If Bakhmut Falls, Fighter Jets Might Come – Inflation Hell Continues

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So the conflict is getting worse and we Could see yet another escalation now the Trigger might just be the fall of bark Mode and we have heard endlessly about How Russia is losing against the west But right now we have headlines all Pointing to the fall of buck Moon Western media themselves they are Pointing towards Russia capturing the City as they continue to encircle The Defenders and if CNN is reporting that Russia is making gains that means the Cities on the brink of collapse now the Danger of Buckman following is how this Could be another escalation point where The West ramps up its support for Ukraine again and this time they could Be sending in Planes now I think we have To realize that the ground battle is Tied together the economic battle right Each will affect the outcome of the Other unless the west and Russia Continues pouring money to the meat Grinder we will keep living in this Inflationary hell but why is bug mode Important why are both the west and Russia lock in an epic struggle for the City and for the ukrainians Batman is a Symbol of their resistance as zielinski Himself has called The Fortress back Mode saying he would defend it for as Long as he can so even if the city has No strategic importance its capture will Shatter morale and for the West it will

Signal that their current level of Support isn't enough they will likely Increase the Firepower and financial Sanctions on Russia and for Russia if They can't take back mode it would Signal to China that Russia might need Additional support whatever that might Be it will also affect morale they will Lose a key transport Hub in the next Region so both sides could have Compelling reasons to control bug mode But what's interesting guys is the Multiple reports and claims that Russia Is on the brink of Victory with Ukrainian forces pulling out so it's Probably just a matter of time before The city Falls and this could be an Escalation point they will unleash Another economic disaster we could face Yet another inflation hell again now Firstly Let's Take Surrender off the Table for both sides both Russia and the West that spend too much treasure in This conflict the amount of money party Ukraine is horrifying and really Mind-boggling now I have to say that all These estimates that I'll be referring To are the official figures from both Sides and let's start with Russia and According to tasks Russia's National Defense budget proposal calls for more Than 230 billion dollars from 2023 to 2025. in fact that number could go up to 600 billion if we throw in security and

Law enforcement now there's a lot of Money from the oil revenues flowing to Keep the battle going right and the Situation in the west isn't any better According to the Council of Foreign Relations since the War Began the United States alone has sent more than 75 Billion dollars to Ukraine and over 60 Percent of it is in military aid Including weapons and equipment and if We zoom out we can see America's support Outstrips the rest of the EU together we Are looking at over 64 billion dollars In arms and equipment that a lot of Financial commitment and let's Understand War spending is almost always Inflationary there are two types of Spending in this world guys one is Productive spending that eventually Leads to increasing the production or Supply of goods and services for example If government spending is used to build More oil refineries there is a good Argument to be made that over time the Money will pay back itself there'll be More capacity to produce Diesel and Gasoline which will increase Supply Lowering inflation but water spending is The exact opposite you aren't increasing The supply of anything you are taking The money to buy raw materials like oil And based metals and then you're blowing Them up into Smithereens right Scattering all the resources to the

Abyss now the supply of Commodities in The world has shrunk but the money Supply has increased and this is why Prices of everything has gone up and why Inflation isn't going to end anytime Soon we have Biden at Olaf shorts Pledging support for Ukraine for as long As it takes Janet Yellen herself has Also visited Ukraine pledging over one Billion dollars more which could reach 10 billion dollars to cover their budget Deficit so expect more money to keep Flowing into the conflict but let's talk About yet another potential escalation Because bug mode really looks like it's Going to fall any hour now there are Reports of uncirclement by the Russians And the city is all but lost as we speak I think we remember zelinski's tour to The West asking for fighter jets right He went to the UK visited EU and wanted Wings for Freedom now I obviously don't Know what goes on behind the scenes but Apparently Ukraine seems certain they Will get their fighter jets to counter The Russians that the Ukrainian defense Minister has come out saying I'm sure we Will have two or three types of fighter Jets with one of them to become the main One and it seems very confident about Getting the planes he mentioned I can't Remember how Germany refused to supply Thanks to Ukraine now my country have Leopards that I have personally tested

They came from Germany so perhaps Ukraine is going to get their planes After all and we know tanks were a red Line in the past right but now they are Rolling into the Eastern front so it's Not a stretch to think that fighter jets Are coming now the dream of course is to Get the American f-16s or the f-22s ship To Ukraine right but we already have Talks from the West about donating their Soviet airplanes to Ukraine they want to Supply modern fighter jets to Eastern Europe to free up the mix now we have Slovakia looking to sending their MiG-29 Fighter jets to Ukraine and Poland Saying sooner or later Ukraine will get Their Jets they will get their wings for Freedom but this is the big fear guys if You set in Planes this could cause Russia to escalate further the Russian Ambassador to China has already won if Western tanks try to seize Russia's Constitutional territory they will Severely retaliate and with planes That's always the possibility of Ukraine Striking Russian territory right you Don't need to drive across large swaths Of then you can just fly over and Target Russia and Ukraine knows this Dr foreign Minister has come out trying to reassure The West that it won't happen they won't Use the place to Target Russian soil but Here's the thing about any conflict you Never know what might happen and that's

