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[Music] One last one last thing because people Ask what's the best type of policy There's a variety of different type of Policy but the policy that I'm using Personally Is guaranteed protection universal life Because that's a lifelong policy where It doesn't it's not designed to build Cash value Um so it's a it's a cheaper premium than A whole life or iul Um but you don't want to do term with This because term is going to run out Yeah so you need a permanent type of Policy so for all you people that's like Well whole life isn't a good investment Well I'm not here to convince you that Is a good investment but if it runs out And you never get the benefit That's a great finesse and I'm pro-term In some cases but if you don't expire Before the 20 years or 30 years and then They get to keep all the premium that is A big that's like options for the Brokerage houses yeah yeah 20 years is Here Yeah expired but the guarantee Protection is it is another choice where You know it's like a hybrid between term And whole life where it doesn't it's not Designed to build cash value but it's Going to be here for the rest of your Life so you don't have to worry about it

Expiring so how much coverage are you Getting or should we Um how much coverage To be determined Mike said Mike flip That out shawty like what you doing Boy So have that offline join our group text And we'll tell you how much coverage you Should be getting To be earned all right man let's get Back to this investment conversation What are three things people should do Today To make 2023 the best year ever yeah I Put this earlier on uh social but you Need to write down what your one big Personal financial goal is first and Foremost because most people when I ask Them like hey what are you planning to Do in 2023 most people don't know Whatever that goal is 15 that's it Because you're probably thinking too Small for those of you who like I want To make my first hundred grand my first 200 Grand I'm gonna tell you when you Get there it's overrated you're gonna be Like damn I did all this work for this Little bit of money Um number two you need to set what your Big spiritual goal is for the year Because the era that I'm in now like is What I call my heaven on Earth era like I want peace love happiness joy great Friendship great relationship great

Business all at the same time sometimes We'll put the business before Health It's a mistake sometimes we'll put the Health over the money pick mistake I Want us to have it all at one time and Then I want you to put the one thing That you're going to do to positively Impact the world that puts the numbers In your favor so one big personal income Goal one big spiritual goal and then What are you going to do to have impact Because In order to get the goals that you want You have to help a certain amount of People You need that you need your spiritual Life to be regardless of what you Practice you need peace and Harmony There but for our audience I want to see Us actively run into people on the Streets and like hey I made easy two Million dollars in the market on Mondays Because once you realize like Some of these companies are being valued At astronomical numbers that don't even Like with Chad GPT I think it's a Solid invention I don't think it's the Greatest thing ever they got to a Million users the fastest people are Valuing it at three billion dollars and I'm like it's Downscaled AI there are a bunch of apps That are better than that so if there's So much money out there available for us

Why are we only shooting for 100 grand In a year or 200 Grand or one million Um set your goal is a lot higher like Like I wanna well I won't say my goal Because I'm gonna be smart like you were Shot save that for a later date but you Whatever your initial thought is for What your goal is set it 15 times higher And you look at that every single day to Get to where you want to be and 2023 Would be absolutely amazing I think and this is something like I did Over the past couple like week and a Half or so it's just like I want you to Take an inventory of your life Like really taking inventory like really Assess what's happening in your life and Really evaluate it right like treat like I know people say treat you yourself Like you're the CEO of your life your CEO of your family but like really take Your inventory yeah because if we don't Then the chances are we're gonna Replicate the things that we've done in The past year past three years past four Years past five years and that doesn't Just go like monetary things I really Want you to like assess the Relationships in your life except Reassess the decisions you've made Whether Financial even in the market Like If we don't assess it and we don't Understand the lessons learned from it

Then we're going to repeat them and that Goes like I said that goes from a Financial standpoint that goes from a People standpoint that goes from a Spousal standpoint a relationship Standpoint really really reassess what's What's happening and what got you to the Point if you you haven't reached the Goals that you said like every year Everybody has a New Year's resolution Right and it's like well that dies out In February because the same habits the Same things that we were accustomed to They reared themselves again and it's Like we're in the same place right it's That treadmill Theory right like Everybody running like life is like a Treadmill everybody or any place to get Nowhere fast yep like how do we reverse That cycle though like we really need to Reevaluate the position that we're in And the decisions we made And see how we can change them right Really have and that and like I said From a family standpoint for sure like Have constructive conversations not just Like yo hey how you doing hey how the Kids like constructive conversations Like you said talking about a trust Talking about a will these things are Important man it's gonna happen Yeah if you want to have the best year Like really assess where you're at so You can make sure that it's a productive

One for you and one thing about like What I just said too about the whole Trust I read a comment on Instagram and Somebody was like yeah that sounds so Good I was just I'm just looking for Somebody that's actually um implemented That to know if it's really real I just Told you it was real you're not gonna You're not gonna find anybody to Implement it because you're not in the Circle where somebody's actually like This is the infant this is the thing About it when I was in when I was in the Space for 12 years these people never Spoke about this publicly so it's like You're getting information that we're Not even supposed to have to be honest Exactly so it's like Take the information even if you don't Fully understand it just listen to it Learn more do some more research on your Own that's important but Telling you man you're fighting you're Fighting it's too many people that's Trying to fight information you're Trying to find holes in it you're trying To find what's wrong with it I'm I promise you this isn't this isn't Theo this isn't stop potting in the Comments yes yeah anything that I ever I'm speaking about this is what I Actually learned from on on the job Training like on the job training Literally seeing it happen literally

