like I know shot we've been calling Like that's black season to us like That's puff and so the fact that he's Acknowledging the things that we've been Doing with our community was it was Astonishing but the next thing he was Like like look Let's do something right now I'm like what he's like no let's do Something right now I'm like yeah we got The paperwork he's like no no you own You own your platform right we're like Yeah he's like I own my [ __ ] too let's Do it now get your lawyer on the phone I'm like Yo this is really happening right now yo And I'm like hitting I'm hitting I'm Hitting Amy up like I'm like damn like What I'm like yo she didn't hit me back Here he's like all right all right well We maybe we ain't doing it today then It's just like then we got into another Conversation and this is what was so Powerful really quick for the audience I Have to ask yeah you go with your gut

And wait for the lawyer to clear or do You say that's puff let me just push it Through Now now she had sentences it was like a Back and forth and it was like Ping Pong So it was like their turn but they Didn't get it yet and so she did respond Though so yeah yeah that that got taken Care of but then he started talking About where he's at in life right now And that was just like interesting Because he sees the game from a Different landscape right and he's Looking at it from up here and it was You know that that quote that that that Jay has shared about Nipsey about being In places that he can no longer go and Him being in places he hasn't been able To get to and they kind of need each Other and he started looking at us like Yo y'all the bridge that I need but There's so many things at this level That he wants to share that he hasn't Been able to because he's seeing things Right you know it's like when you get to Higher levels you start seeing more Barriers put in place and we can see That right even at our level and you Know what I'm saying and he's seen at His level and he's like yo but nobody Can speak on it because nobody's been Able to get to this level like we're Just getting here And so the fact that he you know he's

Looking at us like yo this could be the Way like this could be the way that we Can share this information so that Everybody can learn from it as I'm going Through it I mean he even talked about His you know giving back pledge it was Just like yo this is probably one of the Illest hours of my life is happening Right now and so Man listen I know it was five cups of Love anybody who followed Troy like Early Leisure pages to go first they Were shot there in truck Troy put up Everything right away I said oh that's a Lot I know what this is that's what it Was when Troy get the poster But but the crazy thing about it is like Just a small correction on what Troy Said he said without like so what Happened was I was telling Diddy well Hey I showed him the video of us paying Homage to him because we paid homage to Him and Nas at Madison Square Garden on Our intro with the hate me now we had The video playing we came out with the Minx it was all inspired by the Hate Me Now video so I was showing him the video I was actually showing him the video Which is crazy within it so I'm showing Him the video he like yo this is dope It's fire so later on and I was just Telling him like we were talking about Inspiration and I was like you know how Every it's like Each one teach one like

You know like y'all whole generation of You Jay Nas all that like y'all inspired Us and now like we inspiring some other People like you know I mean and then he Would and then he stopped me Stopped me and he said nah y'all the Tipping Point Tipping Point he said Y'all The Tipping Point he said y'all Made it so the average person feel Comfortable becoming a millionaire he Was like and they not they don't got to Start cooning they don't gotta dance They don't gotta they don't gotta be Rapping they don't gotta be an athlete And he was like y'all popularized For the average person to get money and Get Fly and he was like yada yada Tipping Point with a flyer City and and That of course you know that but that Was that was something that really stuck With me because it's like he made it a Point to stop me and was like nah let's Not even like no I'm saying like let's Keep it in perspective what y'all did Really never has never been done before Like and y'all really opened up a whole Lane for people and he said that he said He said not to [ __ ] he said you don't Gotta they don't gotta be cooling they Don't gotta be rapping they could just Be just getting money and that's it I Thought like that's rest that's real Yeah within the next five like 20 Minutes he said yo here's my number hit

Me directly and in my mind I'm like yo This is like this is really puff and so They invited us to come over to to the Uh Club loved up the next night which is Absolutely incredible I mean his energy He's 53 like I wanna like he's 50 E3 bro I watched this man like literally dance Around an estate for four hours straight His energy Yo at one point he's like yo if you're Not going to dance I'm gonna have Security to remove you straight up like That we're not here for that this ain't This don't don't come here if you came To sit down Um but even like even in that space like In that room and I posted the picture With Will pack and we had a conversation That just like fire every now and then You hit these moments Um and it's just like wow like as we're Doing this and we're we're constantly Going constantly going we never really Get to sit and reflect and when I walked Over to will packer And I was introducing myself and I was Saying yeah you know Terence good friend Of ours he's been trying to introduce us For a while he said yeah yeah Ernie Leisure he said Tyler's been talking About you guys too And I was like Tyler Perry By the way Like Tyler Perry I mean do the work crazy be honorable be