Why the West have been avoiding setting Planes over but if bug mode Falls they Might just do it they might actually Reconsider because the city holds Tremendous symbolic importance not just For Ukraine but for the Coalition as a Whole and this is where we need to sit Back and understand what is truly at Stake for the West because if they lose The Ground Battle it also means their Economic War isn't as effective as it Seems now the Coalition can't afford to Lose and Russia is still holding firm we Have an Unstoppable amount of money Meeting an unmovable object right the Question is who will crack first and Remember that the West has turned Russia To the most sentient country on planet Earth they have over 14 000 sanctions Slap on it so if Russia doesn't lose it Is telling the world that Western Punishments aren't as brutal as it seems And of course we have to talk about the Weaponization of the US dollar the U.S Has already played its greatest economic Card which is freezing Russian assets And cutting their Banks away from the Dollar system away from Swift and that Should be devastating but what did Russia do guys they dropped their Reliance on a dollar and doubled down Using the Chinese Yuan for their trade We can see that Juan Robo trade Skyrocketing since last year according

To the Atlantic Council he has increased 84 from February 2022 to October last Year and that shows us how fast the Dollarization can happen when there's no Other option left when you have no Choice but that's not all Russia has Also knocked the dollar off their National wealth fund they're also moving To remove the Euro as well and focus Entirely on goal and the Chinese Yuan And this is where I have to talk about Goal again for another minute so bear With me guys I think we have been Focused too much on China's stockpiling More gold ever since the news became Public right that part is very obvious By now but Russia is mistaking tons of Gold as well and analysts from Rakuten Securities found that Russia doubled Their goal results to 20 share of their Forex results that's a very big Percentage jump a vacancy from 2014 to 2021 Russia ramped up Diago reserves Buying tons of it increasing from 33 Million ounces to over 74 million and we Know they are still accumulating more Buying up their own domestic Supply but It's not just the Russian Central Bank Buying we have Russian citizens buying Record amounts of physical gold in 2022 Hitting an astounding 50 metric tons of Purchases and what we have here is a National deteriorization campaign a National push into gold inflation in

Russia is high and they obviously can't Hold any dollars so there's no point the Only alternative left is physical gold And this is the big risk of West faces If they lose the war Allah Lost World Emboldened the world to break away Further from the dollar system right it Will accelerate the dollarization so how Is the West going to hit back guys I Find that you can make fun much more Fascinating because all the moves there Are above board right we are both Russia And the Coalition announcing their Strategy to the world so it's much Easier to analyze and this brings us to The 10th package of sanctions on Russia Yes package number 10. ladies and Gentlemen we are not done with the Sanctions yet not by a long shot the EU Has agreed on sanction number 10 of Putin and one economic provision stands Out in my opinion and that is imposing New reporting obligations on Russian Central Bank assets right and according To Bloomberg out of the hundreds of Billions apparently only 36.4 billion Has been located that's 86 percent of Assets that's still missing in action so There's still a lot of Russian money Hiding away in the western Banks the Package will impose new reporting of Obligations on Russian Central Bank Assets this is especially important Regarding the possible use of public

Russian assets to fund the Reconstruction of Ukraine after Russia's Defeated so we can see that the EU banks Will have to disclose their Holdings of Frozen assets which could be seized to Rebuild Ukraine and as we know this Could be crossing a real raid line but There's still a lot of legal challenges In making any seizure possible Janet Yellen herself has admitted that it Isn't so simple to just confiscate Russian assets for Ukraine but if it Happens guys we will see shock waves Happening especially when it comes to China and their reserves they were dumb Even more treasuries that secure their Wealth and goal but here's the Interesting part of the 10 package when It comes to the Q and A section now when Asked if the EU sanctions are Aggravating the global food crisis Brussels stated that no it's not Happening none of the sanctions Target The trade in Agricultural and food Products including cereals fertilizers Between third countries and Russia and This tells us that they know sanctions Disrupt the natural supply and demand Dynamics of Commodities it causes big Problems in Supply chains and jacks up Inflation but if sanctions ever hit Food Supplies or fertilizer exports then we Could really see prices heat up in the Supermarket again however other

Sanctions really working especially the Big ones that's supposed to cut away Russian revenues there's even admission From the mainstream that Russian oil is Still finding its way to the markets now We'll talk about putting Shadow Fleet Before and how they can bypass the Sanctions and now CNN has realized the Obvious with the headline a mysterious Fleet is helping Russia ship oil around The world and it's growing and where's All this oil flowing through is heading Into China and India they are still Aggressively buying Chinese Imports are Up by 19 but India's Imports they are The game changer they ramp up purchases By incredible 800 to 900 000 barrels a Day so the reality is that Russian Revenues aren't collapsing yet and there Are War chess isn't being depleted they Still have money to fight on but there's A dangerous storm brewing in the Distance the United States is now Gathering allies for possible sanctions On China yes the U.S is thinking of Imposing sanctions on China if Beijing Provides Military Support to Russia and This ties back to the consequences of Bug mode failing Will the west sending Their fighter jets and if they do will China provide more support to Russia and Here's the big worry the West has a Really bad consequences if China Provides weapons so we might have to

Prepare for Dangerous world where the West slaps sanctions on China right the Oil Market the bond market and Supply Chains will be affected this inflation Held isn't ending soon so let me know What you think in the comments below how Bad will this escalation get will they Really send in the fighter jets with Zelinski get his Planes let me know in The comments below stay safe be sure to Smash the like button and subscribe as We navigate through these crazy times

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