Seeing people doing it literally doing It myself literally yeah so it's like You're trying to beef with the Information that you shouldn't even be Really privy to you wasn't privy to it Before we came so understand that have Some level of appreciation I like this shoe no you got to you got To you can't beef with the information It's extremely important because it's Like y'all trying to debate it's not Ain't no debating you're trying to Debate topics and go back and see okay Well what is the loophole and like it's Not gonna help you speaking of debate Should we be number one on cultural Impact on every list yes or no let's get To it well let's talk about this because There is some more Investments to talk About but let's talk about this since You're at it hey shout out to Jim Jones Hey Capo Jimmy what up A genius Um oh God here comes the ego part of Ian I thought he was being humble I am for Entertainment though shout out to Jim Jones so he made a podcast but he made a List for top podcasts and it was Actually brilliant because I never saw Anybody actually of any like real Level of his stature actually all Compile a list like this so when he puts The list out it really goes viral when People start reposting and people

Started people pull away about it and he Put a top 10 hottest podcasters of 2022 List out and number one was strength Champs at number two with million Dollars worthy game at number three was Ernest Go trademark that too all right and Number four was the Joe Button podcast And number five was Kai sent it's Interesting pick uh and number six with Joe no jumper number seven was karisha Please at number eight was kitchen Talk Maino's podcast and number nine was lip Service and at number 10 was my expert Opinion math half a shot man it's got to Be higher than that to keep it real So was it was a list so was it listen Order yeah it was it oh you put a number Next to it so math gotta be higher than That so yeah I thought that's that was Part of it I was like people were like This should be high that should be Higher I thought it was just unless he Composite of 10. well I mean he put a Number if you don't put enough if you Put a number or something I'm excited I'm assuming that that number represents Where the real yeah okay Um so you know Now for my my opinion I think it's a good list I do think it's A good list I would add I mean of course I'm biased Market Mondays I would add uh High level conversations and I probably

Would add 85 South so absolutely Um that's just my own personal opinion On it there's a few content he's not he Doesn't have a podcast but I understand The reactions because he's on fire right Now but just if we just gonna keep it Fair I I guess you got to take him out Because he doesn't have technically he Doesn't have a show Um And maino's interesting choice Um I like meno though no he's actually a Great he's a great guy yeah solid Um super solid and lip service might Have been a little controversial That might have been a little Controversial once again Angela Yee Great great person all right we're under No relationships shout out Angela who Else I know it's not even about it it's Talking about ruining relationship just Because I'm just saying no I'm learning No that's a film I'm about to go hella Hollywood this year no that's a fan Still shout out to Ally So my whole thing is like I just want to Know how we facing it because and I Respect all of these shows and I've Watched all of them shows Um but hey We're not a podcast Movements Um and I I just need to know how it's

Being based because it's like When you base it on views That's important and you know you based On downloads and social media that's Important as well but I haven't seen Anybody do 14 000 people I haven't seen Anybody go to London and have you know 4 500 people hanging off the Raptors and Royal Albert Hall and I ain't really Seen nobody like in Egypt and Nigeria And Madison Square Garden Um Houston I'm just I need to know what the Criteria is or and to be real I just I Just need to know what if y'all learned From listening to them have you made Money got more women Glowed up like what are we doing And most of them a copy of a copy anyway And that's super respectful though Because I actually love I actually love And appreciate all of those shows a lot Of dudes a lot of people is friends to The show Friends to the show but we Personally have relationships with them And I do think that Matt Hoffa should be Higher way higher But um yeah I guess I guess I just need To know the criteria what defines impact What's the criteria because like you Know like I said views are important and There are shows that get more views than Us are they if they're bought Because I can go spin a bag and go put

Some money up and get actually about two Million a [ __ ] show too Who's who's buying the views real bad Would you like to speak on it No see and I'm an easy out that's Ian You know he a Tupac fan that wasn't us It's my last comment for the year but uh But shout out to all those shows though Yeah because they are they they changing The game and they doing their thing and They they got they got a tremendous Culture points but um you know I just Look at it like you know Yeah I think maybe that's a better Competition right and who's had the Biggest influence yeah and then Something that didn't make shout out to Beat out shout out to Ellie Wilson they Said maybe next year but like that's Something that I watched and especially From a visual standpoint Rap Radar is Dope so I mean everybody's doing their Thing but I just we just got to find What impact so it's just different like What we've been able to curate is it's Just a little different I guess that Ain't slightly it's it's heavy Please call I want to do the time Podcasts that generate the most gross Revenue [Music]

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