Really consistent Speak on what you want Speak on what you want that that's what He said yo he said listen I want y'all To tell me your wildest dreams so I Could blow it out the water to see you There's nothing y'all can't do Yeah just tell me your wildest dreams Like I'm gonna make it happen I'm gonna Show you how I'm gonna make it happen For you shout out to Daddy man he invite Us to his house the next day Club love And we went there and we and we we had a Party that every shout out to Noriega Yeah he pulled up on us it was with 19 Keys he was like yo I'm tapped in man I Respect y'all like he posted us on his Page today like he like I respect y'all Like I'm tempting you like keys on the On a high level on y'all on the finance Side like I'm really respect what y'all Doing I respect it a lot so you know It's dope man to get that you know Normally another one I grew up on the War report stuff like that you know big Fan of dream champ so to get to the Recognition from your peers in the space For people that you know have become Your peers it's um it's encouraging so Shout out to to Diddy shout out to the Whole team too and this is the last Thing I'm gonna say about the Revolt Thing a lot of people have have Judgments about people that they never

Actually even met and they have Judgments about situations that they Have no knowledge of and like I said I Can't speak on everybody's dealings with Other people some people have good Experiences with people some people have Bad experience people that's like Somebody might have a bad experience With me and they might tell somebody Like yo I hate him and then somebody Else I might be the best person in the World and both of those people might be True Both of them might both of them might be Telling the truth right but it's like I Can only judge somebody on on my Experiences with them so my experiences With The whole Combs Enterprises situation Has been nothing but good from his head Of security faheem To Dion To the tavio I revolt To all of them like they all black People they're all young his whole staff Let's keep it real Yeah probably better I just feel like you know from from what I've seen it's been good business it's Been a bunch of black people That's working with other black people That's been helpful that's been Beneficial Um and I have I haven't seen anything

Like it else I haven't seen the Infrastructure that they have The resources that they have and just The all-black infrastructure like as far As the people I have not seen anything Else like it I just haven't so look you know like I Said we we criticize things that we Don't necessarily have full information On Um And I just think that it's better to be Informed before you before you speak Because it's like sometimes you're Saying things and you're not fully Informed on what you're saying and You're going off of what somebody else Is telling you but they might be Misinformed mm-hmm And even before they got the new slave Shows uh I was talking to chat try to Chat appreciate your brother when he Told me what puff structure was like a Revolt on like the deal side I was like what I'm not gonna say the Number but I said what he said imagine If you get 15 more hit shows That number was he talked to us about Some percentages on some other deals too Man shout out to him new music on the Way hey Shout out to Diddy man music sound Incredible too they sound incredible Yeah speak on what you want one of my

Number one things going to holidays and I wrap here Um Number one always ask God for what you Want and number two my favorite prayer In holidays is For those who are not for me US my Friends family in a circle please clear Out who was not meant to be there you'll Be surprised when you ask God to clear Out those who are not meant to be there And to give you what you want how fast That arrives you don't know who's going To Advocate even for Peter like to wheel Me around and take take me to every Station I did fintech TV like he made Him do an interview I've seen Steve grab you all in the same Way Sure Love's going to do the same thing Um I think every person on Earth is going To get maybe two or three angels to help Guide them I will say this is the person who has Made this mistake too when God reveals Who should be in and who should be out You can't ask for the prayer to be Answered then you don't listen Because a lot of times the biggest thing That will hold you back is not having The right people and you're in a circle So be mindful of that but ask for what You want and you will receive that's why

I always tell you I know people think That I'm ranting about this but when I Walked in that boardroom and met her I Didn't think it was a ramp they said you Figured everything out consultant would Without us hiring KPMG Speak on what you want no way out three Next year whatever other deal y'all got Going we're just gonna put no way out Three on top of it to celebrate And what's up [Music]

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